Eight barrels of evidence recovered from NYPD warehouse blaze, advocates still seek answers

The evidence warehouse at 700 Columbia St stored both biological evidence and impounded vehicles. March 30, 2023 Over three months after the fire that ripped through a Red Hook warehouse, which stored decades-old New York City Police Department evidence, legal advocates are still seeking answers from the city about how it plans to address the impac...

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Schertz police mistakenly destroy evidence for over 1,000 cases in San Antonio-area counties

Sixty percent of evidence was within the statute of limitations July 14, 2022 The Schertz Police Department made a crucial error this week. The error resulted in the destruction of evidence that impacted over 1,000 cases in three different counties. On Tuesday, July 12, the Schertz Police Department released a statement informing the public about a...

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Jury awards 3 KSP troopers $900K in whistleblower case

"This gentleman thought it was a good idea — if, for whatever reason — to steal this evidence from an open case," Burton said. "And then stamp the property form, evidence form, destroyed by fire when in fact they weren't destroyed by fire." February 11, 2022 LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A jury awarded three Kentucky State troopers nearly $1 million as...

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Former South Coast Sheriff's deputy gets jail sentence after prosecutors say he destroyed evidence in a case

Prosecutors say the deputy threw away a drug test for a woman which showed negative results. December 22, 2021 A former deputy sheriff on the South Coast has been sentenced to jail for destroying evidence in a case. Prosecutors say Richard Charles Barrios threw away key evidence in a case. In 2019, the Ventura County Sheriff's deputy stopped a fema...

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Vallejo police union president placed on leave, under investigation for destroying evidence from controversial police shooting

His exact role in discarding the bullet-ridden windshield is not known Enter Article DATE HERE VALLEJO — The president of the Vallejo police union is one of two employees on suspension and under investigation for destruction of evidence in the police killing of Sean Monterrosa, multiple sources told this news organization. Lt. Michael Nichelin...

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Forrler pleads to destroying evidence charge

A police officer accused of destroying evidence when he was the evidence officer has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and sentenced to court costs only. December 2, 2016 ALTON — A police officer accused of destroying evidence when he was the evidence officer has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and sentenced to court costs only. Jonathan Forrler plea...

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Miami Police Chief Knew for Years About Rotting Murder Case Evidence Locker

As blogger Al Crespo revealed last month, the container rusted, letting in water and pests that destroyed evidence in more than 500 cases. November 16, 2016 Murder evidence is pretty important, so you'd think the Miami Police Department would have a good place to store all of those key items in unsolved cases. But it turns out that for years MPD ha...

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Harris County deputy fired amid investigation into destroyed evidence

Hess ended up destroying nearly 8,000 items. Of those items, 861 were traced back to 470 open cases, 183 of which have been determined to be drug-related cases, according to a newsrelease by the constable's office. Enter Article DATE HERE Harris County The Harris County Precinct 4 constable's office has fired a deputy on the heels of allegatio...

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Sheriff denies he misled anyone about destroyed evidence

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