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PMI has been providing bar-coding systems for industry since 1984 and law enforcement for the past 15 years. Our PMI Evidence Tracker™ system will give you the easiest to use, most economical and Cop friendly evidence management system on the market today. PMI Evidence Tracker™ is a powerful evidence management tool that was developed by Cops for Cops to dramatically reduce your workload by providing an automated control system for managing both evidence and physical property. Affordable and easy to use, yet powerful enough to keep detailed information about each piece of evidence, our PMI Evidence Tracker™ provides a simple answer to a complex problem.


Unparalleled User Customization

Use your existing case numbers, field names, and storage locations to make the program fit you.

Unrivaled Help & Support

Our team helps you get the job done the right way the first time with US-based customer support.

Single-Screen Evidence Entry

One screen to enter evidence. One screen to sign it out.

Unlimited User Agency-wide License

Unlimited user accounts with customizable permissions. No usage fees for your department.

Batch Check In, Batch Check Out

Process multiple pieces of evidence faster.

Faster Data Entry

Our Evidence Log autofills for subsequent items in a case.

Evidence Barcoding

Automated chain of custody tracking and evidence auditing with our Barcode Evidence System.

User Accountability and Controlled Access

Track changes made by each user, and decide who can see what with AAA security system.

Pictures & Attachments

Connect images and documents to any evidence item.

Asset Tracking

Manage your department equipment with included Asset Log.

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