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The NEW IAPE Accreditation Program

Since 2014, IAPE has offered Accreditation to any law enforcement agency that meets strict standards related to best practices in evidence management. Accreditation displays a commitment to excellence. It also demonstrates to your community that your agency is committed to protecting and preserving evidence that will ensure the integrity of the criminal justice process. Since the inception of the program, many agencies throughout the US and Internationally have invested in this commitment and accomplished this pinnacle achievement. 

IAPE is committed to ensuring our Accreditation practices and processes continue to be the best in the industry. The new process will emphasize our revised standards to meet industry best practices, a tiered approach to support smaller agencies, and a Gold Standard for any agency demonstrating the highest achievement level.  

WHAT is the Property and Evidence Accreditation Program?
The IAPE Property and Evidence, Room Accreditation Program, is a comprehensive review of a law enforcement agency's property and evidence systems by recognized experts in the property room management. This rigorous review ensures that your agency's standards, documentation, procedures, and actions align with the recognized IAPE standards and best practices.
WHY Should Your Agency Consider Accreditation?
  • Professional Recognition: Demonstrate your commitment to public safety by achieving recognition for meeting stringent best practices in evidence management.
  • Enhanced Prosecution: Effectively meet evidence management challenges crucial for criminal prosecution, preservation, disposition, and general property handling.
  • Legal Preparedness: With defense teams scrutinizing processes more than ever, ensure your agency is prepared with top-notch evidence handling procedures.
NEED HELP Achieving Accreditation?
Our Accreditation Program offers comprehensive support to guide your agency through accreditation. From studying best practices to implementing and maintaining them, our trained professional IAPE evaluators are here to assist you every step of the way.
COST - Is Accreditation Expensive?
We've kept accreditation costs affordable to ensure accessibility for as many agencies as possible. The fee for accreditation starts at $ 5,300 plus reasonable travel expenses for one Accreditation Team Leader's on-site visit.


Accreditation Process:

STEP 1: Contact IAPE: Request an accreditation review and receive a Pre-Review survey and IAPE Property and Evidence Standards.

STEP 2: Complete Questionnaires: Submit completed questionnaires to the IAPE Accreditation Team for review.

STEP 3: On-Site Review: Schedule an On-site review by an IAPE Accreditation Leader and an off-site review by additional Accreditation Team members.

STEP 4: Certification: Upon meeting the IAPE Standards, your agency will be certified as IAPE Accredited for three (3) years.



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