Hazel Park chief feels betrayed after detective is accused of stealing $85,000

Enter Headline here Enter Article DATE HERE HAZEL PARK, Mich. (WJBK) - Hazel Park police veteran Sean K. Boucher is accused of embezzling $85,000 from the city. "He was one of the most trusted and respected members of the police department and that's why he was in the position that he was," said Chief Martin Barner. Barner say he feels betraye...
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Former MPD Officer To Be Arraigned Monday

Allegations that he stole evidence Enter Article DATE HERE MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG/ AP) – A 44-year-old former Mobile Police officer is scheduled to enter a plea in court Monday morning following his arrest last month on a drug charge and allegations that he stole evidence. Corporal Damian Colvin was arrested after an internal investigation that be...
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Officer charged with stealing meds will enter program

A Vineland police officer who allegedly helped himself to drugs from the Project Medicine Drop box while on duty September 14, 2017 BRIDGETON - A Vineland police officer who allegedly helped himself to drugs from the Project Medicine Drop box while on duty has been authorized to enter the Cumberland County Pretrial Intervention Program. Back in Jun...
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Evidence mismanaged under fmr. Laurens Sheriff, says audit

SLED reported 885 pieces of evidence were found that were not even logged in the system Laurens County had set up. September 14, 2017 A 6 month audit by the State Law Enforcement Agency, revealed a gross mismanagement of the evidence department under former Laurens County Sheriff Ricky Chastain. SLED audits of evidence departments in cities and cou...
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State Police Seize $1 Million Worth Of Fentanyl During Traffic Stop

​Statewide Narcotics Task Force seized one kilogram of fentanyl, with a street value of $1 million ​ September 14, 2017 State troopers detectives with the Statewide Narcotics Task Force seized one kilogram of fentanyl, with a street value of $1 million, after stopping a car on I-95 in Old Lyme, police said. The officers pulled over a 2009 Honda Acc...
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Rape victims in Iowa are still waiting months for evidence testing

She's called at least 10 times, only to be told there is a backlog and it's in process. September14, 2017 n late February, 42-year-old Gina Battani told her local police she was sexually assaulted by someone she knew. But nearly seven months later, analysis of the evidence collected from her case has not been completed by the state crime lab — whil...
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Mold in Scituate police station could force temporary move, transfer of prisoners

Mold has rendered some police evidence unrecognizable Enter Article DATE HERE SCITUATE -- After fielding reports on a severe mold problem at the town's police department, Scituate town officials talked Thursday night about moving the police force to a fire station and locking up prisoners overnight in other towns. The council took up the discu...
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Former Novato policeman accused of evidence mishandling

The alleged crimes included various drug and alcohol violations, threats of violence and vehicle offenses. September 15, 2017 A former Novato police officer repeatedly lost or mishandled key evidence and statements, potentially jeopardizing a series of criminal cases he was involved in, prosecutors said. Christopher Gamboa resigned from the Novato ...
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