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Santa Clara, CA

A 1979 homicide case was left open until now.

2011-08-18_DNA Hit Links Man to 1979 Cold Case_01
DNA hits link Richmond man to 1979 homicide in San Jose. Getty Images

The Santa Clara County District Attorney's office announced the arrest of a man they say is responsible for the death of a San Jose woman 31 years ago.

Rachel Moncrief was killed in July, 1979. Her body was found at a mobile home dealership in Santa Clara.

Now, investigators say a DNA hit from blood on her pants links 61-year-old David Dixon to the crime.

Dixon was arrested Wednesday and will be charged with one count of murder, according to the DA's office.

Investigators said they say a second DNA hit that linked both Dixon and Moncrief's DNA to a marijuana cigarette found near her body.

Investigators credit the Santa Clara Police Department and the District Attorney’s Cold Case Unit for solving the case.

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