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Property & Evidence Coordinator - Lauderhill, FL

Salary: $43,350.46 - $74,144.00 Annually

Job Requirements:

Minimum Training and Experience
High school diploma or GED, supplemented by minimum three (3) years previous experience and/or training that includes law enforcement, inventory control, and clerical functions; or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience.

Please be sure to answer all supplemental questions thoroughly and completely. Please note that if you do not answer all the questions in its entirety, your application may not be further considered in the hiring process. If you have any difficulty understanding or completing the supplemental questions, please feel free to contact the Human Resources Department at 954-730-3090.

Please be advised: Proof of education level is required (copy of High School Diploma/GED or College Degree/transcript needs to be uploaded in PDF format to application). Any required licenses and or certifications for the position you are applying for must be submitted as well. If required documentation is not provided, the application will be incomplete and will not continue in the hiring process.

The City of Lauderhill is an Equal Opportunity Employer. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of Lauderhill will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities and encourages both prospective and current employees to discuss potential accommodations with the employer.

Veteran's Preference
Certain servicemembers and veterans, and the spouses and family members of such servicemembers and veterans, receive preference and priority, and that certain servicemembers may be eligible to receive waivers for postsecondary educational requirements, in the employment by the state and its political subdivisions and are encouraged to apply for the positions being filled.

You may waive a postsecondary educational requirement for a position of employment (except if the position is exempt under the statute e.g., temporary employees, members of boards and commissions, positions that require an employee to be a member of the Florida Bar), for a current member of any reserve component of the United States Armed Forces or the Florida National Guard or a veteran who has been honorably discharged if the person is otherwise qualified for the position.

Marginal Functions
  • While the following tasks are necessary for the work of the unit, they are not an essential part of the purpose of this position and may also be performed by other unit members.
  • Performs routine office functions such as filing, faxing, servicing office machines, and answering phones.
  • Performs related duties as directed.

Job Duties:

Under general supervision, the purpose of the position is to develop and maintain a property/evidence intake, storage, and disposition system. Employees in this classification perform skilled, technical work. Position is responsible for storing/filing, safeguarding, and disposing of property and evidence. Performs related work as directed.

Examples of Duties
  • Receives, stores/files property/evidence, and audio tapes; retrieves same from storage area as needed; secures currency in safe.
  • Prepares property receipts; enters into computer data base; insures property/evidence is properly packaged and sealed.
  • Attempts to determine owners of property.
  • Provides advice and assistance to law enforcement officers in collection and packaging of property/evidence; conducts on-going dialog and follow-up with officers and other interested parties regarding property/evidence.
  • Transports property/evidence for testing or processing; ensures custody and disposition is in accordance with federal and state laws and regulations.
  • Monitors supplies inventory; orders supplies and materials as needed.
  • Organizes and implements a lost/abandoned bicycle donation program.
  • Attends seminars, classes and takes field trips to other agencies to maintain or improve technical or professional skills.
  • Instructs at Citizens Police Academy on property/evidence procedures.

Closing Date: 08/31/2022

Additional Instructions:

Apply Online.

To Apply: 


Phone: 954-497-4700 | Email:

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