Stolen guns that went unnoticed at BRPD show gap in oversight, retired police officer says
"Someone dropped the ball," Dewey said. June 20, 2022 Benjamin Zeringue was arrested Monday charged ...
NAKAMOTO: Police chief denies taking missing money from evidence room
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The missing money involves a homicide case, according to Iberville Parish Sheriff  June 20, 202...
Brothers arrested by disgraced narcotics officer get reduced sentences amid investigation into corruption at BRPD
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 The allegations against Acree include accusations of stealing drugs from an evidence locker Ju...
Deputies seize cellphones from St. Gabriel police chief's home and office
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"they noticed that $3,500 that was supposed to be locked away in evidence June 17, 2021 ST. GABRIEL ...
Police chief says it could take 2 years to fully reconcile evidence
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'Infrastructure in dire need' June 11, 2022 ONTARIO — Security updates to the evidence room at Ontar...
Seized guns sold to buy police cruiser, says Newton County sheriff
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"I read this law. I thought I was in the right". June 4, 2022 Newton County Sheriff Glenn Wheeler sa...
$27K of seized cash missing from Tennessee police department, other issues found
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Both the evidence custodian and the former captain stated they had, at times, "borrowed" cash for pe...
Former Iowa deputy sentenced to 40 years in prison for stealing pain meds
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Leusink was accused of stealing prescription pain medication and other property from the evidence ro...
More than $200,000 collected during drug raids goes missing from a police station safe, sparking an internal investigation as one officer takes stress leave
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It's believed a senior officer has taken stress leave while investigation continues June 1, 2022 Mor...
DNA testing, genealogy tools help solve 1980 Pa. cold case murder
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Enter Headline here May 31, 2022 WOLF CREEK, Pa. - Pennsylvania state police say they have solv...
Salt Lake City Cold Case Murder Linked to Stolen Gas Dispute Was Solved After 48 Years Because Two Retired Detectives Had Lunch
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Detectives then requested the Salt Lake City Police Department's Crime Lab to run Toone's DNA agains...
Former Vincennes police chief arrested, accused of stealing $35K from evidence vault
According to ISP, the criminal investigation began back in July 2019 after the money went missing. M...

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