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Ex-Carbon Deputy Gets Jail for Stealing Evidence

BYLINE: The Associated Press
Carbon Co. UT

PRICE, Utah (AP) — A former Carbon County sheriff's sergeant accused of taking drugs from the department's evidence room has been ordered to 30 days in jail.

Christopher Howard Basso was also sentenced this week to three years of probation, a $700 fine and substance abuse counseling.

The 38-year-old Basso was put on leave last January after failing two drug tests. Prosecutors say a hidden camera later caught him coming into the sheriff's office at odd hours and entering the evidence locker.

He later admitted to taking prescription painkillers and methamphetamine used to train K-9s.

Basso initially faced a felony burglary charge, but took a deal with prosecutors. He pleaded guilty in October to reduced charges including tampering with evidence, possession of a controlled substance and trespassing.

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