Police: Hawaii - Officer suspected of stealing evidence

According to the statement, the discrepancy was discovered when the evidence was being weighed in preparation to use a small quantity of the cocaine for training purposes. March 15, 2018 Police say criminal and administrative investigations were initiated in October 2017 after it was discovered that cocaine recovered as evidence in 2014 was found t...

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Police officer arrested after being accused of stealing drug-related evidence

Stone resigned last month after he was confronted over missing narcotics in the police department's evidence room. A state police investigation confirmed that heroin, cocaine, fentanyl, prescription drugs, and cash had been stolen from the evidence room. Stone was the primary evidence room custodian. November 10, 2016 Criminal charges have been fil...

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Nova Scotia RCMP officer accused of stealing and trafficking cocaine

Staff Sgt. Craig Burnett accused of stealing cocaine from evidence locker Aug 04, 201 An RCMP staff sergeant in Nova Scotia has been charged with drug trafficking after an investigation into the theft of cocaine from an evidence locker last year.  Craig Robert Burnett, 48, is charged with:  Theft of cocaine.  Trafficking cocaine.&nbs...

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