Police sergeant is arrested after being caught on camera 'stealing a paralyzed woman's prescription opioids and offering her hush money'

Maryland Sgt. Christopher Barnett, 45, stole three pills from a paralyzed woman after entering her home to question her about an unrelated case February 5, 2018 A Hagerstown police sergeant in Maryland has been arrested after stealing prescription opioids from a paralyzed woman, who caught him on video. Sgt. Christopher Barnett, 45, stole the woman...
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Cold Case: 29 Years Later, Suspect Charged With Murder of Anne Levee (DNA)

or 29 years, the murder of a 27-year-old woman near Lake Pleasant went unsolved. Now, there is a suspect. Enter Article DATE HERE The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office announced Tuesday that it arrested 55-year-old Donald Lee Scott for the December 10, 1988, slaying of Anne Levee, who had been shot multiple times when deputies found her. It was...
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Man pleads to 1984 rape cases after DNA match

The evidence from both cases matched a DNA profile for Slade that was in a state database. February 6, 2018 VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) -- A man has pleaded guilty to two rapes in Virginia that police say he committed in 1984. The Virginian-Pilot reported Tuesday that 58-year-old Rubin Carroll Slade Jr. will face up to two life terms at his sentencing...
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Former Officer to Plead Guilty to Drug Distribution

Court records indicate a former Vermont police officer accused of stealing heroin from a police evidence locker for a woman with whom he was having an intimate relationship has changed his plea to federal drug charges. February 1, 2018 Court records indicate a former Vermont police officer accused of stealing heroin from a police evidence locker fo...
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Eagle County Sheriff: Old VHS movies, unidentified bones among items in Evidence Vault (column)

Residents may remember the 7-foot-tall inflatable penguin that made its way from house to house in Eagle-Vail five years ago Enter Article DATE HERE here's a 12-pack of Corona, and let the party begin. Those must have been the words of the teens arrested for underage drinking back in 1994. If they can prove ownership, then now that they are le...
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Miami Police Blame Massive Rape-Kit Backlog on Bad Equipment, Ask for Upgrades

Now, in an attempt to clear out the shameful number of untested kits, the City of Miami is asking the U.S. Department of Justice for $264,263 to help MPD better organize itself and actually handle sex-crime cases February 2, 2018 As of 2015, the Miami Police Department reported in a statewide audit that a whopping 2,243 rape and sexual-assault kits...
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Bill requiring tracking system for sexual assault kits passes Senate committee

​ February 2, 2018 INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A bill that would allow for the development of a sexual assault kit tracking system passed a Senate committee on WednesdayState Sen. Michael Crider (R-Greenfield) drafted the bill after an audit on sexual assault kits in Indiana was conducted last year.Results of the audit showed 5,400 sexual assault kits wer...
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Ex-Framingham police officer loses pension after evidence room thefts

A former Framingham police officer who pleaded guilty to stealing cash from police headquarters was stripped of his pension Tuesday by the Framingham Retirement Board. Enter Article DATE HERE FRAMINGHAM — Fresh off a stint in jail, a former Framingham police officer who pleaded guilty to stealing cash from police headquarters was stripped of h...
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