Items taken from sheriff’s office remain uncertain BYLINE: Samantha Swindler / Managing Editor Link to Article Whitley County/Corbin, KY KSP requesting surveillance from nearby businesses Kentucky State Police continue their investigation of a break-in at the Whitley County Sheriff’s Department early ...
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Ex-Lyndhurst officer admits to drug theft BYLINE: Tracey Read, Link to Article One Picture Lyndhurst, OH A former Lyndhurst police officer who resigned after overdosing on drugs has admitted stealing heroin from the evidence room. Robert Colombo, 40, of Northfield Center Tow...
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Clayton board: 12 reasons to oust police chief

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Link to Article One Picture Clayton County, GA When the Clayton County Board of Commissioners voted to remove Jeff Turner as the county's police chief, they detailed "12 issues which caused the board to have some confidence concerns." Special...
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Surprises keep coming in Strike Force inquiry, Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN BYLINE: RANDY FURST, Star Tribune Link to Article Ramsey County & Minneapolis, MN Authorities pursue reports of missing, sold or poorly tracked evidence -- from watches to furniture to drug seizures. One member of the Metro Gan...
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OSBI Files John Doe Warrant on 12-Year-Old Rape Case BYLINE: Colleen Chen, NEWS 9 Link to Article Link to John Doe warrant One Picture One Video Oklahoma City, OK OSBI Works to Solve 1997 Rape Case of 85-Year-Old Woman [Picture Caption: Moena House, 85, was robbed then sexually assault on Christmas day back in ...
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Former Officer of Year to be sentenced next month BYLINE: JAMES GILBERT, SUN STAFF WRITER Link to Article One Picture Yuma, AZ The former Yuma police officer charged with stealing nearly $11,000 in cash from evidence storage to support an addiction to prescription drugs will be sentenced next month. During a...
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KATU: 1998 triple murder convict to be released

The Associated Press, KATU-TV, Portland, OR PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - A Portland television station is reporting that a 43-year-old man convicted of a 1998 triple homicide in Polk County could soon be out of jail. KATU reports that the Polk County district a...
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Man freed after authorities destroy evidence in 1998 homicides

The Oregonian BYLINE: Helen Jung, The Oregonian Polk County, OR Philip Scott Cannon (left) walks Friday from the Polk County Jail in Dallas with his son, Mathias, 20. Prosecutors chose to drop charges against Cannon, who spent more than a decade behind bars in a 1998 triple ...
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