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The IAPE offers a wide variety of online resources for evidence technicians. These resources are supplemental to what is offered from our extensive live and online training classes.


IAPE Created Documents and Tools

The IAPE Documents and Resources is our online resource to assist evidence technicians with their daily tasks and duties. The provided resources include documents, manuals, guides and website developed by the IAPE and from other credible third party resources and law enforcement agencies. 

Includes: IAPE professional standards and Forms

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Industry Manuals and Guides

This section includes a number of helpful tools provided by numerous agencies and developed by the IAPE team to assist evidence technicians with daily evidence management tasks. 

Includes: evidence submission manuals, property manuals, and evidence packaging manuals.

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DNA Resources

With the ever increasing public need and governmental legislation to regarding DNA we are providing your premier resource for managing your DNA Evidence.

Includes: DNA related articles, guides, websites, resports CODIS and NIST documents.

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Other Resources

Is a small collection of third party documentation resources collected from across the web.

Includes: Audits, best practices and websites.

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The IAPE Evidence Log (members only)

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What is the Evidence Log?

The Evidence Log is a quarterly publication, free, exclusively to members of IAPE. This unique resource was established to further the education, training and professional growth of property and evidence personnel.

Articles are written by practitioners in law enforcement or related fields, and the editors of this publication strive to provide the most current information, resources and news on evidence and property room management practices.

IAPE invites contributions and articles from any property and evidence room professional. Click here to find more information to submit an article for consideration for an upcoming issue.

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