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Haubstadt Town Marshal bonds out
BYLINE: Nicole DiDonato
Posted by: Noah Stubbs
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Haubstadtm, IN

GIBSON CO., IN (WFIE) – Gibson County prosecutor Rob Krieg filed five charges against Haubstadt Town Marshall Micha Rulli.

The charges against Haubstadt Town Marshall Micah Rulli include two felony counts of theft, two felony counts of forgery, and one count of official misconduct.

Gibson County Prosecutor Rob Kreig said the charges stemmed from two accounts of Rulli's part-time employees.

"We have time that was written down and paid out for time that wasn't worked by those officers," Prosecutor Krieg said.

According to the police report, it was a Gibson County sheriff's deputy who worked part-time under Officer Rulli, that alerted the sheriff's department about Rulli's alleged behavior.

"We believe he forged their names to pass those through," Krieg said.

In addition, Rulli has been accused of taking money seized from a drug arrest involving Scott Miller.

Miller was charged, but the investigation revealed that the money was not a matter in the case.

"The money in that matter is not where it should be," Krieg said. "Its not in the evidence room and couldn't be found. There's no reasonable explanation for that money to be missing other than officer Rulli took it. He's the only one that had it in his possession and he's the only one with a key to that room."

Krieg said that this case is even more complicated because it involves many different factors, from other law enforcement who worked part-time for Rulli, to the fact Rulli himself is either a key witness or part of the investigation on over a half dozen criminal cases in the county.

"Just pulling us all into this mess together really because of the actions of one person," Krieg said.

Krieg has asked for a special prosecutor in this case.

Rulli has been suspended with pay.

Officer Lloyd Jones is the interim town marshal.

Rulli turned himself in and bonded out on early Friday morning.

His first court appearance is Monday at 9:00 a.m.

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