Kern County deputy could have stolen upwards of $4,000, sheriff says

Two weeks ago, the Sheriff's Office used an undercover officer from an agency outside Kern County to report a purse found with $1,000 cash inside, Youngblood said. The officer handed the purse over to Bermudez, who didn't even ask the officer his name or other standard questions. Enter Article DATE HERE A Kern County sheriff's deputy is believ...
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71 oxycodone pills go missing after jury deliberations in drug case

A Columbus defense lawyer is accusing one or more jurors of stealing 71 oxycodone pills that were discovered missing after a drug-possession trial ended last week in Franklin County Common Pleas Court. July 27, 2017 A Columbus defense lawyer is accusing one or more jurors of stealing 71 oxycodone pills that were discovered missing after a drug-poss...
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2 N.J. police officers suspended in probe of missing drugs, evidence

nearly year-long investigation into drugs and other seized materials that went missing from the Kearny Police Department's evidence lockers. Enter Article DATE HERE KEARNY - The town council has approved at $12,000 contract to a former Somerset County police chief to oversee disciplinary charges brought against two veteran officers. The appoin...
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Ex-Melrose Park cop given 11 years in prison for selling stolen narcotics

What Salvi became, according to federal prosecutors, was a cop moonlighting as a drug dealer. He pleaded guilty earlier this year to a host of brazen schemes, including selling narcotics he'd stolen from an evidence room July 26, 2017 Minutes before he was sentenced Wednesday to 11 years in prison, former Melrose Park police Detective Gregory Salvi...
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Testing old rape kits leads to first indictment in Louisville

The testing has led to 110 matches to national or state DNA databases, possibly providing police new leads in old cases. But the matches were not necessarily linked to known people July 23, 2027 A convicted rapist on the state's lifetime sex offender registry is the first person to be indicted as part of the statewide push to test old rape kits. Th...
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City employees, officials testify about potential breach of evidence room

Six people with connections to the City of Meridian testified in a hearing regarding a potential breach of the police evidence room. July 24, 1017 MERIDIAN, TX (KXXV) - On Monday, six people with connections to the City of Meridian testified in a hearing regarding a potential breach of the police evidence room. The Bosque County District Attorney A...
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Menasha officer's close call highlights dangers of fentanyl exposure

It was believed to be the first incident in Wisconsin involving a police officer who was exposed to fentanyl and became ill, said Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel. July 22, 2017 A Menasha police officer was heading to Oshkosh in his squad car last Sunday when he started feeling lethargic and groggy. He felt a tingling sensation in his hands ...
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How fentanyl is making deadly drugs even deadlier

"We think most incidental exposures to fentanyl happen through inhaling it by respiratory means," says Marc LaRochelle, an assistant professor at the Boston University School of Medicine's Clinical Addiction Research & Education Unit. ​ July 21, 2017 It's relatively new to America's drug scene, but in the last few years, its victims have includ...
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