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BYLINE: ROCCO LaDUCA, Observer-Dispatch

Herkimer, NY

A former police investigator is due to begin trial in Herkimer County Court next week on allegations that he stole thousands of dollars from the police station’s evidence room to gamble.

Robert Risi, an 18-year veteran with the Herkimer Police Department, was supposed to face a hearing Monday to suppress statements he made to officers investigating the thefts. But Risi waived that hearing, and jury selection is scheduled for next Monday.

Risi was charged in June with felony third-degree grand larceny after state police investigators said he admitted to stealing more than $9,600 seized by Herkimer police through unrelated cases.

He also was charged with misdemeanor petit larceny and two counts of misdemeanor official misconduct.

Risi has pleaded not guilty and is free on $20,000 bail. He also has since resigned from the department.

According to police, Risi began to steal small amounts of money from the department's evidence locker in November 2008. Once Risi was questioned about the missing money, police said, he told them he believed he would be able to replace the stolen funds with money he won by gambling.

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Comments (5)

[1] EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL> or a case of-- I AM BETTER THAN YOU BECAUSE I AM IN LAW ENFORCEMENT and have connections..? time will tell..let the axe fall..
first amendment

[2] he belongs in jail, period. No plea bargains. Matter of fact, since he was a cop in Herkimer, this trial SHOULD NOT be heard in Herkimer County court, it should automatically be transferred to an adjacent jurisdiction. This is a big conflict of interest hearing this case in this county

[3] Naughty greedy selfish ignorant little boy! Another case of power corrupts! What..did he think he was in the Utica Police? After all...that's THEIR racket and they're the experts at stuff like that. It was definitely amateur night!

[4] PLEASE let it be heard in herkimer --- the court here owes so many people equality and the laughter should be deafening... you will HEAR IT ON THE MOON> justice by your peers..can i be on the jury PPPLLLEEEAAASSEE>>

[5] It couldn't happen to a nicer people maybe he will park his high horse now.

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