Live IAPE Classes

Live Two Day Course

A two day comprehensive evidence training class offered across the U.S. and taught by evidence professionals. 

Complete Online Classes

Online Course

The IAPE Property and Evidence Management video Course is approximately 14 hours in length and is available for 30 days.


NEW! Supervisor Course

This course was developed for supervisors and or any potential supervisors of the property and evidence unit.


World Class Training in “Best-Practices” For Evidence & Property Room Management

Taught by current and former law enforcement officials with extensive real-world experience in managing property and evidence. All training topics address best business practices and professional standards.

IAPE Training Course Includes

  • Sexual Assault Handling
  • DNA Storage Issues
  • Audits and Inventories
  • Documentation
  • Packaging Standards
  • Design Criteria
  • Shelving / Lockers
  • Space Utilization
  • Bar Codes
  • Firearms Handling
  • Drug and Narcotics Handling
  • Money Safeguards
  • Purging Guidelines
  • Evidence Auction & Diversion Procedures
  • Bio-Hazards / HAZMAT Materials
  • Disposal Procedures
  • Liabilities / Case Studies
  • Certification
  • Security

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Live Classes

IAPE Training Class

This 2-day course provides training for Law Enforcement Personnel responsible for, or actively involved in, the operation, supervision or management of a Property and Evidence Unit.



Online Classes

Online classes video

This is a great option for people who are looking to obtain evidence training but are unable to attend a live class due to time limitations and travel costs. There are two class options; a full course class and individual classes.





The Full online course class option is a great choice if you want much of the same training as the Live classes but without the travel and time away from the department. The IAPE Property and Evidence Management video Course is approximately 14 hours in length and was prepared by Law Enforcement Personnel for Law Enforcement personnel. Completion of the course meets the training requirements for becoming a Certified Property and Evidence Specialist (CPES).

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Below is a listing of our individual class options for those who may have limited time and want to get specific training in the most needed areas within the evidence room.


Audits and Inventories: 

This video provides material useful to Property Room personnel as well as Auditors regarding the preparation for and procedure of conducting an audit of the Property Room. Additionally you will also learn various aspects of conducting inventories and how they differ from audits.

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This video focuses on the best ways to secure your Property Room as well as common mistakes that you should avoid. You will also learn about many types of products and procedures which will enhance the security of your facility. INCLUDES SPECIAL BONUS VIDEO ON ELECTRONIC SECURITY.

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Documentation, Chain of Custody and Automation: 

 These 2 video modules provide an understanding of the Chain of Custody within the property room, along with an overview of the various internal controls needed to properly track and manage you evidence when it leaves your department for court, crime lab or out for investigations . Additionally, the video also discusses the advantages of automating the tracking process, Found Property and Property for Safekeeping.

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Evidence Management for Supervisors - One Day


This one-day Property and Evidence Management training class is tailored specifically for supervisors. The course was developed for anyone that is assuming the responsibility of the property and evidence unit. The focus is to help supervisors to significantly improve and enhance their expertise and overall confidence in managing and maintain both evidence room personnel and the overall success of their property units processes and procedures. 



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Evidence Management for Clerk of Court - One Day Class


This One Day Evidence Management training class is tailored specifically for Clerks of the Court. This course was developed for those Clerks of the Court who supervise, manage, handle or store evidence. The focus is to provide evidence management education to enhance their expertise and overall success of their evidence handling; evidence room processes and procedures.


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IAPE Training Class Schedule

Individual Certification Available

Certification as either a Certified Property and Evidence Specialist (CPES) or a Corporate Certified Property and Evidence Specialist (CCPES) is available to IAPE members who meet the requirements.

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IAPE Training Client Quotes

  • "The class provided me with many ideas to achieve better evidence management practices. I plan to attend future classes with IAPE"
    Bedford VA Police Dept. Excellent Training & Learning Experience!
  • "I am a second time student and I still gained so much regarding managing the most critical items in a
    Brantford Police Service - L. Bell Biological, Firearms, Drugs, Money
  • "The education provided regarding the importance of the property room and doing it right was excellent!"
    Toronto Police Service - M. Moffat Doing it Right
  • "This class is packed full of relevant evidence techniques, storage and practices"
    HCC Tampa - C. Marshall Techniques & Procedures
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