DNA, quadruple killer's confession solves SC cold case 30 years later

"It was a case that they had absolutely no leads on," Lott said. "At that time, we didn't know what DNA was. March 8, 2017The Richland County Sheriff's Department's cold case squad says a man already serving multiple life sentences for killing four women in 1987 has confessed to another murder, that went unsolved for 30 years.Patricia A...
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Former Simpsonville police officer gets 12 years for P.D. robbery

Arrested Jan. 7, 2016, in connection with the November 2015 burglary of thousands of dollars as well as guns and drugs from the Simpsonville Police Department, March 6, 2017 Terry Putnam was sentenced Monday to 12 years in prison for a 2015 robbery at the Simpsonville Police Department Putnam, the Simpsonville Police officer arrested Ja...
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DA: Upper Dublin detective killed himself after stealing drugs or cash from dozens of cases

Enter Headline here Enter Article DATE HEREHe was a well-respected police detective, a marathoner, a youth sports coach, and a dedicated dad to four children. Colleagues knew him as someone they could depend on.But Michael W. Gommer, an 18-year veteran of the Upper Dublin Township Police Department, kept a secret for years: He was ...
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Hollywood Police Chief responds to findings of gross mismanagement of Property and Evidence Unit

The theft of $137,609 in currency and 1,096 pills from the evidence room went undetected from the HPD's custody prior to January 2012. ​ March 2, 2017Broward Inspector General John W. Scott announced Tuesday, February 28 that the Broward Office of the Inspector General (OIG) had issued a final report finding that Hollywood Police D...
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More than half of police, prosecutors miss N.Y. rape kit deadline

The state Division of Criminal Justice Services issued a report Wednesday that counted at least 1,622 rape kits across the state that had not yet been sent to a lab for testing. March 2, 2017"DCJS will contact agencies and offices that did not provide information for this report, reiterate the importance of reporting to the state and wo...
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Manhattan DA Cy Vance says 70 arrests made across U.S. after old rape kits were examined

Vance's office committed $38 million in grants to 32 jurisdictions in 20 states across the U.S. starting in 2015 to eliminate backlogs of untested sexual assault evidence kits. March 2, 2017 Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. said Wednesday that efforts to eliminate national rape kit backlogs have led to 70 arrests in cold cases. ...
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New guidelines for police department's evidence storage after theft

Drugs and cash missing from a police evidence room were taken by a police detective who has since passed away. March 2, 2017UPPER DUBLIN, Pa. - Drugs and cash missing from a police evidence room were taken by a police detective who has since passed away.The Upper Dublin Police Department and Montgomery County District Attorney's office ...
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Lawrence police officer placed on leave

Regardless, police policy requires officers to deposit items they seize into evidence lockers at headquarters. March 1, 2017LAWRENCE -- An 18-year veteran of the police force has been put on paid leave while the department investigates an allegation that he seized a legally registered handgun during a traffic stop last month and took th...
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