Peel police won’t name officer who removed evidence from killing scene

Brampton Guardian, BYLINE: Jacques Gallant and Wendy Gillis/The Toronto Star Brampton, ON Peel Regional Police will not release the name of the officer who took a knife from the hand of 33-year-old Jermaine Carby after he was shot dead in Brampton by a P...
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Gambling addict who stole $116,000 from Mission RCMP exhibits gets 18 months in jail

The Province, BYLINE: Jennifer Saltman, The Province, Link to Article District of Mission, BC FILE PHOTO: Former Mission RCMP exhibit custodian April Smith says she disgraced herself, her family and the officers and employees of the...
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Mission employee pleads guilty to breach of trust

Mission City Record, BYLINE: Carol Aun - Mission City Record Mission, BC image credit: RCMP RCMP A former guard looking after the exhibit room at the Mission RCMP detachment has pleaded guilty to breach of trust in B.C. Supreme Court this week. The case...
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Vancouver police open doors to new $45-million digs

2012-01-24_Vancouver police open doors to new 45-million digs_01
2012-01-24_Vancouver police open doors to new 45-million digs_02
The Province, Pacific Newspaper Group Inc., BYLINE: SUSAN LAZARUK, The Province, Link to Article Vancouver, BC Property cutsodian Terry Zulynik looks over a confiscated weapon at the new Vancouver Police Property Office and Forensic S...
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RCMP constable docked five days pay for neglect of duty, discreditable conduct

Postmedia Network Inc, Ottawa Citizen, BYLINE: Gary Dimmock, The Ottawa Citizen, Chilliwack, B.C. OTTAWA — Const. Matt Wright’s police work was anything but textbook the day he made an arrest in a street-level drugs and money bust...
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Station holds key to lost property

2011-02-10_INT_Station holds key to lost property_01
The Northland Northern BYLINE: Kristin Edge Link to Article Whangarei, New Zealand Bulging Bucket: Hundreds of sets of keys have been handed in to lost property officer Joe O'Malley-Ostermeyer at the police station Photo/Ron Burgin There's one man at Whangarei police station...
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Iraqis ponder Saddam legacy;

Columbia Daily Tribune (Missouri), SECTION: NEWS; Pg. A.2 BYLINE: MCCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS Baghdad, Iraq Museum plans to open in 2011. BAGHDAD -- Deep inside the walled-off Green Zone, in an air-conditioned room watched by around-the-clock security, is a particularly grisly coll...
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CPS told to buck up ideas over cases

Daily Post (Liverpool, England), Pg. 10 ISSN: 0962-7553 Liverpool, England HUNDREDS of defendants escaped justice due to failures of prosecutors and police that cost more than pounds 650,000 last year, inspectors said today. Cases were discharged because prosecutors were not...
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