Former Greensburg police chief waives theft, tampering charges for court

County district attorney said an audit of the evidence room found that a backpack containing suspected steroids and psilocybin mushrooms was missing. August 12, 2023 Former Greensburg police chief waives theft, tampering charges for court Former Greensburg police chief waives theft, tampering charges for court Former Greensburg Police Chief Shawn D...

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Canton Police Department under Federal investigation

Numerous instances of illegal behavior over the past 8 years, including cash, drugs and even a weapon taken from the Department's evidence room.Enter Headline here August 12, 2023 Lewis County authorities say they've asked the U.S. Attorney's office in St. Louis to investigate the Canton Police Department, after numerous instances of illegal behavi...

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Investigation finds evidence tampering, missing drugs at Canton Police Department

The question remains--how does the Canton Police Department regain the trust from the community?Enter Headline here August 4, 2023 The Canton Police Department was put under investigation in May of 2022 after Canton Mayor Jarrod Phillips reported a number of employees had resigned. The investigation found over the course of seven years there has be...

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Overdose death of West Hills officer linked to department's evidence storage, jeopardizes active cases

Pennsylvania State Police said their audit of the West Hills police department found evidence that was missing, tampered with or destroyed. June 29, 2023 Cambria County's District attorney and coroner announced Wednesday the death of a West Hills officer was caused by an overdose of drugs they said came from his department's evidence storage. The i...

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Millsboro police officer indicted for tampering with drugs

2016, was named MPD Officer of the YearEnter Headline here June 1, 2023 Millsboro Police Department Sgt. Matthew Dufour — who, in 2016, was named MPD Officer of the Year, eliciting praise from Chief Brian Calloway, who said he made a significant difference in the community — has been indicted by the Department of Justice's Division of Civil Rights ...

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AG: Former Trooper sentenced for stealing, using heroin on the job

By stealing evidence and using drugs while on duty, Corporal Rickard dishonored his profession and committed a serious crime September 20, 2022 he PA Office of the Attorney General announced a former PSP Corporal has been sentenced for charges related to stealing drugs from the evidence room. According to the attorney general, former PSP Corporal B...

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OSBI: Missing drugs lead to arrest of Weatherford detective

The OSBI was requested Sept. 9, 2021, when a substantial quantity of drugs, namely Fentanyl, was discovered missing from the evidence room of the Weatherford Police Department. April 20, 2022 WEATHERFORD, Okla. (KFOR) – The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation says a Weatherford Police Department detective is facing charges following an investiga...

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Two years of undercover drug-case evidence goes missing at Fall River PD

"This loss of evidence is inexcusable and an embarrassment to the Fall River Police Department" Chief Paul Gauvin April 6, 2022 FALL RIVER, Mass. (WPRI) – Fall River police have lost at least two years of drug-case evidence, a revelation its interim chief has called "an embarrassment" and one that deals another blow to the embattled department's re...

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Stolen trust. Lost cases: How a Toronto cop stole from his force, fed an addiction and wasn’t charged

Growing number of officers have been caught stealing drugs police have taken off the streets, transforming their forces' evidence lockers into crime scenes. December 6, 2021 On his final day as a Toronto police officer, Det. Paul Worden sat down to an interview unlike any other in his 31-year career. Inside an Etobicoke conference room on a Friday ...

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NSP evidence tech, boyfriend arrested on suspicion of distributing fentanyl laced with cocaine

Through random audits, the Lincoln-Lancaster County Narcotics task force said detectives discovered large amounts of drugs missing including "significant quantities of cocaine and fentanyl."  September 24m 2021 LINCOLN, Neb. — A Nebraska State Patrol evidence tech and her boyfriend are under arrest accused of conspiring to distribute cocaine l...

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Washburn admitted to taking the methamphetamine evidence from the locker and ingesting it. June 8, 2021 The former police chief of Iron Mountain Lake was sentenced last week to probation on five charges related to a police pursuit outside of his jurisdiction that led to the discovery of missing drug evidence from his department. John Washburn, 52, ...

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Drugs seized as evidence in police investigations going missing almost once a fortnight

A Freedom of Information request by the Telegraph reveals that between the start of 2013 and May 2020, there have been more than 158 instances of drugs going missing from custody of the Metropolitan Police February 21, 2021 Drugs seized as evidence in police investigations are going missing from storage almost once a fortnight, new data suggests. A...

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Former Mansfield trooper acquitted of tampering, theft charges

Brooks was indicted by a Richland County grand jury on two counts of tampering with evidence July 17, 2020 MANSFIELD - A former trooper with the Mansfield post of the Ohio Highway Patrol was acquitted of all charges related to missing drug evidence on Thursday in Richland County Common Pleas Court. Preston Brooks, 32, of Arlington, was indicted on ...

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Additional Charges Filed Against Retired HPD Detective in Missing Drugs Case

Detective, was initially indicted by a Kona grand jury in May 2019 after allegedly stealing cocaine from the Hilo police evidence locker in May 2016. July 15, 2020 A former Hawai'i Police Detective awaiting trial on drugs and conspiracy charges was indicted Wednesday morning on additional felony offenses for intimidating a witness. A Kona grand jur...

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Tonasket residents deserve some answers

Brown said his internal audit revealed cash, drugs and more than two-dozen firearms are unaccounted for July 2, 2019 t's time for a complete and thorough investigation into the City of Tonasket and the former Tonasket Police Department. Somebody needs to be held accountable for the shenanigans in Tonasket – once known as a quiet community that has ...

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Former Grant Co. Detective Pleads Guilty to Stealing Drugs

Taylor was charged after being accused of stealing painkillers from the evidence room nearly 20 times over the last three years Enter Article DATE HERE MARION, Ind. -- A former sheriff's detective from Grant County admitted to stealing drugs from the department's evidence room, but he insists he was not the only thief on the force. Shelby Tayl...

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Expert: Utah case shows drugs a problem in police evidence rooms

The internal investigation also found that the evidence room was in disarray and dozens of criminal cases may be jeopardized because of stolen or compromised evidence. May 22, 2018 OGDEN (AP) — Evidence room problems illustrated by the case of a Utah technician who was fired after being found high on methamphetamine at work are all too common, acco...

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State audit reveals 'number of problems' in Mountain City Police Dept.'s property, evidence room

"In some instances, evidence bags had been cut open and drugs were missing. Investigators were unable to determine what happened to the seized property because it was not clear who had accessed the evidence room," said an audit report." March 29, 2018 MOUNTAIN CITY, TN (WJHL) - State auditors and Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agents revealed to...

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Former city police officer enters guilty plea to overdose-related charges

Slisz was accused of obtaining an envelope containing 48 suspected stamp bags of heroin and six pills from a temporary evidence locker, where drugs were stored before being transferred by an evidence custodian January 15, 2018 EBENSBURG – A former Johnstown Police Department officer pleaded guilty Tuesday to two charges related to an incident in wh...

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HRP missing evidence audit finds significant gaps

An original audit was conducted between June and November 2015 and an officer was eventually charged with stealing from an evidence vault. Ensuing evidence audits found thousands of items had gone missing over several decades. January 15, 2018 Halifax Regional Police chalks up missing drugs and other evidence to poor management practices. Supt. Jim...

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The cocaine was meant to train drug-sniffing dogs. But this cop had other ideas, police say

"It is believed that Adams ingested the cocaine," prosecutors said in a statement.A kilogram of cocaine, about 2.2 pounds, is worth between $26,000 and $28,000 December 1, 2017 There might be some drug-sniffing dogs in New Jersey that are less familiar with cocaine than one would hope. A New Jersey sheriff's officer has pleaded guilty to official m...

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DeLand officer fired, 2 others disciplined over missing meth

A DeLand police officer was fired, another suspended without pay and a third reprimanded this month after they lost methamphetamine collected as evidence November 28, 2018 A DeLand police officer was fired, another suspended without pay and a third reprimanded this month after they lost methamphetamine collected as evidence at a home over the summe...

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Sheriff calls for evidence room investigation after audit

The report outlined problems, including missing drugs, present guns and drugs that weren't recorded in the inventory and disconnected security cameras. Enter Article DATE HERE ERIN, Tenn. (AP) - A Tennessee sheriff is calling for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to look into irregularities of his department's evidence room and the former ...

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Drugs missing, guns mishandled in Houston County evidence room

"Officials failed to perform an annual inventory." September 25, 2017 A state investigation has found serious problems with the Houston County Sheriff's Office property and evidence room, including drugs that were missing, guns and drugs in the room that weren't in the inventory and security cameras that weren't connected. The Tennessee Office of t...

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Former state crime lab employee gets suspended sentence for stealing drug evidence

"His initials, his name, is on almost every piece of evidence that came into our laboratory," she said Enter Article DATE HERE An evidence technician at the Montana State Crime Lab who stole opioids that were being stored as evidence in criminal cases, forcing prosecutors to drop charges against 69 defendants across the state, was given a susp...

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2 N.J. police officers suspended in probe of missing drugs, evidence

nearly year-long investigation into drugs and other seized materials that went missing from the Kearny Police Department's evidence lockers. Enter Article DATE HERE KEARNY - The town council has approved at $12,000 contract to a former Somerset County police chief to oversee disciplinary charges brought against two veteran officers. The appoin...

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Fairfield Police Arrest Detective After Probe Into Missing Evidence

Fairfield police said they have reviewed their policy and have implemented stricter guidelines regarding evidence. March 27, 2017 A police detective has been arrested after an investigation into missing drug evidence, police said. Detective Stephen Rilling, 40, was charged with possession of narcotics, forgery and tampering with evidence, among oth...

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Halton drug cases in limbo after evidence in police vault ‘may have been compromised’

An outside force has been called in to investigate after an internal police audit found dozens of drug exhibits in a secured storage bunker may have been tampered with May 12, 2017 Halton drug prosecution cases are in jeopardy after an internal police audit found dozens of exhibits stored in an evidence vault "may have been compromised," the Star h...

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Sheriff ‘deeply saddened and angry’ by arrest of evidence custodian in theft case

GBI investigation that uncovered missing money and drug evidence Enter Article DATE HERE When Jasper County Sheriff Donnie Pope hired Michael Barrett about three years ago, the U.S. Navy veteran already had law enforcement experience. Until late last month, Barrett, 39, was an investigator and evidence custodian for Pope's office in Monticello...

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Canadian cops lose $25,000 worth of cocaine during a drug trial, pretty sure they “destroyed” it, so all good right?

The judge said that the police losing nine ounces of the illicit substance was "troublesome indeed."Yeah. Enter Article DATE HERE A $25,000 booty of seized cocaine has mysteriously disappeared from the locked vault of a Canadian police station. Although, the stash was the key evidence during a drug trial held earlier this month, the cops say t...

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Missing narcotics funds the fault of poor record-keeping, State audit says

In addition, investigators found that the unit did not keep inventory records of drug evidence and seized property. May 22, 2017 An audit of Cheatham County's government spending for the 2016-2017 fiscal year by the Comptroller found that the narcotics unit of the Sheriff's Office had "questionable expenses with confidential funds" and missing evid...

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Report: Over $100K, pills stolen from Hollywood PD evidence

The report found that the theft of $137,609 in cash and 1,096 pills went undetected because the department didn't establish proper security protocols and then didn't ensure compliance of the protocols that were established. Enter Article DATE HERE HOLLYWOOD, FLA. (WSVN) - The Broward Office of the Inspector General issued a report, Tuesday, de...

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State investigating Campbell Police Officer

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Police officer arrested after being accused of stealing drug-related evidence

Stone resigned last month after he was confronted over missing narcotics in the police department's evidence room. A state police investigation confirmed that heroin, cocaine, fentanyl, prescription drugs, and cash had been stolen from the evidence room. Stone was the primary evidence room custodian. November 10, 2016 Criminal charges have been fil...

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Police officer at center of Braintree evidence room scandal exhibited strange behavior, colleagues say

The audit would reveal that over $400,000 was missing from the evidence room, as well as somewhere between 60 to 70 guns. Additionally, "thousands" of drug samples were found to be missing, or mismanaged. September 24, 2016 BRAINTREE — Colleagues of Susan Zopatti, the officer in charge of the Braintree Police Department evidence room, saw her exhib...

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Charges against Randolph man to be dropped over Braintree evidence problems

The case would be the 12th to be dismissed since Braintree officials announced that they had discovered major problems in the police department's evidence room and had hired an outside auditor. September 17, 2016 According to The Patriot Ledger , the Norfolk District Attorney's office said Friday that it will drop the charges, which dated back to 2...

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Exclusive video sheds light on former police chief accused of stealing drugs

The video, security camera footage from the police department, does show him take items from a locker, thought from what we're told, it's a personal locker, not an evidence locker. September 6, 2016 DRISCOLL - KRIS 6 News has obtained exclusive video that sheds more light on a former police chief accused of stealing drugs from an evidence locker. E...

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After missing evidence revelation, mayor calls for changes in police policies

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Investigation launched into destroyed drug evidence

According to investigators, the evidence was thrown out by a single deputy working in the property room after a general house-cleaning was  ordered last January. The deputy, a 14-year veteran, was fired for not following proper policies and procedures.​ September 01, 2016 HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - The Harris County Attorney confirms, in a letter ...

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Precinct 4 Constable blames missing drug evidence on human error

The Harris County District Attorney's Office has thrown out a drug case after an employee discarded crucial evidence. August 18, 2016 HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The Harris County District Attorney's Office has thrown out a drug case after an employee discarded crucial evidence. David Bellamy, 40, was arrested in June 2015 on drug charges. This April, prosec...

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Driscoll Chief of Police accused of taking drugs from evidence locker

Mike Cantu's been the chief for a year and a half. He previously served as a Corpus Christi City Marshall for several years.When reached late Monday afternoon, Cantu said the allegations are false. Jun 20, 2016 DRISCOLL - The Chief of Police in Driscoll is on administrative leave after being accused of taking drugs from an evidence locker at the de...

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