Property and Evidence Supervisor - Frisco, TX

Salary: $23.93 - $34.69 hourly

Job Requirements:

Education & Experience Requirements (Minimum Qualifications)

• Knowledge of Federal, State and local ordinances pertaining to release, destruction and disposal of confiscated property, biological material and evidence.
• Knowledge of inventory control practices and procedures.
• Knowledge of storing and disposing of crime evidence and confiscated property including narcotics and weapons.
• Knowledge of the legalities of auctions and destruction of confiscated property.
• Knowledge of police department practices, policies and procedures for assigned area.
• Knowledge of computers and related equipment, hardware and software.
• Skill in communicating effectively, clearly, and concisely, both orally and in writing.
• Skill in organizing work tasks for timely completion.
• Skill in planning and implementing departmental procedures and objectives.
• Skill in effectively supervising and delegating duties to assigned staff.
• Skill in resolving customer complaints and concerns.
• Ability to work effectively with minimal instruction and supervision.
• Ability to make independent judgments.
• Ability to maintain restraint and keep calm when faced with emotional or irate and sensitive individuals.

Job Duties:


• Assists in the management of the daily operations and daily work activities of the Property and Evidence Room to ensure efficient services are being provided in compliance with State, local and Federal laws and standard operating procedures
• Oversees the destruction and release of evidence.
• Supervises assigned staff which includes assigning tasks, coordinating schedules and evaluating performance.
• Identifies and coordinates training needs for Property and Evidence personnel.
• Conducts in-service training on current Property and Evidence standards and practices.
• Prepares written documentation on personnel related matters and operational activities to include hiring, disciplining, and recommendations for termination of staff.
• Establishes goals for and monitors the work product and production of division employees.
• Ensures all responsibilities of the Property and Evidence division are performed in a timely manner.
• Researches and resolves internal and external customer issues and complaints.
• Oversees audits and inventories.
• Updates standard operating procedures as appropriate
• Orders, issues and maintains adequate supplies necessary for storage and preservation of property and evidence
• Maintains accreditation standards and prepares accreditation documents
• Attend/testify in all criminal and civil courts when summoned.
• Prepares various letters, memorandums, reports, and other correspondence to wide range of people

Other Important Duties:
• Must be available to work alternate shifts and on-call hours during evenings, weekends and holidays.
• Travels to meetings, conferences, and training and to pick up/deliver evidence.
• Performs other related duties as assigned.
• Regular and consistent attendance for the assigned work hours is essential.

Closing Date: 1/5/2018

Additional Instructions:

Instructions Here

To Apply: 


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