Business compliance operation conducted at 19 auto businesses in Perris results in recovery of 448 catalytic converters, 15 citations
Where Do We Put Them? August 18, 2022 A business compliance operation conducted at 19 automotiv...
Police accused her of making up her rape, then destroyed the evidence
1- IAPE Specific
A CNN survey in 2018 found that police at dozens of agencies nationwide had trashed 400 rape kits in...
Charges against former Auburn detective dismissed
Sexton said he has maintained his innocence throughout the course of the case August 11, 2022 ALBION...
Property & Evidence Coordinator - Lauderhill, FL
Job Board
Salary: $43,350.46 - $74,144.00 Annually Job Requirements: Minimum Training and ExperienceHigh schoo...
Houston police chief declares gun 'buyback' successful after receiving over 800 weapons
1- IAPE Specific
Residents could exchange their guns for gift cards at the event,  Enter Article DATE HERE ...
Charlotte police arrest group of bicyclists, charge them with reckless driving after assault
North Carolina
More Bikes July 28, 2022 Charlotte, N.C. — A group of bicyclists were charged with reckless driving ...
Lancaster man charged for teen’s 1975 cold case murder after coffee cup DNA match
 David Sinopoli of Lancaster has been charged in the 1975 cold case murder of 19-year-old Lindy...
MCDONALD: Poor police work in North Carolina is letting rapists go free
1- IAPE Specific
The chain of custody is one of the first elements a good defense attorney will scrutinize. If he or ...
California man arrested in cold case murders of women strangled to death
James Gary allegedly killed two women in separate murders in 1980 and 1996 before committing a sexua...
Former Elizabeth police chief who stole heroin from department now faces federal charge
Butler, who had been the officer in charge of the evidence room, told the sergeant that "any heroin ...
Former PSP Corporal charged for stealing drugs from evidence room in Wayne Count
Another corporal found empty heroin packets and a crumpled evidence envelope in a trash can in Ricka...
Former Tennessee sheriff's deputy indicted for attempting to sell a forfeited vehicle to himself
1- IAPE Specific
Former Deputy Daniel Jacobs, an evidence custodian for the department, July 18, 2022 The Center Squa...

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