Sheriff's office looking to return funds taken as evidence
BYLINE: Beacon Journal staff report
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Summit County, OH

The Summit County Sheriff's Office is looking for 12 people — not to arrest them, but to give them money.

Sheriff's officials have cleaned out the property evidence room and are trying to return cash that had been taken as evidence in cases.

In one instance, the money dates back a dozen years.

''We've made attempts to find these people, but for whatever reason we can't find them,'' sheriff's spokesman Bill Holland said.

Sheriff's officials are now appealing to the public for help in locating them.

The following people have money being held: Louis Wilkerson, $170; Aaron Studebaker, $85; Derek Crine, $323; Mark Slappey, $143; Clyde Kennedy, $1,110; Rachel Betancourt, $130; Lamont Brooks, $1,001; Daniel Kozy, $450; Jeffrey Vincent, $50; Michael Sigmund, $181; Corrine Hook, $20; and Nathaniel Grantham, $3.

To claim the cash, call 330-643-2110.

Any money not claimed by March 30 will be forfeited to the sheriff's office.

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