Court date set in missing-evidence case

The Sun (Yuma, Arizona) BYLINE: James Gilbert, The Sun Yuma, AZ Sep. 9--The former Yuma police officer accused of stealing nearly $11,000 in cash from evidence storage to support an addiction to prescription drugs will appear in court early next month. According to Chief Cri...
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City News Service Los Angeles, CA The Los Angeles Police Department has cut its DNA testing backlog by more than half, and hopes to eliminate the backlog completely by July 2011, Deputy Chief Charles Beck told the Police Commission today. A year ago, 7,500 so-called rape kit...
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Plover gets medication drop box

The Stevens Point Journal (Wisconsin) BYLINE: Cara Spoto, Journal staff Portage County, WI Portage County residents now have another place to properly dispose of old and unused medication. The village of Plover Police Department installed its first pharmaceutical drop box Au...
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Broken chain of evidence

The Star-Ledger (Newark, New Jersey) EDITORIAL Essex County, NJ More than two decades have gone by since Essex County law enforcement officials gathered, and later misplaced, DNA that might exonerate Stephen Brooks in a rape he insists he did not commit. A Superior Court jud...
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NJ judge orders search for evidence in '85 rape

The Associated Press State & Local Wire By DAVID PORTER, Associated Press Writer Newark, NJ A Newark man imprisoned for more than two decades for a 1985 rape won a victory in court Monday when a judge ruled that state and local authorities must resume a search for missing DN...
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Selling Seized Firearms

The Los Angeles Times By Nicholas Riccardi - Colorado Springs, CO The City Council is considering a program to let the Police Department sell confiscated guns to licensed dealers. Sales could net $10,000 a year. This conservative...
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Sheriff's audit has revealed stolen Rx;

The Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN) BYLINE: Yolanda Jones, DeSoto County, TN Prescription drugs were taken from evidence room DeSoto County Sheriff Bill Rasco confirmed Friday that an internal audit revealed prescription drugs were missing from a cas...
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35-year-old murder case may be nearing an end:

The Salt Lake Tribune By Nate Carlisle Link to Article Salt Lake City, UT But ex-BYU student must say why and how he killed classmate. The man accused of murdering a Brigham Young University student in 1974 is "very likely" to plead guilty in the case, one of his lawyers sai...
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