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Officials Perplexed By Unclaimed Urns
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Case County, NE

Urns Contain Remains Of Madeline, William Kay

Cass County Sheriff's deputies are trying to track down family members of a deceased couple whose remains are in two urns stored in the sheriff's department's evidence room.

Each day, department employees walk past the two urns.

It has been like that since 2007, when someone found the urns sitting on a picnic table outside the Eagle, Neb., fire department. The fire chief called sheriff's investigators, who have been trying to track down family members for two years to give someone a chance to take the remains.

The urns are adorned by small name plates. The remains belong to Madeline and William Kay, investigators said. They know both died in Douglas County. William Kay died in 1992 at the age of 89. Madeline Kay died in 1996 at the age of 88.

"We would love to return the remains of these two individuals to family members so they can properly put them to rest," said Capt. David Lamprecht.

Investigators were able to trace the Kays to a funeral home in Omaha. The funeral home led investigators to the couple's son, Michael White, also of Omaha. But Michael White had also died.

Then investigators learned that Michael White had a son, Bill White, who may be living in either Washington or Douglas counties.

Anyone with information in the case may call investigators at 402-296-9370

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