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Liberty County Sheriff’s officer under investigation

Montgomery County Courier
BYLINE: Vanesa Brashier
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Liberty County, OH

A former Cleveland police officer and current Liberty County deputy sheriff is reportedly at the center of an investigation being conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in conjunction with the Eastern District of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Beaumont.

Sources close to the investigation say that ATF officers have conducted searches of the deputy sheriff’s home and office, and at a gun range in Humble that has ties to him.

Chief Deputy Jim Cooper said the Sheriff’s Office does not have an official statement to release at this time.

However, Cooper said, “Whatever investigation is going on, we are not aware of it.”

When asked whether the officer had been suspended while the investigation is ongoing, Cooper said, “We haven’t received word from anyone to lead us to believe that we need to take him off duty.”

The ATF’s investigation is said to be based on missing firearms from the evidence room at the Cleveland Police Department. The guns are believed to have been stolen from the evidence room over the past couple of years or more. At that time, the deputy sheriff was working for the Cleveland Police Department and was in charge of the evidence room.

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