Blood evidence in dispute in alleged rape case

Aspen Daily News BYLINE: Troy Hooper, Aspen Daily News Staff Writer, Link to Article Aspen, CO The defense and prosecution in the alleged Centennial rape case went at it again Wednesday as the two sides continue to battle over what is admissible at tr...
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Rusty gun a rude surprise

Omaha World-Herald Link to Article Omaha, NE Never trust a rusty gun. One Omaha police officer learned that lesson earlier this month while checking a shotgun into the evidence room at Central Police Headquarters, 505 S. 15th St. Officer Darrelle Bonam, a veteran of more tha...
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Pardon requested for Texas man who died in prison

The Associated Press State & Local Wire BYLINE: By JEFF CARLTON, Associated Press Writer Dallas, TX Attorneys for a man who died in prison after he was wrongly convicted of rape have filed for a pardon with the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. Tim Cole's pardon applicatio...
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Ex-sheriff investigator arrested, Athens Banner-Herald BYLINE: Merritt Melancon - Link to Article Madison County, GA Charged with theft, tampering with evidence The Georgia Bureau of Investigation arrested a former Sheriff's Office investigator Monday on ch...
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Without suspect, authorities charge DNA before statute of limitations expires

The Kansas City Star BYLINE: LAURA BAUER; The Kansas City Star Kansas City, MO Sitting frozen in the Kansas City crime lab is a partially gnawed piece of candy. Police and prosecutors said someone spit it out years ago after he broke in and then damaged several classrooms in...
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Prosecutors charging DNA evidence with crimes

Half Eaten Hamburger
The Raw Story, BYLINE: Daniel Tencer CA, CO, KS, NY, MO & WI In their effort to beat the statutes of limitations that prevent people from being charged with a crime after a certain amount of time has passed, prosecutors in some parts of the US are trying a new t...
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DNA bill will bring justice to killers, AJC/Opinion Link to Article Georga & Tennessee By Michael Berry and Joan Berry In 2004, just days before Christmas, we received a phone call that no parent should ever have to receive. Our little girl, Johnia, had been brutally stabbed by a robber in her apartment. ...
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DNA ties former boyfriend to 2009 slaying BYLINE: Eva Ruth Moravec - Express-News Alamo Heights, TX Dana Clair Edwards No sign of break-in found at Edwards' apartment The father of a woman strangled in an apartment near Alamo Heights in 2009 says he always suspected her ex-boyfriend played a role in...
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