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Reprinted From The Evidence Log an IAPE Publication for Members
Volume 1993, Number 3, Page 22

The International Association for Property and Evidence (IAPE) was created by and for law enforcement property and evidence professionals to educate and service the need for training.

Leading the way through education

Our goal is to provide education through training on current issues that effect the property and evidence field. Training on safety concerns, audits and inventories, packaging, legal updates, and procedure considerations to name a few topics.

Informing publications

The International Association for Property and Evidence magazine is the heart of our association and training information. Our magazine is published on a quarterly basis to keep you informed of developments in the field. If unexpected changes occur, newsletters will provide you with updates on legislation, training and news.

Enhancing professionalism

IAPE promotes professional development of law enforcement personnel including executives, management, supervisors, property and evidence handlers for advancement within the profession. The more knowledge you have, the more valuable you become. Property personnel interested in staying current professionally and contributing toward growth are a welcome asset to IAPE.

Involving you regionally

IAPE encourages the formulation of regional chapters, giving you the opportunity to get involved in the associations policy making programs at the local level. Local meetings may be held or a chapter formed in accordance with IAPE guidelines. Each region has a locally elected board of directors which administer regional operations and programs.

Guide books

IAPE produces yearly guide books on areas of special concern. The 1993 Guide Book (Bloodborne Pathogens) will be sent as part of the membership packet to each new or renewing IAPE member.

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