IAPE Mission

Our Mission

The Association is organized exclusively to carry on any lawful non-profit business or enterprise of educational or scientific purpose; specifically defined to educate law enforcement personnel as a public benefit to society.

IAPE Values

Our Goal

The goals of the Association are to provide professional education related to the collection, storage, and disposition of property and evidence stored by law enforcement agencies;

IAPE Solution

Our Vision

The IAPE Board of Directors is charged with the duties of advancing the scope of knowledge and enhancing professionalism within the field of


Who is the IAPE...

The International Association for Property and Evidence, Inc. is a non-profit organization created by and for law enforcement professionals to help establish recommended standards for all property and evidence departments.

IAPE is dedicated and committed to provide education and training pertaining to all aspects of the handling, storage, maintenance and disposal of law enforcement held property and evidence

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FAQ : General Questions

  • What is The Evidence Log? +

    The Evidence Log is the quarterly publcation sent to our members. The Evidence Log is the best printed magazine for up to date information and resources for evidence and property room professionals. Click for more info..
  • Where can I find evidence room policy examples and management forms and can I utilize them for my agency? +

    We have great online resources that you can download, forms to use to guide you in writing policies and manuals and our exclusive book.
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FAQ : IAPE Membership

  • How much is IAPE membership? +

    Membership is currently only $65 annually for new and renewing members. To join or renew your membership see our Membership page.
  • Can an agency or department be a member? +

    Membership and certification are for individuals only.
  • Can anyone become an IAPE member? +

    There are certain requirements that must be met to qualify for membership. Please read our "Requirements for Membership". To join, fill out the online form and pay the annual dues, either online or by mail.
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Along with the IAPE's extensive evidence training courses, the IAPE offers our members the opportunity to become Certified Property and Evidence Specialists.

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