Spartanburg clerk of court arrested

The Greenville News (South Carolina) BYLINE: Paul Alongi Staff writer, Spartanburg, SC The FBI will investigate the integrity of the evidence room at the Spartanburg County Courthouse after Clerk of Court Marcus Woodrow Kitchens was accused of taki...
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Ex-city man guilty of rape;

The Patriot Ledger (Quincy, MA) BYLINE: Patriot Ledger staff Danielson, CT Judge gives former Quincy resident 20-year sentence for 1988 Conn. attack DANIELSON, Conn. - A sexual predator who a judge said "honed and perfected" his technique while living on the South Shore was ...
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Parole delayed for man challenging rape conviction

The Star-Ledger (Newark, New Jersey) BYLINE: Alexi Friedman, Star-ledger staff Newark, HJ A recently discovered error by the state has pushed back the parole date for a Newark man who has spent 22 years in prison for rape, but who contends missing DNA evidence can prove his ...
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Son's DNA nails fiend 20 years on

The People BYLINE: Fiona May Ipswich, Suffolk A MASKED knifeman who repeatedly raped a teenager 20 years ago has been nailed - by his son's DNA. Phil Collins, 50, believed he had escaped justice after the terrifying assault. But one of his sons gave a DNA sample after being ...
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Hartford Courant (Connecticut) BYLINE: DAVE ALTIMARI and MATTHEW KAUFFMAN, New Haven, CT AS CRIME LAB STRUGGLES WITH BACKLOG, STATE USES FEDERAL FUNDS IN EFFORT TO CATCH UP For nearly two years, the DNA samples connecting Ronald Brown to the rape of a t...
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Suspended Massasoit police officer loses appeal to get reinstated BYLINE: Maureen Boyle, ENTERPRISE STAFF WRITER Link to Article Brockton, MA The state Appeals Court upheld the suspension of a Community College police officer who was ousted after problems were uncovered about how that police department’s guns were ha...
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Suspect in O.C. rapes arrested

Orange County Register (California) BYLINE: ANDREW GALVIN and, ELYSSE JAMES Tustin, CA Ali Achekzai, 32, formerly of Ladera Ranch, is held based on a DNA match. An Afghan man wanted in rape cases in Orange and San Diego counties has been arrested in Austria based upon a DNA ...
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DNA convicts Mo. man of rape 10 years after attack

The Associated Press State & Local Wire Kansas City, MO A Kansas City man has been convicted of raping an 81-year-old woman a decade ago in a case that prompted the Missouri Legislature to change state law to remove the statute of limitations on some violent sex crimes. Terr...
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