Suspect arrested in nearly 20-year-old rape case

At one point last year, there were more than 13,000 untested rape kits in Florida. October 10, 2017 Cornelious Florman, 51, was arrested in Virginia for an almost 20-year-old rape case on Fort Myers Beach on Tuesday. The NBC2 Investigators have been following his story since learning his DNA was linked to the crime. Florman is already a convicted r...
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California law enforcement agencies will have to count and preserve all of their untested rape kits

The three measures are part of ongoing efforts in Sacramento to tackle rape kit backlogs at law enforcement agencies and to increase the number of victims who report sexual assault and seek treatment. October 12, 2017 California law enforcement agencies will have to preserve and count all of their untested rape kits and ensure they inform sexual as...
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Officer accused of taking money from evidence room

Nee is accused of stealing approximately $2,000 from the evidence related to a closed bank robbery case in January, the AG's Office said. October 12, 2017 BOSTON — Boston police Officer Joseph Nee is accused of stealing money from the department's evidence room and trying to launder it at Plainridge Park Casino. Nee, 44, was indicted Thursday by a ...
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Ex-deputy convicted of killing other officers dies in prison

Authorities said Elkins, Crow and an evidence technician surprised Hudson at the office where they went that evening because of previous thefts of drugs and guns from the facility. October 12, 2017 A former undercover narcotics officer serving life terms for killing two fellow law enforcement officers in Yuma 22 years ago has died in prison. The Ar...
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Montague MA Police Chief Charles Dodge III was questioned in mishandling of drug dropbox while in treatment for pill addiction

Montague Police Chief Charles Dodge III, a recovering oxycodone addict Enter Article DATE HERE Montague Police Chief Charles Dodge III, a recovering oxycodone addict, was the subject of an Attorney General investigation into mishandling of the department's prescription drug drop off program last year, according to an investigation by the Green...
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WDSU Investigates: New problems at NOPD property and evidence room

There are also pictures of dead rats and possums in the facility, and a picture that shows a snake slithering across a floor where stolen and confiscated bikes are stored Enter Article DATE HERE NEW ORLEANS — More problems have appeared inside the New Orleans Police Department's property and evidence room. Exclusive pictures from inside that f...
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Sewer breaks plague Marion sheriff's office (Evidence Room)

But behind the basement evidence room's locked door are boxes piled high to the ceiling, each containing evidence from crimes long gone, evidence that sheriff's office employees are slowly picking through. October 12, 2017 MARION — The sewer system in the Marion County Sheriff's Office has been causing headaches — and not just because of the smell ...
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As crime lab cases climb, Montana aims to make sex assault evidence kits more efficient

"With DNA technology moving in the direction it's moving, we're able to get DNA from things we couldn't in the past," October 10, 2017 The state crime lab is in the preliminary stages of reconfiguring the sexual-assault evidence kits used by doctors and nurses to collect samples from women who have been raped. Since 2011, the number of cases the la...
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