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EDMONTON — A Yellowknife RCMP officer has been charged in connection with money missing from an evidence locker and threats made to fellow officers.

Sgt. Larry O'Brien has been charged with theft under $5,000, breach of trust and forging a document. Due to an incident on June 25, O'Brien also faces a charge of uttering threats to five fellow Mounties in Yellowknife. O'Brien was arrested on that charge, but has since been released.

In Jan. 2009, $2,000 went missing from an evidence locker in the Yellowknife detachment. The money was found the next day, although an investigation was still launched.

In May 2009, when the investigation uncovered criminal activity, RCMP officers from Edmonton took over. The investigation was completed in March, although an internal investigation into the matter is ongoing.

O'Brien was suspended from the RCMP in February 2010. He had been an RCMP officer for 21 years, 13 of them in the Northwest Territories.

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