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Obama Supports DNA Database of 'Presumed Innocents'

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BYLINE: Little Alex
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Wachington, DC

President Barack Obama recently expressed support for DNA sampling within the criminal procedure upon arrest by local, state and federal authorities.

In an interview with "America's Most Wanted" host John Walsh, President Obama "expressed strong agreement" with his asserted "virtues of collecting DNA at the time of an arrest and putting it into a single, national database", Josh Gerstein reported at Politico last week.

David Kravets at Wired added:

When it comes to civil liberties, the Obama administration has come under fire for often mirroring his predecessor’s practices surrounding state secrets, the Patriot Act and domestic spying. There’s also Gitmo, Jay Bybee and John Yoo.

Now there’s DNA sampling. Obama told Walsh he supported the federal government, as well as the 18 states that have varying laws requiring compulsory DNA sampling of individuals upon an arrest for crimes ranging from misdemeanors to felonies. The data is lodged in state and federal databases, and has fostered as many as 200 arrests nationwide, Walsh said.

The American Civil Liberties Union claims DNA sampling is different from mandatory, upon-arrest fingerprinting that has been standard practice in the United States for decades.

A fingerprint, the group says, reveals nothing more than a person’s identity. But much can be learned from a DNA sample, which codes a person’s family ties, some health risks, and, according to some, can predict a propensity for violence.

For whatever reason, the Obama-cheerleading New York Times published an op-ed from a student at Yale University named Michael Seringhaus suggesting a "better solution" is to "keep every American’s DNA profile on file" to counter the "racial bias" of the American criminal justice system. Mr. Seringhaus concedes the tyranny of the system stating: "[T]he national DNA database is racially skewed, as blacks and Hispanics are far more likely than whites to be convicted of crimes. Creating profiles of arrestees only adds to that imbalance." Entering the entire American plantation would then be a "much fairer system" as the "key is making sure that all Americans contribute their share" in "the fight against crime".

Is the NYT letting an authoritarian college kid write the narrative to sell an absolutely tyrannical policy on behalf of the Corporate Surveillance State? Cui bono?

There is a national DNA databse in the U.K., but soon after Pres. Obama's interview, its Home Affairs Select Committee claimed in a report that "DNA matches from the national database help solve as few as one crime in every 1,300" and "many of those would be solved even without the need for a national database", Jack Doyle reported at The Independent. So there is no evidence to support that such Orwellian measures actually contribute to the "fight against crime".

And even if the stats were favorable to locking people up, consequential coincidences do not justify the removal of any portion of an individual's body without their educated consent.

"DNA, the method of taking it, is an invasion of our body," Michael Risher, an ACLU attorney on a case challenging the California policy, told Mr. Kravets late last year.

Those who would benefit would be the technocrats in the so-called 'private sector' who would obtain no-bid, unconditional contracts from government agencies to obtain and maintain samples and incorporate those samples into user-friendly software. Installing the population into a matrix is big business for the Wall Street and Silicon Valley welfare queens who expanded their mass looting of the American plantation upon entering the Military Industrial Complex.

Remember, such a policy isn't a one-time contract. The creators of the technology will be constantly called on to update the technology, fix bugs, enhance quickness, minimize space occupation, encrypt data, etc. The technocrats are the new parasites of the parasitic State and more dangerous to the rights of mankind than any force the global plantation has ever seen in the short history of man on this planet.

The ACLU's additional concern of the information forfeited in a DNA sample would publicize information to justify government force from a Philip K. Dick story---thoughtcrime, precrime, quantifying the value of human beings against each other. The technocrats with a national DNA database would be steps toward furthering the effort of the ruling class to pit us serfs against each other while disregarding them as our true enemy. The reactionary dehumanization of our culture will not pushed overtly by this ruling class. This class finances the media conglomerates which plant the seeds in little studies and reports about genetic research to turn us into sociopaths against solidarity.

This is how irrational, ignorant Luddite philosophies of racism, sexism, homophobia, inner-class conflict over nothing are manufactured in the minds of the masses to keep us too stupid to fight back. In fact, these measures are designed to make us not be passive, but to aggressive beg for more power to enter the hands of the oligarchs.

Mr. Seringhaus is a shining example of the grand successes of the ruling class effort to make us beg to be their slaves.

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