Forensic Evidence Technician (DPS #17972) - Santa Fe, NM

Salary: $12.01 - $20.90 Hourly; $24,980 - $43,465 Annually

Job Requirements:

Ideal Candidate
The Ideal Candidate will have a college degree in Forensic Science or related scientific major, and previous work experience of at least two (2) years experience in professional administrative work and computer operations; Professional knowledge of the criminal justice system; Experience working in a forensic laboratory setting; and knowledge/experience with chain of custody protocols.

Minimum Qualification
For positions in the Forensic Laboratory: High School Diploma or Equivalency and two (2) years of experience in general clerical work and computer operations, and knowledge of the criminal justice system, and two (2) years of experience working in a forensic laboratory setting.

Substitution Table
These combinations of education and experience qualify you for the position:

Education Experience
1. High School Diploma or Equivalent AND 4 years of experience
2. Associate's degree AND 2 years of experience
3. Bachelor's degree or higher AND 0 years of experience

• Education and years of experience must be related to the purpose of the position.
• If Minimum Qualification requires a specific number of "semester hours" in a field (e.g. 6 semester hours in Accounting), applicants MUST have those semester hours in order to meet the minimum qualifications. No substitutions apply for semester hours.

Employment Requirements
This position is designated as safety sensitive. Employment will be subject to post-employment drug testing and random employment drug testing and is conditional pending results. Also, this position is subject to a national fingerprint-based record check within 30 days of assignment. Continued employment is contingent upon remaining felony-free, per Section of the Criminal Justice Information Systems Security Policy.

In addition, the selected candidate must possess and maintain a valid driver's license, and a current Defensive Driving Certificate from the State of New Mexico; or pass and receive the Defensive Driving Course Certification, within six (6) months of date of hire.

Statewide travel in a car and/or a small aircraft will be required, when necessary.

Job Duties:

Why does the job exist?
Forensic Science Technicians provide support to Forensic Scientists in the investigation of crimes by receiving, storing and maintaining physical evidence custody, security and control. Proper collection and storage methods are important to protect the evidence. They assist the Forensic Laboratory Bureau with liaison activities relating to the criminal justice system and other agencies who are using forensic services. Will also assist the Forensic Laboratory with data and statistics on laboratory operations.

How does it get done?
The Forensic Evidence Technician is responsible for gathering data, making use of evidence handling procedures, chain of custody protocols, and managing files and evidence storage rooms. Forensic Technicians may be involved in situations requiring the use or Implementation of courtroom protocol; must employ knowledge regarding rules of evidence and hazardous materials; and provide instruction in preservation and storage of physical evidence. Duties may include coordinating schedules for Forensic Scientists that have been subpoenaed in criminal cases, communicating with the attorney(s), and the scientist(s) concerning the scheduling. In addition, the Forensic Evidence Technician will have liaison duties that may also include communications concerning the status of the cases being worked and checking with involved agencies concerning the need for analyses.

Who are the customers?
This position serves the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Agencies in New Mexico.

Closing Date: 7/2/2021

Additional Instructions:

To Apply: 


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