Trial underway in 1994 Pontiac murder-rape ‘cold case’ - DNA

DNA evidence was linked to a Pontiac native currently serving time for his involvement in a similar crime. June 6, 2017 Testimony began Thursday in a 1994 homicide-criminal sexual conduct case, brought to trial in Oakland County Circuit Court after DNA evidence was linked to a Pontiac native currently serving time for his involvement in a similar c...
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Dead officer’s pension in jeopardy, A.G. drops charges

The Attorney General found evidence that Burnham tainted 170 different drug cases June 6, 2017 SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) - Former Springfield police officer Kevin Burnham died an innocent man in the eyes of the law. The Attorney General's office told the I-Team, the larceny charges against Burnham will be dropped. It's unclear whether Burnham signe...
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Police alerted to spread of deadly threat of synthetic drug fentanyl

Federal officials issued an urgent warning Tuesday to local police across the country to take added precautions in their contacts with addicts and dealers suspected of carrying the quick acting, deadly drug fentanyl. June 6, 2017 WASHINGTON – Federal officials issued an urgent warning Tuesday to local police across the country to take added precaut...
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Former Vt. Dispatcher Sentenced

She also gave Sadler the keys to the drug take-back drop box and the evidence room, the affidavit states. June 7, 2017 White River Junction — A former Orange County dispatcher will spend the next six months on house arrest after letting her boyfriend and another man into restricted areas of the sheriff's department, where the pair allegedly took pr...
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Warrant issued for ex-officer after failing to show up in court

Retired Officer Kevin Burnham was supposed to have change-of-plea hearing June 5, 2017 SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A warrant has been issued for the arrest of former Springfield police officer charged with stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars, after he failed to show up in court for a change-of-plea hearing Monday. The hearing for Kevin Burnha...
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Detective in Sanborn case turns over more files he kept at home

The lead detective who kept police files in his attic related to the investigation of Anthony H. Sanborn Jr. has turned over additional documents that include more information on that murder case as well as other cases, a new court filing reveals. June 5, 2017 The lead detective who kept police files in his attic related to the investigation of Ant...
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SPD chief asks FBI to look into gun thefts

No other excuse other than they went 17 years without auditing the vault, and we're trying to fix that." Enter Article DATE HERE Selma Police Chief Spencer Collier is asking the FBI to take over an investigation into an alleged gun mill involving a former evidence technician. Collier said he made the request because of a conflict of interest w...
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Fairfield narcotics cop accused of stealing heroin, OxyContin

"Like too many other families in Connecticut, my son and our family are facing the effects of the opioid epidemic that is sweeping our state," the mayor said." June 2, 2017 BRIDGEPORT - Investigators were preparing to arrest Fairfield Police Detective Stephen Rilling for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars in heroin and OxyContin pills from the...
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