Ex-sheriff’s employee gets jail, probation for evidence theft

Sheriff's officials have said an investigation revealed the items taken were not items of evidence in any open criminal cases. June 20, 2017 Oroville >> A former Butte County Sheriff's Office evidence technician was ordered Tuesday to serve nearly a year in jail for stealing guns, drugs and money from the department's evidence facility. Butte...
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Fitzgerald: The grand jury’s half-right report

The software vendor who computerizes inventory in the sheriff's evidence room alleged a year ago that 10,000 pieces of evidence are missing. June 16, 2017 The software vendor who computerizes inventory in the sheriff's evidence room alleged a year ago that 10,000 pieces of evidence are missing. A serious charge. The Goddess of Justice wears that bl...
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Former NC sheriff’s captain accused of taking cash from evidence safe

The arrest is a result of a State Bureau of Investigation probe into evidence that was missing from the Columbus County Sheriff's Office June 9, 2017 WHITEVILLE, N.C. (WECT) — A former captain with the Columbus County Sheriff's Office has been accused of stealing money from the evidence safe at the Columbus County Sheriff's Office. David Gerald Nob...
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Suffolk officer testifies about destruction of evidence in Bittrolff case

The department also destroyed evidence that might have linked one of its sergeants to the cases because it wasn't identified as homicide evidence March 24, 2017 The Suffolk County Police Department destroyed evidence in two murders because of a paperwork error, an officer testified Wednesday at the trial of the man charged in both cases. The depart...
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ARLENE VIOLET - ‘Monkey business’ at NP Police

Enter Headline here May 9, 2017 North Providence Acting Police Chief Christopher Pelagio has led a charmed life. He leap-frogged over three captains and was appointed by Mayor Charles Lombardi as acting deputy chief in 2011. In 2015, he collected a $105,000 salary, plus close to $11,000 in overtime since he is a member of the union. In that same ye...
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Selma PD evidence tech fired, arrested over stolen guns and jewelry

The third gun, the 9mm, made its way back out onto the streets of the community and was used in a deadly shooting in Dallas County, the chief said. Enter Article DATE HERE SELMA, AL (WSFA) - Selma police officers took one of their coworkers into custody Tuesday as officials revealed that several items had been taken from the department's evide...
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Police say they're frustrated with lengthy evidence room audit

Mayor Lombardi: 'Get it done. I don't want to hear it anymore May 2, 2017 NORTH PROVIDENCE – Police officials say they believe more than half of 100 or more items that have gone missing from the North Providence Police Department's evidence rooms will eventually be found in the department. Items still unaccounted for include two "crack cocaine buys...
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Framingham chief pressed on evidence room at Town Meeting

Police Chief Ken Ferguson on Thursday sought to reassure residents that new measures are in place to safeguard the department's evidence room Enter Article DATE HERE FRAMINGHAM — Facing questions about thefts within his department, Police Chief Ken Ferguson on Thursday sought to reassure residents that new measures are in place to safeguard th...
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