Legal advocates slam NYPD’s efforts to safeguard evidence in wake of storage warehouse fire last year

Elizabeth Daniel Vasquez, a lawyer specialize in forensic science told the Council that the NYPD's program for tracking and securing evidence is "pure chaos," making it clear the city should upgrade its system to bring it up to par with other cities. June 20, 2023 Defense lawyers laid into the NYPD on Tuesday over its failure to safeguard reams of ...

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Eight barrels of evidence recovered from NYPD warehouse blaze, advocates still seek answers

The evidence warehouse at 700 Columbia St stored both biological evidence and impounded vehicles. March 30, 2023 Over three months after the fire that ripped through a Red Hook warehouse, which stored decades-old New York City Police Department evidence, legal advocates are still seeking answers from the city about how it plans to address the impac...

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Massive Evidence Storage Facility Fire Sheds Light on Sloppy NYPD Practices

The NYPD maintains poor storage practices because there is no law stopping them from doing so.  January 20, 2023 A murder case in which the NYPD found a necktie and wire hanger at the scene. Another homicide after which officers vouchered the victim's coat and the assailant's hat. Video from a fight in stalled traffic on the Queensboro Bridge ...

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8 hurt in fire at NYPD warehouse where evidence is stored

 "It's mainly evidence but we store other things there as well," he said. December 14, 2022 NEW YORK (AP) — Eight people suffered minor injuries Tuesday in a fire at a New York Police Department warehouse that houses DNA evidence from crime scenes as well as cars, e-bikes and motor scooters, police and fire officials said. The fire at the Erie...

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8 Cars Engulfed In Flames At County Impound Lot: Fire Officials

The massive fire broke out early Thursday, officials say. "Thank God, no one was hurt. It was a big fire." October 29, 2021 WESTHAMPTON, NY — Eighteen vehicles were found engulfed in flames early Thursday at the Suffolk County impound lot on Old Country Road in Westhampton, officials said. According to Westhampton Beach Fire Department Chief Mauro ...

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Police: Arrest made in Wendy Jerome cold case from 1984

With today's technology, police were able to match the DNA to a family member, September 11, 2020 ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Rochester Police have made an arrest in a 35-year-old cold case murder investigation in Rochester. Police arrested Timothy Williams, 56, on Sept. 9 in the case of 14-year-old Wendy Jerome. The Rochester native, who was living i...

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NYC sheriff seizes two shipping containers of illegal fireworks, arrests 127

We have made 127 arrests related to fireworks interdiction coming into New York City July 23, 2020 The city's crackdown on illegal fireworks started off with a bang — netting two shipping containers worth of pyrotechnics and nabbing 127 people for allegedly smuggling the firecrackers into the five boroughs from out of state in the last month. "We h...

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NYC To Crack Down On Mystery Fireworks That Are Fraying Nerves And Disrupting Sleep

The police department said there were 54 fireworks complaints in the first half of last year. In the same period this year, there have been more than 11,000. June 30, 2020 As mysterious displays of fireworks continue to be set off across the country – in Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Los Angeles – residents in New York City say the nightly cacopho...

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SI 'bishop' arrested for 1980 cold-case murder of Brooklyn teen Lorraine Snell

Chief of the District Attorney's Forensic Science and Cold Case unit, worked closely with the NYPD to utilize enhanced DNA technology. March 12, 2020 STATEN ISLAND — The mother of a Flatbush murder victim who was just 19 when she was strangled in 1980 sobbed tears of relief Thursday when PIX11 showed her photographic evidence that the long-time per...

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Rape kits sit in labs, untested as required

As of August 2019, over 1,500 kits were still in the possession of State Police Enter Article DATE HERE ALBANY — Hundreds of rape kits are sitting untested in New York State Police crime laboratories as standards are being skirted, a situation that's left law enforcement officials also questioning whether the labs can keep up with new pre-tria...

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Surveillance Footage of Jeffrey Epstein's First Suicide Attempt Has Gone Missing (Missing Evidence!)

"We want to be sure that all the evidence is preserved to show that Nick behaved appropriately and even admirably that evening, December 18, 2019 The New York Post has learned that the surveillance footage taken outside the cell of Jeffrey Epstein during his first alleged suicide attempt at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York has gone ...

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Alleged drug dealer throws loose fentanyl powder at cop’s face

"The officer exhibited fentanyl-related symptoms, including nausea and shortness of breath and was treated by emergency responders," December 15 An alleged narcotics dealer tossed a handful of deadly fentanyl powder at a cop investigating a Bronx drug packaging mill, authorities said Thursday. Members of the New York Organized Crime Drug Enforcemen...

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More than half of police, prosecutors miss N.Y. rape kit deadline

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state lawmakers approved a law last year requiring the timely testing of rape kits, which contain physical evidence collected from the body and clothing of a victim in a possible sexual assault. December 13, 2019 ALBANY, N.Y. — More than half of New York's police agencies and prosecutors to report the number of untested sexual...

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State criminal reform law could cost NYPD close to $100M, O'Neill says

O'Neill said, cops will effectively have to turn over lab reports and other evidence to prosecutors within about seven or eight days of a person being charged. November 6, 2019 Changes in the law governing criminal evidence as part of a package of New York State crime reform bills are expected to cost the NYPD close to $100 million, outgoing Police...

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This groundbreaking DNA testing method solved a 1981 cold case

Clippings from Brown's fingernails were kept on file — and OCME experts used their newly developed technique to see if she'd captured some of her attacker's DNA when they grappled. October 21, 2019 The city's Office of the Chief Medical Examiner on Tuesday will teach labs across the country about a groundbreaking forensics procedure that helped sol...

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Border protection stored enough fentanyl to kill 794 million, but isn’t doing enough to protect its agents

CBP said it has trained more than 4,500 officers in how to recognize the signs of an overdose, deployed 3,300 dual-use Narcan kits in the field and outfitted its storage vaults with safety equipment such as gloves, masks and Tyvek suits. July 20, 2019 (NEW YORK) — U.S. Customs and Border Protection has stored enough fentanyl in the past year to kil...

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State Police probe alleged theft of gun parts from evidence

It is at least the second time since 2013 that State Police have conducted an internal investigation of allegations that its members were stealing items from evidence lockers. June 1, 2019 CATSKILL — An internal State Police investigation is probing allegations that a longtime investigator assigned to the Catskill barracks has for years been removi...

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Former Kenmore police chief gets probation for stealing painkillers

He claims he used just a few each week. "He was in excruciating pain," said defense attorney Thomas Eoannou. April 13, 2019 Even though he stole painkillers from a community drop box, Peter J. Breitnauer says he was never an addict. The 32-year veteran of the Kenmore Police Department, who spent the last six as police chief, also says he is now fre...

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DNA Evidence Backlog Has Soared by 85 Percent

Police are submitting more DNA requests than ever, creating backlogs that can last five months or longer. Enter Article DATE HERE Backlogs at state and local crime labs in testing DNA evidence from crime scenes nearly doubled between 2011 and 2017, despite $1 billion spent by the federal government since 2004 to reduce endemic delays, the nonp...

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Rape Kit Tests: New York, feds join to get 100,000 sexual assault cases sent for DNA testing around US

"That backlog not only undermined justice and the perception, and reality, of equality - it also made every woman and every American less safe," he said. March 13, 2109 NEW YORK -- Languishing evidence in over 100,000 sexual assault cases around the country has been sent for DNA testing with money from a New York prosecutor and federal authorities,...

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Man indicted for 1992 cold case murder

Enter Headline here Enter Article DATE HERE A murder that has gone unsolved since 1992 may finally get a resolution after Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez announced an indictment of a 56-year-old man who allegedly shot a woman dead and left her naked on a rooftop in Brownsville. Calvin Grant was officially indicted on Friday after oral...

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Former Kenmore police chief pleads guilty to stealing painkillers from DROP BOX

Admitted he stole painkillers from a community drop box January 10, 2019 Peter J. Breitnauer, a 34-year veteran of the Kenmore Police Department, the last six as police chief, stood in front of a federal judge Thursday and admitted he stole painkillers from a community drop box. The 68-year-old lifelong village resident also admitted storing the st...

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Feds charge WNY police chief with drug possession

Breitnauer was taking prescription pills from the New York State Medication Drop Box located at the Kenmore Police Station October 6, 2018 A western New York police chief has been charged with drug possession. Kenmore Village Police Chief Peter Breitnauer was charged Friday with possession of hydrocodone after a federal investigation, according to ...

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Bushwick Man Gets 25 To Life For 2004 Cold Case Murder Of Teenager (DNA)

His DNA was entered into the national database after an arrest in 2014 for armed robbery in Florida September 10, 2018 A 40-year-old man was recently sentenced to 25 years to life for the murder of a 17-year-old Bushwick resident. Sharabia Thomas was murdered in 2004 according to a report in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. "Thanks to DNA technology and h...

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Man convicted of 2004 cold case murder of 17-year-old Bushwick girl

A DNA analysis of cells found on the victim's fingernails, conducted in 2016, was a match to the defendant, August 23, 2018 Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez on Tuesday announced that a 40-year-old man has been convicted of the murder of Sharabia Thomas, a teenager from Bushwick who was killed in 2004. A DNA analysis of cells found on the vi...

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NYPD officer indicted for drug trafficking in Harlem

Diaz received a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label Scotch whisky from the undercover officer in exchange for secretly removing the undercover officer's cellphone from the 34th Precinct's evidence room July 5, 2019 A New York City police officer has been indicted for allegedly transporting a kilogram of cocaine in exchange for $4,000, according to a...

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Nassau County deputy accused of perjury, filing false police reports

Officer saw pills inside the car and arrested Curtiss, claiming the pills were narcotics when they were actually prescription heart medication. July 1, 2018 Cute and Paste C That resulted in at least four cases in which people stopped for traffic violations or other incidents were charged with possession of narcotics when the drugs were prescr...

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Hydrocodone pills, tools were allegedly stolen by Tioga County jail sergeant

Edwards allegedly stole the hydrocodone pills after he unlawfully entered a locked and secure evidence storage area June 21, 2018 A Tioga County jail sergeant is accused of stealing about 20 hydrocodone pills from a sealed evidence box, snatching tools and other supplies from the correctional facility, all while on duty. The accusations against Jon...

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Seized counterfeit goods give jobs to people with disabilities, DA says

Enter Headline here April 26, 2018 Fake logos on 11,000 fleece jackets will be covered and donated to needy groups under a program by Nassau District Attorney Madeline Singas. Seized counterfeit goods are creating jobs for people with disabilities and aid for struggling individuals under a Nassau County District Attorney program. On Tuesday, Distri...

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Man claiming wrongful conviction gets $10 million settlement

​ April 20, 2018 GARDEN CITY, N.Y. – A New York man who spent 17 years in prison for the slayings of his parents before a court overturned his conviction settled a civil case with Suffolk County for $10 million Thursday. He previously settled a wrongful conviction lawsuit against New York state for nearly $3.4 million. Martin Tankleff said he's "gr...

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Medical examiner taps DNA science to find missing persons

February 18, 2018 NEW YORK — For families who have searched years for missing loved ones, donating a sample of their DNA is often a last, desperate act to confirm their worst fears. New York City's medical examiner is leading a nationwide effort to collect genetic material and match it with unidentified human remains. It's a way to finally give fam...

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N.Y. lawmakers push for preservation of rape kits

Measures would create a central storage facility where rape kits kept for 20 years February 14, 2018 ALBANY — A bipartisan group of New York lawmakers on Tuesday called for an overhaul of state laws and regulations governing the retention and handling of rape kits, including the creation of a central storage facility where the forensic evidence wou...

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$10M worth of fentanyl found stuffed in fish fillets

Several slabs of fish weren't enough to keep New York City detectives from finding several kilos of the deadly drug fentanyl February 10 ,2108 NEW YORK — Several slabs of fish weren't enough to keep New York City detectives from finding several kilos of the deadly drug fentanyl. Officers tailed Johnny De Los Santos-Martinez, 35, to Leland Avenue an...

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Prospect Park rape, a cold case for almost 24 years, sees NYPD identify a suspect

Investigators have identified a convicted sex offender as the suspect in a decades-old rape, almost 24 years after a woman reported she was attacked in Prospect Park, the NYPD said. January 9, 2018 Investigators have identified a convicted sex offender as the suspect in a decades-old rape, almost 24 years after a woman reported she was attacked in ...

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Exclusive: Florida man being held in connection with 2 ‘cold case’ murders of young women in New York

Bodily fluids were recovered from the young victim, for a "John Doe" DNA profile. November 8, 2017 THE BRONX — Dora Delvalle Almontaser was just 19 years old, when her mother discovered the teen had been strangled with a phone cord in her family's Bronx apartment. Christopher Gonzalez The date was Dec. 2, 2000. Bodily fluids were recovered from the...

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Man Wanted in Cold Case Murder Arrested in Traffic Stop While Living Normal Life in Florida

Enter Headline here Enter Article DATE HERE Two cold case killings of young women in the New York area may soon be officially closed as police say they have arrested the man responsible in Florida. Christopher Gonzalez, 36, was arrested for the murder of Dora Delvalle Almontaser, who was 19 years old when she was strangled with a phone cord in...

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DA: DNA evidence solved 1995 cold cases in Schenectady County

Blood samples from Maciag's family members helped secure a search warrant October 16, 2017 SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Schenectady County District Attorney's Office announced Monday that 1995 cold cases have been solved thank to DNA matches. According to District Attorney Bob Carney, 17-year-old Suzanne Nauman's murder has been solved. The gir...

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Insane amount of fentanyl seized in record-breaking bust

NYPD and DEA agents recovered 64 kilograms of the lethal drug from a residential  as part of a broader pair of stings that netted $30 million worth of narcotics. Enter Article DATE HERE Law enforcement agents seized a record haul of street-grade fentanyl from a Queens building — ​marking ​the largest ​such bust ​in New York City history, ...

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Gun Cases are Notoriously Hard to Make Stick. New York Thinks It Has the Answer.

The city is pursuing an ambitious and expensive plan to collect and test DNA from every gun recovered by police Enter Article DATE HERE wo New York police officers were sitting in a patrol car one night last August when they saw Avree Lamar, a 19-year-old with an open arrest warrant, climb into a cab near a housing project in Red Hook, Brookly...

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Former Upstate NY undersheriff sentenced for stealing guns from evidence locker

He admitted stealing the guns while he was undersheriff of the Otsego County Sheriff's Office from 1995 to 2005, federal prosecutors said. July 20, 2017 BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- A former Otsego County undersheriff has been sentenced to probation for stealing 73 firearms from his department's evidence locker. Arnold B. Carroll, 75, pleaded guilty in Febr...

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Carpenter found guilty of 1990s murders of 2 prostitutes

Prosecutors used DNA evidence found on both victims as the keystone of their case against 51-year-old John Bittrolff. July 5, 2017 RIVERHEAD, N.Y. — A carpenter was convicted on Wednesday of murdering two prostitutes found beaten to death in the 1990s and faces 50 years to life in prison. Prosecutors used DNA evidence found on both victims as the k...

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City must pay $19M to end suits by wrongly convicted pair over 1993 Brooklyn kidnapping - DNA

DNA analysis of hairs on the girl's body in 2009 excluded Wagstaffe and Connor. June 13, 2017 The city must pay out $19 million to end the wrongful conviction suits of two men who spent decades in prison because of police misconduct. Everton Wagstaffe, 48, and Reginald Connor, 49, said their 1993 kidnapping convictions were the product of a shoddy ...

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Suffolk officer testifies about destruction of evidence in Bittrolff case

The department also destroyed evidence that might have linked one of its sergeants to the cases because it wasn't identified as homicide evidence March 24, 2017 The Suffolk County Police Department destroyed evidence in two murders because of a paperwork error, an officer testified Wednesday at the trial of the man charged in both cases. The depart...

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DNA links NYC child rapist to young girl's 1993 cold case sexual attack

They obtained a match in January when Dixon pleaded guilty to raping the 12-year-old girl in the Bronx in November 2016 and his DNA profile was entered into a nationwide FBI database. May 5, 2017 Published May 05, 2017 Fox News Facebook Twitter livefyre Email Print Mugshot for William Dixon, 58, that was taken this week. (NYS Department of Correcti...

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Suffolk DA issues subpoenas to Village of Lloyd Harbor, mayor says

Any and all documents regarding the surrender and disposition of weapons to the Lloyd Harbor Police Department" from Jan. 1, 1987 to present. March 17, 2017 The Suffolk County district attorney's office has issued subpoenas to the Village of Lloyd Harbor for police records, the village's mayor said Friday. One of the subpoenas requested payroll rec...

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More than half of police, prosecutors miss N.Y. rape kit deadline

The state Division of Criminal Justice Services issued a report Wednesday that counted at least 1,622 rape kits across the state that had not yet been sent to a lab for testing. March 2, 2017 "DCJS will contact agencies and offices that did not provide information for this report, reiterate the importance of reporting to the state and work with tho...

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Manhattan DA Cy Vance says 70 arrests made across U.S. after old rape kits were examined

Vance's office committed $38 million in grants to 32 jurisdictions in 20 states across the U.S. starting in 2015 to eliminate backlogs of untested sexual assault evidence kits. March 2, 2017 Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. said Wednesday that efforts to eliminate national rape kit backlogs have led to 70 arrests in cold cases. Vance's offi...

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Man charged with murder after DNA links him to 1999 cold case

A Bronx man was charged with the 1999 rape and murder of a 56 - year-old woman who lived in his building — after new DNA evidence linked him to the brutal slaying, police sources said. Enter Article DATE HERE A Bronx man was charged with the 1999 rape and murder of a 56-year-old woman who lived in his building — after new DNA evidence lin...

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New law seeks to tackle years-old backlog of rape evidence

It also requires law enforcement agencies to submit every new evidence kit to a laboratory within 10 days and for it to be tested within 90 days. December 4, 2016 ALBANY — A bill signed into law by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo last week aims to unlock evidence needed to solve countless rapes that has been stored in "rape kits," sometimes for years. The new...

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DNA Match Yields Arrest in 2004 Killing of Teenage Girl Found Naked in Brooklyn Alleyway

Prosecutors say new DNA evidence has helped lead them to a suspect in the 2004 killing of a teenage girl found naked in a Brooklyn alleyway. November 19, 2016 Prosecutors say new DNA evidence has helped lead them to a suspect in the 2004 killing of a teenage girl found naked in a Brooklyn alleyway. Kwauhuru Govan, 38, was arraigned in Brooklyn Thur...

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