Gypsy Hill killings: Arrest made in 1976 cold case murder of 19-year-old woman

Two years ago DNA evidence gathered decades earlier at two of the crime scenes resulted in two murder charges against Rodney Lynn Halbower, who had already been in prison for most of his adult life, most recently on an attempted murder charge in Oregon. Enter Article DATE HERE DALY CITY — For years, law enforcement officials believed the same ...
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Former Framingham cop apologizes for evidence theft, pleads guilty

Enter Headline here Enter Article DATE HERE WOBURN – A former Framingham Police officer tearfully apologized after pleading guilty Tuesday to stealing more than $19,000 from the police department's evidence room more than two years ago. Alan Dubeshter, 56, pleaded with Middlesex Superior Court Judge Jack Lu not to send him to jail. "I made a t...
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Detectives solve 1979 murder of Salem teen

Persistence and DNA lead to the killer, who died in prison in 2002 November 6, 2017 SALEM — The persistence of a detective and the sister of a young woman who was stabbed and beaten has solved a murder in Oregon — 38 years after it happened. On March 9, 1979, Janie Landers disappeared outside the Fairview Training Center for the developmentally dis...
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Review shows evidence backlog at Casper Police Department

November 5, 2017 The Casper Police Department is accumulating evidence far more quickly than it is disposed of, which means a department that already has six evidence storage facilities will need to add storage space if things don't change. An external review of the police department conducted by the Center for Public Safety Management indicates th...
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Gun used in SAPD officer's murder missing

No one from the San Antonio Police Department would say where it might be or if it will ever be recovered. November 4, 2017 AN ANTONIO - What happens to a gun used in a crime? You might assume police take it and lock it away as evidence, but as KENS 5 found out, that's not always the case. The shooting death of SAPD Detective Benjamin Marconi is a ...
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Tulsa Forensic Lab Sets International Example

The Tulsa Police Department Forensic Lab was recently accredited through new international standards. November 2, 2017 The Crime Lab at the Tulsa Police Department is setting the bar high for other crime labs around the world. When the Tulsa Police Department collects evidence from a scene, they are careful to preserve it before it's transported to...
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JPD investigates missing items from evidence room, prosecuting attorney releases statement

"There was no proof of criminal wrongdoing at that time and no charges were brought against anyone," Chief Elliott said. Enter Article DATE HERE JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro Police Chief Rick Elliott said in a statement Friday that an investigation revealed missing money, drugs, and other general property from their evidence room. Chief El...
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PPB making progress in testing rape kit backlog; developing way to track kits electronically

The Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Summit of Cities Conference was held in Portland for the first time, in October. Enter Article DATE HERE PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The Portland Police Bureau says it's making huge strides in testing the city's rape kit backlog. Growth the bureau discussed at a sexual assault conference in Portland. The Sexual Assa...
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