NewFileOnQ BlackTxtToday's television shows about cold cases, crime scene investigation, and forensics have caused an increase in the public's perception and expectations of evidence management. As a result, there is a pressing need for law enforcement agencies to implement modern solutions to ensure the security and integrity of evidence from the crime scene to the courtroom.

FileOnQ, Inc. provides agencies with these guarantees through a 100% customizable software solution: EvidenceOnQ. Agencies at the local, state, and federal levels have successfully implemented the system to manage evidence and officer equipment, assets, crime scenes, fleet, and more. They discovered it was much more than a software system. It provided the tools they needed to work together and increase efficiencies throughout their entire jurisdiction. Our evidence application benefits: 

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Hand-written evidence documentation should be a thing of the past and replaced with an automated, intuitive system that is customizable to meet the needs of each agency. Evidence collected at crime scenes should be immediately entered into the system electronically, creating an automated chain of custody that starts at the crime scene. This sets the stage for a successful investigation and prosecution.


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With ever-increasing caseloads, prosecutors need time-saving tools to help them manage their cases. Technology today enables them to access evidence information from a Web connection; they can print the chain of custody, view photos, play audio and video recordings, read lab reports, and submit requests and authorizations. This eliminates phone calls and requests for information and time-consuming trips to the property room to view the evidence.


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Evidence brought to the court must have inherent integrity, professionalism, and security. It must have a solid, unalterable chain of custody with multiple levels of security. Once admitted as a court exhibit, the chain of custody should continue on while in the custody of the courts and throughout the appellate process.


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The public has never been more critical of the criminal justice system and evidence management. DNA is solving decades-old cases that provide long-awaited justice, and convicted people are being proven innocent as well. However, law enforcement agencies have been successfully sued because the evidence was mismanaged, stalling their exoneration for many years. Agencies must understand the importance of managing incoming evidence and evidence they have had for decades. 

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