Former police officer gets 30 days for theft

2010-07-07_Former police officer gets 30 days_
The Associated Press, The Salt Lake Tribune, KSL Broadcasting Link to Article Moab, UT MOAB, Utah (AP) -- A 43-year-old former Utah police officer has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for stealing $900 from his department's undercover drug account. Edward Arvel Guerrero was...
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Poor property room controls a factor in St. Louis scandal, audit finds | Miami, USA BYLINE: Mary Spicuzza St Louis, MO At a Glance > Audit of St. Louis Police Department property room finds problems > Scandal-plagued Department was hurt by poor internal controls > Recommendations in audit offer tips to shore up seized ass...
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Options weighed as Green Bay Police Department's ability to store items stretched

2010-07-04_Options weighed as Green Bay Police Department_
THE PRESS-GAZETTE, BYLINE: DOUG SCHNEIDER • Green Bay, WI Shelves are crammed full of evidence inside evidence storage room B on Thursday at the Green Bay Police Department. The room was originally the roll-call room...
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Kemp police officer arrested

The Kaufman Herald, Kaufman County, TX KEMP - A member of Kaufman County’s law enforcement ranks has found himself on the other side of the bars. According to Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office public information officer Pat Laney, 34-year-old Damon Smith of t...
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Staffer accused of stealing items from evidence

The Oklahoman, City Edition, NEWS METRO/STATE NORTH; Pg. 21A BYLINE: ANN KELLEY, Staff Writer McLoud, OK McLOUD - A police dispatcher is accused of stealing drugs from a police evidence locker. Tracy Loveland, of McLoud, was charged Tuesday in Pottawatomie County District Co...
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Former Spartanburg Clerk of Court Enters Guilty Plea in Federal Court

Targeted News Service BYLINE: Targeted News Service Former Spartanburg Clerk of Court Enters Guilty Plea in Federal Court Columbia, SC DATELINE: COLUMBIA, S.C. The U.S. Justice Department's Drug Enforcement Administration's Atlanta Field Office issued the following news rele...
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Yellowknife Mountie charged over cash missing from evidence locker

The Edmonton Journal / Yellowknife NT CN Editorial EDMONTON — A Yellowknife RCMP officer has been charged in connection with money missing from an evidence locker and threats made to fellow officers. Sgt. Larry O'Brien has been charged wi...
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Felicity Police captain released on bond

2010-07-30_INT_Felicity Police captain released on bond Link to Article Link to Video Felicity, OH Delmas "Gee" Pack (Source: Clermont County Jail) BATAVIA, OH (FOX19) - Bond was set Friday morning for a Felicity Police captain who is facing tampering with evidence charges. Captain Delmas "Gee" Pack posted a $100,000 bo...
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