Large amount of marijuana seized in Verona

The Daily News Leader (Staunton, Virginia) BYLINE: By, Heather Kays/staff Augusta County, VA VERONA - The Augusta County Sheriff's Office confiscated 1,840 pounds of marijuana found on an American Safety Razor Company truck Tuesday night. "It's by far the largest seizure we'...
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Erin Go Crack

The Smiking Gun, Wachington County, OH Ohio narcotics sweep nets dyed street drug and five suspects MARCH 20--On St. Patrick's Day, Ohio cops seized crack cocaine that had been dyed green, apparently in recognition of the holiday. Undercover drug task force...
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Relics of crime and punishment;

Newsday (New York), ALL EDITIONS BYLINE: BY YAMICHE ALCINDOR Yaphank & Suffolk County, NY Inside the storehouse of the annals of LI crime; Evidence on file of the famous and the forgotten The Colt .45 pistol is wrapped in a brown paper bag in the...
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Ex-cop charged with felonies

South Bend Tribune (Indiana), Mars Edition BYLINE: ANDREA HOWE, Princeton (Ind.) Daily Clarion Gibson County, IN Editor's note: Micah Rulli is a former Lakeville police officer. He resigned in 2007, signing a legal agreement with the Lakeville Town Council not to pursue disc...
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2 Lincoln Heights police officers gone;

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Ohio) BYLINE: Quan Truong Lincoln Heights, OH LINCOLN HEIGHTS - Two veteran police sergeants named responsible for missing village money are no longer working for Lincoln Heights. DeAngelo Sumler and Sandra Stevenson served their last day for the dep...
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DNA evidence exonerates sexual assault suspect, second man arrested

C and G News, BYLINE: Cortney Casey, C & G Staff Writer Sterling Heights, MI STERLING HEIGHTS — A different man has been arrested and charged for a July 2009 sexual assault after DNA evidence recovered at the scene failed to match the original defendant. Macomb...
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Dallas police property room screw-up:

Dallas News, BYLINE: Scott Goldstein/Reporter Link to Article Dallas, TX More than 100 bags of illegal drugs sent to City Store Dallas police mistakenly sent a file cabinet with 123 bags of various illegal drugs to the City Store, which is open to th...
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Pentagon gun traced to Memphis police The Associated Press, MSNBC Link to Article Memphis, TN Some departments sell or trade weapons seized in criminal cases WASHINGTON - Two guns used in high-profile shootings this year at the Pentagon and a Las Vegas courthouse both came from the same unlikely pl...
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