Touch DNA solves another case!

Touch DNA leads to arrest in decades-old cold case murder of North Whitehall Township widow May 16th, 2024 WHITEHALL TWP., Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- An arrest has been made in a decades-old cold case, thanks to the advancement of "touch DNA" technology, as well as the fact that the evidence collected back in '89 was meticulously preserved. "Touch DNA ...

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Guilty! Vermont State Trooper Stole Evidence.

'Breach of trust': Former state trooper strikes plea deal in evidence room theft case April 5th, 2024 Giancarlo DiGenova, who resigned his position last year, received a probationary sentence Friday after admitting to five criminal charges, including a felony grand larceny count for the theft of a $14,000 gold Rolex watch. BURLINGTON — A former Ver...

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Keep checking for unsolved cases!

A Year Later, Genealogy Identifies Second Suspect in 1970 Homicide March 22nd, 2024 A little over a year after identifying a suspect in the 1970 homicide of 16-year-old Pamela Lynn Conyers, the Anne Arundel County Police Department (Maryland) have identified a second suspect. On March 10, 2023, the Anne Arundel County Police Department announced at...

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Do you inspect drugs when they are returned?

NJ police lieutenant arrested for stealing cocaine, fentanyl from evidence room: 'Brazen disregard of the law' January 2024 ANew Jersey police lieutenant swiped cocaine and fentanyl from the county prosecutor's evidence room — then tried to return the drugs in "substantially different" condition after higher-ups began asking questions about what he...

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Possible change of plea?

Former Vermont State Police trooper may change plea in stolen evidence case February 16th, 2024 The case against a former Vermont state trooper accused of stealing from a police evidence room may be headed to a resolution. In court on Friday, Giancarlo DiGenova's attorney told the judge that he anticipates having a plea agreement to file with the c...

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Please keep records when you sell guns.

Oxford County commissioners to ask Gov. Mills to remove sheriff from office February 2nd, 2024 SOUTH PARIS (WGME) -- The Oxford County sheriff is in danger of losing his job. County commissioners say they plan to ask the governor to remove Sheriff Christopher Wainwright from office. As an elected official, he will remain on duty during this process...

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The Lieutenant did what?

Police lieutenant stole drugs from evidence room, New Jersey AG says December 20th, 2023 A lieutenant from the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office is being accused of removing narcotics evidence, including cocaine and fentanyl, from storage without lawful authorization and later returning the drugs but in "substantially different" conditions, officia...

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Poor Record Keeping Can Hurt Your Reputation

Philadelphia Sheriff's Office can't account for nearly 200 guns, city controller says September 21st, 2023 PHILADELPHIA — The Philadelphia Sheriff's Office can't account for nearly 200 guns, despite statements the sheriff made suggesting that her office had not misplaced any weapons, according to a new report released by the City Controller. The 18...

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Guilty! Drug seizure money doesn't go in your sock.

Former Bridgeport cop gets suspended term for stealing money at drug bust August 30th, 2023 BRIDGEPORT — A veteran city police officer received a suspended sentence Wednesday after he pleaded guilty to taking money from a 2021 drug raid. Christopher Martin had served 21 years as a city police officer before resigning shortly after his arrest. "I ap...

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Former Greensburg police chief waives theft, tampering charges for court

County district attorney said an audit of the evidence room found that a backpack containing suspected steroids and psilocybin mushrooms was missing. August 12, 2023 Former Greensburg police chief waives theft, tampering charges for court Former Greensburg police chief waives theft, tampering charges for court Former Greensburg Police Chief Shawn D...

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State police evidence room audit to include suggestions for policy changes at West Hills

Spurred by the death of Beblar earlier this month, the state police conducted a regulatory audit of the West Hills Regional's evidence room, indicating that Beblar had tampered with drug evidence, officials said. June 29, 2023 Jun. 29—JOHNSTOWN, Pa. — An ongoing audit of West Hills Regional Police Department's policies for securing drug evidence wi...

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Overdose death of West Hills officer linked to department's evidence storage, jeopardizes active cases

Pennsylvania State Police said their audit of the West Hills police department found evidence that was missing, tampered with or destroyed. June 29, 2023 Cambria County's District attorney and coroner announced Wednesday the death of a West Hills officer was caused by an overdose of drugs they said came from his department's evidence storage. The i...

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Legal advocates slam NYPD’s efforts to safeguard evidence in wake of storage warehouse fire last year

Elizabeth Daniel Vasquez, a lawyer specialize in forensic science told the Council that the NYPD's program for tracking and securing evidence is "pure chaos," making it clear the city should upgrade its system to bring it up to par with other cities. June 20, 2023 Defense lawyers laid into the NYPD on Tuesday over its failure to safeguard reams of ...

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Millsboro police officer indicted for tampering with drugs

2016, was named MPD Officer of the YearEnter Headline here June 1, 2023 Millsboro Police Department Sgt. Matthew Dufour — who, in 2016, was named MPD Officer of the Year, eliciting praise from Chief Brian Calloway, who said he made a significant difference in the community — has been indicted by the Department of Justice's Division of Civil Rights ...

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Former Lancaster County Drug Task Force leader sentenced for theft

John Burkhart will also serve four years of probation and has been ordered to pay back $140,000 in restitution as part of his sentence May 5, 2023 HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The former officer in charge of the Lancaster County Drug Task Force was sentenced to 8 to 22 months in prison for stealing money seized by the task force, Attorney General Miche...

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Former Head of Lancaster County Drug Task Force Jailed, Ordered to Pay Back $140K in Stolen Funds

Burkhart was solely responsible for cashing those checks and placing the money into the safe until they were forfeited by court order. May 6, 2023 HARRISBURG – Attorney General Michelle Henry announced today that the former Officer in Charge of the Lancaster County Drug Task Force was sentenced to 8 to 22 months in prison for stealing funds seized ...

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Eight barrels of evidence recovered from NYPD warehouse blaze, advocates still seek answers

The evidence warehouse at 700 Columbia St stored both biological evidence and impounded vehicles. March 30, 2023 Over three months after the fire that ripped through a Red Hook warehouse, which stored decades-old New York City Police Department evidence, legal advocates are still seeking answers from the city about how it plans to address the impac...

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Millsboro Police Officer Suspended Pending Suspected Tampering Investigation

The Officer who was found unresponsive is assigned as an evidence custodian for the department. Enter Headline here March 23, 2023 MILLSBORO, Del.-A Millsboro Police Officer has been administratively suspended from the Department pending an investigation into suspected tampering of a controlled substance from evidence. The Department says on F...

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Trooper resigns while under investigation for missing Rolex watch, other valuables

Trooper was placed on paid leave in December after state police began investigating him in response to the disappearance of valuables from the temporary evidence storage  February 9, 2023 A state trooper being investigated for allegations that he stole a Rolex watch from evidence storage resigned this week, Vermont State Police confi...

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Massive Evidence Storage Facility Fire Sheds Light on Sloppy NYPD Practices

The NYPD maintains poor storage practices because there is no law stopping them from doing so.  January 20, 2023 A murder case in which the NYPD found a necktie and wire hanger at the scene. Another homicide after which officers vouchered the victim's coat and the assailant's hat. Video from a fight in stalled traffic on the Queensboro Bridge ...

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Girardville council fires police officer, who denies allegations by borough

Responding to the allegation about the evidence room, Bivona said: "The mayor's  order for the key to the evidence room which would have allowed and facilitated unsupervised access to the evidence room was inappropriate and illegal." January 13, 2023 GIRARDVILLE — Borough council Wednesday took formal action to fire its suspended officer-...

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Court records show suspended state trooper accused of stealing Rolex watch from evidence room

"Numerous others had access to the property storage area which, unlike the evidence locker, has never been subject to stringent security measures." January 4, 2023 Vermont state trooper is accused of having stolen a Rolex watch and other valuables that had been seized during an arrest, court documents show. The trooper denies the allegations, with ...

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Former Police Chief Admits Stealing and Using Heroin Seized in Two Federal Investigations

The heroin was evidence that had been seized in two federal drug trafficking investigations and stored in the evidence locker at the police station. December 13, 2022 PITTSBURGH, PA – A former Elizabeth Borough Police Chief pleaded guilty in federal court to a charge of theft of government property, United States Attorney Cindy K. Chung announced t...

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8 hurt in fire at NYPD warehouse where evidence is stored

 "It's mainly evidence but we store other things there as well," he said. December 14, 2022 NEW YORK (AP) — Eight people suffered minor injuries Tuesday in a fire at a New York Police Department warehouse that houses DNA evidence from crime scenes as well as cars, e-bikes and motor scooters, police and fire officials said. The fire at the Erie...

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New Audit Delivers Another Blow To D.C.’s Embattled Forensics Lab

Department also failed to comply with its own policies, procedures and regulations, and industry standardsEnter Headline here December 4, 2022 The D.C. Department of Forensic Sciences has failed to operate as an independent part of the justice system, a report from the Office of the D.C. Auditor has found. The report released Thursday determined th...

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The complaint also charges that Still stole three firearms from the evidence locker December 1, 2002 Today, Dauphin County detectives arrested Christopher Still, who was formerly employed with the Halifax Borough Police Department, for criminal conduct during his tenure as a police officer. The complaint charges that between 2019 and 2022, Still su...

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AG: Former Trooper sentenced for stealing, using heroin on the job

By stealing evidence and using drugs while on duty, Corporal Rickard dishonored his profession and committed a serious crime September 20, 2022 he PA Office of the Attorney General announced a former PSP Corporal has been sentenced for charges related to stealing drugs from the evidence room. According to the attorney general, former PSP Corporal B...

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Lancaster man charged for teen’s 1975 cold case murder after coffee cup DNA match

 David Sinopoli of Lancaster has been charged in the 1975 cold case murder of 19-year-old Lindy Sue Biechler after DNA on a discarded coffee cup appeared to match DNA left on the victim's clothing. July 18, 2022 LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – David Sinopoli of Lancaster has been charged in the 1975 cold case murder of 19-year-old Lindy Sue Biechler a...

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Former Elizabeth police chief who stole heroin from department now faces federal charge

Butler, who had been the officer in charge of the evidence room, told the sergeant that "any heroin evidence was all gone," and that the room was a mess.Enter Headline here July 20, 2022 The former Elizabeth Borough police chief who admitted to stealing thousands of bags of heroin from his department's evidence room to feed his own addiction has be...

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Former PSP Corporal charged for stealing drugs from evidence room in Wayne Count

Another corporal found empty heroin packets and a crumpled evidence envelope in a trash can in Rickard's office July 1, 2022 A former Pennsylvania State Police corporal has pleaded guilty to charges linked to drug thefts from an evidence room, Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced Thursday. According to a release from Shapiro, State Police Corpor...

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Officials: Bridgeport police officer resigns after being accused of stealing money during drug bust

He was caught stealing cash during a drug bust November 12, 2021 A 21-year veteran of the Bridgeport Police Department has resigned after getting arrested while on the job, police say.The State's Attorney's Office says the career of former Officer Christopher Martin ended Thursday when he was caught stealing cash during a drug bust.State's Attorney...

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Former State Police Corporal Pleads Guilty to Drug Charges

Investigators discovered that the heroin packets were stolen from the evidence room, July 2, 2022 HARRISBURG, PA — Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced that former Pennsylvania State Police Corporal Brian Rickard pleaded guilty this week to charges related to stealing drugs from the evidence room, ingesting them while on the job, and using offic...

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DNA testing, genealogy tools help solve 1980 Pa. cold case murder

Enter Headline here May 31, 2022 WOLF CREEK, Pa. - Pennsylvania state police say they have solved the slaying of a Chicago man whose burning body was found 42 years ago near Interstate 80 in a northwestern Pennsylvania town. Edwin Rodriguez was identified through the use of DNA testing and genealogy tools. He was 18 when he and a family friend...

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‘A Frail Old Man’: Former Mass. Corrections Officer Charged in 1988 Cold Case Murder of 11-Year-Old Girl Whose Body Was Left on Train Tracks

An Alabama man facing charges in Massachusetts over a cold case murder from 1988 was denied bail on Friday. May 14, 2022 Marvin "Skip" C. McClendon Jr., 74, stands accused of stabbing 11-year-old Melissa Ann Tremblay to death and then leaving her body in the path of an oncoming train in Lawrence, Mass. Her body was found in the Boston & Maine R...

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Augusta City Council gives police approval to sell some guns in evidence locker, destroy those used in crimes

Augusta Police Department to sell 62 guns and destroy 57 it has acquired over the years. May 5, 2022 AUGUSTA — The Augusta Police Department plans to sell 62 guns it has acquired over three decades and destroy another 57 that have been involved in crimes or used in suicides. All but one member of the City Council recently told police Chief Jared Mi...

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Former lieutenant of the South Boston Police Department indicted

State police initiated the investigation in August after discrepancies were discovered within the department's evidence room and inventory. April 11, 2022 SOUTH BOSTON, Va. (WSET) — A former lieutenant of the South Boston Police Department was indicted Thursday Tiffaney N. Bratton was indicted for one felony count of embezzlement and one felony cou...

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Mold issues force Hampden D.A. to evacuate staff from courthouse

"For too long, this courthouse has not been safe," Gulluni explained. August 25, 2021 SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- The Roderick Ireland Courthouse in downtown Springfield was forced to close Wednesday afternoon due to environmental safety hazards. Employees said mold is a growing issue, along with ventilation and air quality concerns that have pl...

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Mold found on evidence from previous cases, old docket books in Springfield Courthouse

Employees are now searching for a new location for the evidence, but they need action from the Trial Court. April 10, 2022 SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) -The toxic mold found inside the Roderick Ireland Courthouse was found on evidence from previous cases and on old docket books. Employees are now searching for a new location for the evidence, but...

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Two years of undercover drug-case evidence goes missing at Fall River PD

"This loss of evidence is inexcusable and an embarrassment to the Fall River Police Department" Chief Paul Gauvin April 6, 2022 FALL RIVER, Mass. (WPRI) – Fall River police have lost at least two years of drug-case evidence, a revelation its interim chief has called "an embarrassment" and one that deals another blow to the embattled department's re...

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Misleading changes to search warrant kicked off investigation that revealed $200k in missing drug money: AG

Criminal theft and forgery charges were filed Tuesday against Burkhart, 56, March 18, 2022 Retired Lancaster police officer John Burkhart had "carte blanche" as the officer in charge of the county's drug task force, according to court records filed Tuesday. And that's why no one noticed $200,000 of seized money had vanished over five years under hi...

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Cold case murder of girl, 9, in 1964 finally solved, police said (57 years later)

A Pennsylvania State Police DNA lab was able to develop a suspect profile based on a DNA sample left on Marise's jacket February 8, 2022A 57-year-old cold case involving the brutal sexual assault and murder of a 9-year-old girl was solved using genetic genealogy, police in Pennsylvania announced. Marise Ann Chiverella was killed on March 18, 1964, ...

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Missing evidence prompts prosecutors to drop all charges against alleged drug dealer

"It's very upsetting, it's devastating. He's my only sibling," said Sharon Jonas, whose brother Gary Grubbs died two years ago from an overdose. November 24, 2021 PITTSBURGH — Prosecutors have dropped all charges against an alleged drug dealer after a mixup involving evidence against him. That's angering the sister of a man whose overdose death hel...

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Officials: Bridgeport police officer resigns after being accused of stealing money during drug bust

Officials: Bridgeport police officer resigns after being accused of stealing money during drug bustNov 12, 2021, Enter Article DATE HERE A 21-year veteran of the Bridgeport Police Department has resigned after getting arrested while on the job, police say.The State's Attorney's Office says the career of former Officer Christopher Martin ended ...

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PA State Police Corporal Accused of Stealing Heroin from Evidence Room

November 14, 2021 Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) Corporal Brian Rickard was charged today with crimes related to obtaining possession of a controlled substance by misrepresentation, forgery, tampering with records and evidence, theft, obstructing administration of law, and unlawful use of a computer. Charges were filed by the Pennsylvania State Po...

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8 Cars Engulfed In Flames At County Impound Lot: Fire Officials

The massive fire broke out early Thursday, officials say. "Thank God, no one was hurt. It was a big fire." October 29, 2021 WESTHAMPTON, NY — Eighteen vehicles were found engulfed in flames early Thursday at the Suffolk County impound lot on Old Country Road in Westhampton, officials said. According to Westhampton Beach Fire Department Chief Mauro ...

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Spaulding sentenced to probation for stealing $17,000 from evidence room

Money taken from evidence room September 29, 2021 By Stephanie Barry | SPRINGFIELD — Former West Springfield police Capt. Daniel Spaulding eluded jail time Wednesday for stealing and then returning more than $17,000 from the evidence room. Hampden Superior Court Judge Michael Callan rejected the recommendation of the state attorney...

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Former Boston Police Evidence Officer Charged in Overtime Fraud Scheme

Nee submitted false and fraudulent overtime slips for overtime hours that he did not work at the evidence warehouse October 4, 2021 BOSTON – A former Boston Police officer has been charged and has agreed to plead guilty in connection with an ongoing investigation of overtime fraud at the Boston Police Department's (BPD) evidence warehouse. Thomas N...

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Suspended sentence, four years probation for ex-Manchester police officer pleading guilty to evidence theft

Former Manchester police officer was handed a suspended sentence and four years of probation after pleading guilty to his role in stealing $2,295 from the department evidence room in 2017. September 15, 2021 BENNINGTON — A former Manchester police officer was handed a suspended sentence and four years of probation after pleading guilty to his role ...

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Plea hearing expected for former police officer charged with evidence theft

Officer charged with stealing money that was being held by the department as evidence September 15, 2021 BENNINGTON — A change of plea hearing is scheduled for Wednesday in the case of a former Manchester Police Department officer charged with stealing money that was being held by the department as evidence. According to the court calendar and to S...

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Police seize 1,000 catalytic converters stolen from Maine vehicles

Ten people are facing charges after Maine State Police said they seized more than 1,000 catalytic converters stolen from vehicles in northern Maine. August 13, 2021 HOULTON, Maine (WMTW) — Ten people are facing charges after Maine State Police said they seized more than 1,000 catalytic converters stolen from vehicles in northern Maine. Police said ...

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