Former Redstone police officer charged with theft, tampering with evidence

Former officer arraigned Norm Howard, a former Redstone Township police officer, leaves Magisterial District Judge Metros' office on Friday morning after being arraigned for tampering with evidence and theft of seized property when he was still a police officer. At the beginning of this year, Howard pleaded guilty to punching a suspect in the face ...
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Arrests of 3 Grand Isle officers leave troubled department with just 3 to police town

The raiding deputies said they discovered marijuana was missing from an evidence bag and $4,000 was missing from a department cash box. They seized 32 guns, numerous items stored in the department's evidence room and police reports. June 8, 2016 Recent months have been tough for the small police force patrolling Grand Isle. It was raided in the cou...
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Tulare Police Arrest Evidence Clerk

A Tulare Police Department evidence technician was arrested on suspicion of tampering, embezzlement and drugs. 8:53 a.m. PDT April 30, 2016 Police department command staff initiated an investigation into evidence logging and efficiency earlier this year. After hiring a third-party company to dig into their evidence policy and procedures, the compan...
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Former sheriff's deputy accused of pawning guns from evidence locker

2016-04-18_deputy pawning guns from evidence locker_01
WFAA-TV, BYLINE: Brett Shipp, WFAA Ellis County, TX Sources say Lt. Phillip Slaughter abruptly resigned late last month. What followed shocked his co-workers. Phillip Slaughter (Photo: Courtesy - Ellis County Sheriff's Department) A former Ellis County sheriff's dep...
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Acadia Sheriff's Office spokeswoman accused of stealing drug money

2016-04-15_spokeswoman accused of stealing drug money_01
The Advertiser, BYLINE: Seth Dickerson, Acadia Parish, LA Maxine Trahan (Photo: Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office) Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Maxine Trahan has been arrested and charged with felony th...
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Billings Police employee charged with stealing drugs from evidence locker

2016-04-15_charged with stealing drugs from evidence locker_01
Billings Gazette, BYLINE: ASHLEY NERBOVIG, Billings, MT Coby James Lewis, 25, pleaded not guilty Friday to felony criminal possession of dangerous drugs and misdemeanor theft. Gazette Staff A former Billings Police Department...
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FDLE: Woman Stole $60,000 from Suwannee County Evidence Vault

2016-04-13_Woman Stole 60000 from Evidence Vault_01
WTXL ABC 27, BYLINE: Kiki Jones Suwannee County, FL MGN Online TALLAHASSEE, FL (WTXL) - Agents have arrested a woman who they say has been stealing from the Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office evidence vault for 20 years. Alzada Jenkins, 64, was the evidence custodian ...
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Attorney general handling investigation of former Old Town sergeant

Michael Hashey
Bangor Daily News, BYLINE: Nok-Noi Ricker, BDN Staff Bangor, ME Michael Hashey Michael Hashey Courtesy of Michael Hashey OLD TOWN, Maine — A former member of the city’s Police Department who resigned last year is being investigated by the Maine attorney g...
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