Missouri farmer cleared in 1997 sex case by DNA evidence

Enter Headline here June 29, 2017 A Missouri farmer who spent nearly two decades in mental hospitals after entering a disputed plea in the 1997 sexual assault of a teenager has been cleared of the crime after genetic evidence was re-tested and excluded him as a suspect. The top prosecutor in southwestern Missouri's Jasper County dropped the case ag...
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Fired deputy faces drug charges

A former deputy with the Curry County Sheriff's Office was arrested Wednesday, accused of misappropriating drugs taken during a traffic stop June 28, 2017 CLOVIS - A former deputy with the Curry County Sheriff's Office was arrested Wednesday, accused of misappropriating drugs taken during a traffic stop and lying about it on sworn court documents. ...
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What is fentanyl? 10 things to know about the potentially deadly drug

According to the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, strains of fentanyl can be 50 times more powerful than morphine. June 28, 2017 What is fentanyl? Fentanyl, also known as Actiq, Duragesic or Sublimaze in its prescription form, is an especially potent painkiller developed in the 1960s used to treat extreme pain. According to...
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State AG investigating West Springfield police evidence room procedures

The Attorney General's office is now in charge of the evidence room investigation. June 26, 2017 WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Massachusetts Attorney General's office is investigating a possible money issue in the West Springfield Police evidence room. Police Chief Ronald Campurciani told 22News that during an internal audit there were some ...
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Mold found in containers of about 850 Austin police rape kits

An audit found that of 1,629 cases stored in the refrigerator, 849 showed some signs of mold on the outside. Enter Article DATE HERE Hundreds of sexual assault kits in Austin police storage have been determined to have mold growing on the outside of them, prompting officials to seek guidance from state and national experts about how to properl...
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OSP changes monetary protocol in lieu of employee involved theft

The policy now requires our evidence technicians to deposit currency into a designated depository account rather than storing the currency in the evidence locker. Enter Article DATE HERE Klamath County, Ore. — A former Oregon State Police technician was arrested Friday and is facing a charge of aggravated theft. 57-year old Mark Matlick is acc...
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Medford Officer Pleads Guilty To Stealing Evidence In Murder At Stoneham Residence

A Medford Police Officer from Stoneham pled guilty Monday to two counts of witness intimidation in connection with taking evidence Enter Article DATE HERE STONEHAM, MA — A Medford Police Officer from Stoneham pled guilty Monday to two counts of witness intimidation in connection with taking evidence and lying to investigators during the invest...
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Sibley County Sheriff’s Deputy Charged With Drug Possession

Deputies are checking to determine if the medication Ruehling allegedly took from the office came from the evidence room, from the prescription medication drop-off box at the sheriff's office or from some other source. June 26, 2017 A veteran Sibley County sheriff's deputy is charged with a felony count of drug possession and two counts of trespass...
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