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Former police officer admits to stealing drugs from evidence room

Hearst Stations Inc., WPTZ-TV 5 News,
BYLINE: Robyn Estabrook

Colchester, VT

BURLINGTON, Vt. — A former Colchester police detective changed his plea and admitted to stealing from the police department's evidence locker room.

On Monday in federal court, Tyler Kinney, pleaded guilty to theft of property worth $5,000 or more, aiding and abetting the possession of a firearm by an unlawful user and distributing heroin.

After he was arrested in November, Kinney underwent drug treatment at a residential program in Rutland County.

Because of his plea, Kinney will not be prosecuted by the state.

Jared Carter, a Vermont Law School professor, says police officers don't receive special treatment when they are on the other side of the law.

"If you are a criminal defendant in a federal or state court you are going to have the same constitutional rights and same constitutional protections whether you are a police officer or a civilian," Carter said.

Kinney could face 20 years in prison. He will be sentenced on October 5.

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