Former detective pleads guilty to stealing drugs from evidence room

York Daily Record (Pennsylvania), BYLINE: Rick Lee, York Daily Record, Pa. West Manchester Township, PA Nov. 18--The former West Manchester Township Police detective who stole drugs from his department's evidence locker pleaded guilty to felony charges Tuesday in York County...
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Prosecutors: Fired Police Chief Sold Stolen Guns

2009-11-17_INT_Prosecutors Fired Police Chief Sold Stolen Guns
NBC Washington, BLINE: ASHLEY E. BROWN Link to Article Link to Video Morningside, MD David Eichelberger Jr. Resident turns the tables on former top cop Stealing guns from law enforcement and selling them out of the trunk of your car: All in a day's work for...
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$8000 lost at cop shop

Herald Sun (Australia) BYLINE: Padraic Murphy Victoria, Australia Missing evidence probe THOUSANDS of dollars have disappeared from a police station, sparking another embarrassing internal investigation for Victoria Police. About $8000 vanished from the secure evidence room ...
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City Changes Policy in Wake of CBS Report Link to Article One picture San Antonio, TX Dept. Will Now Test All Rape Kits in Stranger Cases (CBS) In response to a CBS News investigation that found 20,000 untested kits nationwide, the San Antonio Police Department made a major announcement: it will now ...
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Lawyer: Police security 'loosey-goosey':

The News Herald (Panama City, Florida) BYLINE: David Angier, The News Herald, Panama City, Fla. Lynn Haven, FL $2,900 remains missing from Lynn Haven evidence room Nov. 11 -- LYNN HAVEN -- Panama City attorney Waylon Graham said Monday he is defending a Lynn Haven police sup...
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'Six-year limit' on innocent DNA Link to Article one picture two videos United Kingdom DNA profiles on a print-out The database has helped solve 32,200 crimes - 0.7% of all crime The DNA of innocent people arrested in England and Wales should be held for no longer than six years, ministers ar...
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Attorney: Evidence Missing in Greene Murder Case Link to Article One picture One video BYLINE: Jorge Avellan Detroit, MI DETROIT (MyTV 20) - Detroit police are still investigating who killed exotic dancer Tamara Greene back in 2003. But they now find themselves in the hot seat after a Michigan State Tro...
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Audit finds St. Louis police mismanagement

St. Louis Business Journal BYLINE: Kelsey Volkmann Link to Article St. Louis, MO The St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners mismanaged money and failed to oversee a contract with St. Louis Metropolitan Towing, according to a state audit released Tuesday. The police board he...
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