Salt Lake City Cold Case Murder Linked to Stolen Gas Dispute Was Solved After 48 Years Because Two Retired Detectives Had Lunch

Detectives then requested the Salt Lake City Police Department's Crime Lab to run Toone's DNA against two latent fingerprints collected at the scene from 1974 May 31,2022 James Bednarik was 39 years old when he was shot to death at his own home in 1974. Now, almost half a century later, police in Salt Lake City say they've finally solved the long-p...

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Utah man arrested in cold-case murder of bookstore owner

The primary evidence left behind at the crime scene was a men's Armani Exchange belt and blood collected from in the store OcEnter Article DATE HERE A Utah man has confessed to the cold-case murder of Sherry Black, who was stabbed to death at her bookshop nearly a decade ago, authorities said. Adam Durborow, 29, of Orem was arrested Saturday o...

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Orem city employee runs crime evidence room that holds history of grim stories

Evidence Room Czar! September 18, 2020 For 11 years Tara Calancea has been caring for, recording and storing evidence from Orem's crime scenes. To her co-workers she is known as the evidence room czar — or better — Czarina. While Calancea, Orem's evidence technician, admits she is just shy of the formal education most in her career position are req...

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Man accused in cold case murder extradited to Uinta County Jail

Burns was arrested in Utah in the fall of 2019 after DNA evidence finally linked him to a string of violent sexual assaults that occurred nearly two decades prior August 22, 2020 EVANSTON — Mark D. Burns, the Utah man charged with the 2001 murder of Evanston resident Sue Ellen Higgins, has been extradited to Uinta County. Burns made his initial app...

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Police, strike force aim to dispose of 300 guns in Utah

The guns are likely to be sold to a federally licensed firearms dealer. August 14, 2020 OGDEN, Utah (AP) — Two law enforcement agencies in Utah are looking to dispose of more than 300 guns accumulating in evidence storage that either went unclaimed or are no longer needed in criminal investigations. The Ogden Police Department and Weber Morgan Narc...

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Utah police officer fired for mishandling evidence related to slain athlete Lauren McCluskey

The investigation concluded that the officer "mishandled sensitive evidence'' pertaining to 21-year-old Lauren McCluskey's case while he was employed with the university's police department. August 8, 2020 SALT LAKE CITY -- A police officer accused of showing off explicit images of a University of Utah student, who was a member of the school's trac...

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University of Utah officer showed multiple co-workers intimate evidence photos of Lauren McCluskey

   One staffer recounted that the Officer commented specifically about getting to "look at them whenever he wants." August 4, 2020 Days before student-athlete Lauren McCluskey was killed, a University of Utah police officer showed off explicit photos that McCluskey had taken of herself to at least three of his male co-workers without a wo...

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After nearly 40 years, DNA evidence connects man to the murder of a 9-year-old Nampa girl

Dalrymple is currently serving 20 years to life in prison for lewd and lascivious conduct with a minor under 16. May 5, 2020 NAMPA, Idaho — Warning: Information from the probable cause affidavit is detailed and may be disturbing to some viewers. Authorities in Canyon County announced on Monday that they have charged a 62-year-old man for the unsolv...

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Man arrested in connection with 37-year-old cold case

"The implication of being able to solve these cases is immense. December 13, 2019 SALT LAKE CITY — Authorities in Salt Lake City made an arrest in a 37-year-old cold case, according to a press release issued Wednesday. Detectives from the Salt Lake City Police Department Homicide Squad said they have arrested Bryan Reed, 55. Reed is currently await...

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Provo changes city code to help police deal with 400 confiscated guns being held

According to Doris Grant, supervisor of the evidence room, there are about 400 guns being held. Altered or damaged guns like those with rust must be destroyed. November 18, 2019 Provo's Police Department is held to strict regulations when it comes to caring for and getting rid of confiscated guns. On Tuesday, the Provo Municipal Council realigned t...

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Open-source DNA: an unprecedented crime buster or privacy nightmare?

Utah police investigators and forensic scientists are among the national leaders in the use of genetic genealogy to crack old and new criminal cases. October 13, 2019 Utah police investigators and forensic scientists are among the national leaders in the use of genetic genealogy to crack old and new criminal cases. "I'm excited," said Jay Henry, st...

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Genealogy, DNA helped identify Utahn suspected in multiple sex assaults

He is charged with eight counts of aggravated sexual assault, six counts of aggravated kidnapping, two counts of aggravated burglary, and one count of aggravated robbery, all first-degree felonies. Enter Article DATE HERE CLEARFIELD — Ogden Police Capt. Timothy Scott knew that someday the case of two brutal rapes in Clearfield from the mid 199...

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Audit: Utah courts don’t adequately secure guns, drugs, other evidence

"Failure to provide adequate management controls and procedures may lead to lost, stolen or compromised evidence as well as a loss of public trust," auditors wrote. Enter Article DATE HERE SALT LAKE CITY — Unsecured evidence storage systems in Utah courts put guns, money, drugs and other items at risk of being stolen or tampered with, a new st...

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How a Utah assault case upended the website that caught the Golden State Killer

Curtis Rogers, the founder of the free DNA website GEDMatch, wanted to do all he could to help police solve a disturbing assault case out of Utah. May 26, 2019 He knew his website, full of more than 1.2 million completed DNA kits, could help. After all, it had helped solve the so-called Golden State Killer case last April through a new forensic tec...

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Former Utah County Sheriff's Office evidence technician being charged after reportedly taking drug evidence

The audit found 12 cases with missing evidence. MAY 17, 2019 A former Utah County Sheriff's Office evidence technician will face charges after he reportedly took drugs that were evidence in 12 cases. Brian William Smith, a 38-year-old man from Lehi, will have criminal charges filed against him by the Utah County Attorney's Office within the next fe...

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State audit finds missing evidence, unsecured cash in various Utah police departments

Auditors found that out of the departments analyzed, five of the seven agencies had missing money, firearms, controlled substances or drug paraphernalia from their evidence lockers, according to the report. Enter Article DATE HERE ALT LAKE CITY — A Utah State Auditor's Office report highlighted shortcomings in how many police departments store...

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Utah nonprofit plans DNA testing lab it says will 'revolutionize cold cases' in U.S.

The coalition hopes to raise $200,000 for DNA lab equipment and has launched a GoFundMe page with a starting goal of $81,000. Enter Article DATE HERE A non-profit in Utah plans to build a DNA testing lab that they say will revolutionize the handling of cold cases. The Utah Cold Case Coalition, which relies on a volunteer staff and was founded ...

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Police request help locating owner of wedding albums found in evidence room inventory

The American Fork Police Department is trying to reunite photo albums from its evidence room with their owner, and they are asking the public for its help March 20, 2019 UPDATE: American Fork police said the owner of the photo albums has been identified and contact. "Thank you so much for everyone's help," American Fork Police Department said. (KUT...

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Sheriff Thompson: Evidence room audit complete, new sheriff briefed on current operations

It was discovered that drug evidence had been stolen from our secure facility. Enter Article DATE HERE This message is to communicate to the Weber County public that I have served of the successful completion of our year-long property/evidence room audit, review and inspection. If you recall, in January 2018, it was discovered that a civilian ...

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Jail ordered for Utah sheriff's employee who stole, ate meth from evidence room

Follum told investigators with the county attorney's office that she had become addicted while working there and stole drugs from evidence over three years December 19, 2018 OGDEN — A Weber County sheriff's employee who compromised 20 criminal cases when she stole and used meth that was being held as evidence carried out a "devastating" violation o...

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Former evidence tech pleads guilty to consuming contraband held for court cases in Weber County

"If the case was closed and she did not think anyone would come looking for the drugs, then that would be a case from which she would take methamphetamine." October 25, 2018 OGDEN, Utah, Oct. 25, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — Candace Follum, a former evidence technician for the Weber County Sheriff's Office, has pleaded guilty to consuming contraband bei...

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Weber County Sheriff’s employee accused of using meth on the job appears in court

A former Weber County Sheriff's employee accused of taking methamphetamine stolen from the evidence room appeared in court. Enter Article DATE HERE Candice Follum faces 20 charges of altering a record, a third-degree felony; and 20 counts of drug possession, a class A misdemeanor. Weber County prosecutors said Follum admitted to taking drugs f...

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Utah police using latest technology to trace ballistic evidence to trigger pullers

"We have successfully deployed the technology that should leave gang members and thugs shaking in their boots" August 28, 2018 TAYLORSVILLE — Eight rounds from a gun hit a South Salt Lake home about midnight on June 30. Police relied on cutting-edge technology to match shell casings found at the scene of the drive-by shooting to the gun that fired ...

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Weber Sheriff: Policy, procedures put in place to prevent future evidence tampering

The auditors found 110 pieces of evidence that had been tampered with August 24, 2018 In January 2018, it was discovered that a civilian member of the Sheriff's Office had violated the trust that you, the public, have given and expect. This particular employee had been a member of this office for 16 years and was assigned to a critical position wit...

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Charges: Sheriff's employee ate evidence, namely meth

"If the case was closed and she did not think anyone would come looking for the drugs, then that would be a case from which she would take the methamphetamine," August 22, 2018 OGDEN — A former Weber County Sheriff's Office evidence technician who admitted stealing and using drugs — predominately eating meth — that had been collected as part of cri...

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Weber Co. sheriff hopefuls cite turnover, morale, trust as key concerns

Arbon said one of the biggest questions he gets from voters is about the evidence room controversy June 18, 2018 OGDEN — The three hopefuls running for Weber County sheriff seem to agree on at least a couple of things — retention and recruitment of deputies rate among the top issues the office faces. Assuring positive morale within the department a...

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Expert: Utah case shows drugs a problem in police evidence rooms

The internal investigation also found that the evidence room was in disarray and dozens of criminal cases may be jeopardized because of stolen or compromised evidence. May 22, 2018 OGDEN (AP) — Evidence room problems illustrated by the case of a Utah technician who was fired after being found high on methamphetamine at work are all too common, acco...

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Drug thefts 'real problem' in police evidence rooms

He said he concluded after the training that "evidence supervision is the scariest job I've ever had. When it goes wrong it goes really wrong and you always catch it late."  May 19, 2018 Editor's note: The Standard-Examiner is choosing not to name the accused evidence technician because she is a private citizen and as of Friday, May 18, 2018, ...

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Weber County evidence room scandal extends to the prosecutor’s office, where an unknown number of cases may have been affected

An audit of the room, which was found to be in complete disarray, is expected to take more than a year. May 10, 2018 Weber County prosecutors are trying to determine which of their cases have solid footing and which have crumbled after a scandal in which the sheriff's office evidence technician admitted to stealing methamphetamine from the evidence...

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Report: Supervisor didn't act on 'warning signs' surrounding Weber evidence employee

"The warning signs were present but ignored," jeopardizing criminal prosecutions and harming the reputation of the office, states the review released Friday in response to public records requests. May 5, 2018 OGDEN — Despite complaints from colleagues, prosecutors and others, a former Weber County Sheriff's Office supervisor failed to report concer...

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Weber County employee got 'good' reviews despite 'total disarray' of evidence room

"I basically became addicted to meth in the evidence room," the report quoted the custodian as saying. May 4, 2018 Ripped or razored open to get at the narcotics inside, dozens of empty evidence bags lay strewn on the floor or crumpled and jammed into two bulging manila folders stashed under a desk. Coins, pills, empty plastic baggies with drug res...

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Ousted sheriff's deputy says he's a scapegoat for evidence problems

"I retired because I was being forced out of my career by a vindictive, politically motivated attempt to blame me for the crimes committed by a former evidence custodian under my supervision," Burns said in the statement. April 13, 2018 OGDEN — A former senior deputy says he was made a scapegoat and forced to retire amid an investigation into drug ...

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Former Utah sheriff’s employee accused of being impaired on the job, using meth that had been seized as evidence

Public documents show a fired evidence-room technician acknowledged using methamphetamine seized in Weber County Sheriff's Office investigations. Enter Article DATE HERE Ogden • Public documents show a fired evidence-room technician acknowledged using methamphetamine seized in Weber County Sheriff's Office investigations. The Standard-Examiner...

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St. George man pleads guilty to selling evidence while working for police department

A former Southern Utah police evidence technician has entered a guilty plea in relation to allegations that he sold police evidence through his daughter's online store. February 17, 2018 ST. GEORGE — A former Southern Utah police evidence technician has entered a guilty plea in relation to allegations that he sold police evidence through his daught...

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Former evidence room employee under investigation in Weber County

An evidence audit team has now been assembled to go through every piece of evidence in the department to make sure whatever unknown substances the woman was allegedly taking weren't stolen from the room Enter Article DATE HERE OGDEN — The Weber County Sheriff's Office has launched an investigation into a former evidence room employee who may h...

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ISP releases 2017 report regarding tracking sexual assault kits

Idaho became the first state to fully implement a state-wide sexual assault kit tracking system. January 23, 2018 TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) In January of 2017, Idaho became the first state to fully implement a state-wide sexual assault kit tracking system. The Idaho Sexual Assault Kit Tracking System released the 2017 audit with numbers and sta...

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Website to help Utah victims track sexual assault kits' progress

The website is expected to launch in early 2018 Enter Article DATE HERE SALT LAKE CITY — Utah officials says a new federal grant will allow the state to offer more resources to victims waiting as their sexual assault kits are going through the testing process. Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Coordinator Krystal Hazlett said Tuesday that Utah's C...

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Provo man arrested on reports of stealing bike from police station

A Provo man was arrested Wednesday after reportedly breaking into the Provo police station to take a bike. January 5, 2018 A Provo man was arrested Wednesday after reportedly breaking into the Provo police station to take a bike. David Snow, 37, was arrested on suspicion of one third-degree burglary and two summons for misdemeanor theft charges, ac...

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Investigators: BLM agent took evidence, handed valuable stones out 'like candy'

The employee told investigators he had "bad feeling" about taking them from the evidence room, but followed instructions because Love was a law enforcement officer and "scary." August 24, 2017 SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A Bureau of Land Management agent who has been scrutinized for past behavior took valuable stones held as evidence and handed them out ...

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Hurricane officer charged with felony in evidence handling case

Allegations the evidence officer delivered department evidence items, which are classified as public property, to a company owned by a family member so she could sell them on eBay. August 17, 2017 A Hurricane Police evidence control officer is facing a felony charge of misusing public money following allegations he allowed some evidence in the depa...

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Salt Lake City Police arrest suspect in 1991 murder cold case -DNA

Viengkeo K. Sundara, 49, faces a first-degree felony charge of murder for the stabbing death of Youthalouth Oudanonh during a dance at 120 W 1300 S in Salt Lake City back in 1991. July 10 , 2017 SALT LAKE CITY – Police have arrested a man in a Salt Lake City murder case that has been cold for 26 years. Viengkeo K. Sundara, 49, faces a first-degree ...

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Rape kit law speeds up testing process

Gov. Gary Herbert signed House Bill 200 on March 22, which now requires local law enforcement agencies to submit sexual assault kits to state forensic labs for testing within 30 days of retrieval. March 29, 2017 Some advocates for sexual assault victims are praising Utah's new legislation regarding the processing of rape kits. Gov. Gary Herber...

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DNA evidence led to arrest in killing of 84-year-old man

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Bad Day at Red Rock

Davidson, however, was not leaving without a fight. On Dec. 13, 2016 she sent a letter to Moab's mayor Dave Sakrison notifying him and the city that she was suing them for close to $2 million for firing her because, she alleged, she had "raised her concerns to the Mayor and FBI about wrongful conduct by members of the City's Police Department," Jan...

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Former police officer gets 30 days for theft

The Associated Press, The Salt Lake Tribune, KSL BroadcastingLink to ArticleMoab, UTMOAB, Utah (AP) -- A 43-year-old former Utah police officer has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for stealing $900 from his department's und...

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Former police officer accused of theft found dead

KSL Broadcasting Salt Lake City UT, ksl.comBYLINE: Pat ReavyPark City, UTSOUTH SALT LAKE — A former Park City police officer convicted of embezzling money from the department's evidence room and the Fraternal Order of Police ...

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West Valley police officer accused of stealing painkillers from a dead person

Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc., ABC 4 UTAH, abc4.comBYLINE: Brian Carlson West Valley City, UTWEST VALLEY CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Another West Valley police officer is being accused of some serious wrong-doing. In recent months...

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West Valley City may refile dismissed felonies as misdemeanors

The Salt Lake Tribune, sltrib.comBYLINE: Janelle Stecklein | The Salt Lake Tribune, Lake County, UTReview » Some of nearly 100 dismissed felony cases could be refiled in court as misdemeanors; attorn...

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Four men plead guilty to stealing handguns from Blanding police

The Salt Lake Tribune, sltrib.comBYLINE: Melinda Rogers, The Salt Lake TribuneLink to ArticleBlanding, UTFour men who stole nine handguns from the Blanding Police Department in August have pleaded guilty to their crimes in U....

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'I turn into an animal,' says ex-Utah deputy facing DUI and possession charges

The Deseret News, deseretnews.comBYLINE: Geoff Liesik, Deseret News, to ArticleEmery County, UTFormer Emery County sheriff's deputy Clayton Bell was arrested Oct. 16, 2011. Investigators say Bell admit...

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