Alabama auditors cite chaotic evidence room, missing guns in Brookside

"Nineteen firearms listed on the Police Department's evidence log were not found during the inventory," April 15,2022 Alabama auditors today issued a scathing report on the town of Brookside, detailing haphazard treatment of evidence, missing guns, unexplained extra guns, an unmarked trash bag filled with prescription medicines, undocumented s...

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WVTM 13 Investigates: Work to erase huge rape kit backlog continues in Jefferson County

Nearly 4,000 rape kits went untested for decades February 7, 2022 BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — A special team of investigators, prosecutors and advocates are helping eliminate a large rape kit backlog in Jefferson County. So far, more than a third of the untested sexual assault kits have now been sent to a state forensics lab. Learn more in the video above. ...

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Arrest made in 1999 Coosa County cold-case double homicide

The investigation has been open for over two decades Enter Article DATE HERE COOSA COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — Coosa County Sheriff Michael Howell announced an arrest has been made in a 21-year-old cold case. 42-year-old Joe Daniel Stallions was arrested Wednesday and charged with two counts of capital murder. On January 12, 1999, the Coosa County S...

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Wetumpka Police Officer Faces Felony Theft Charges for Items Stolen from Station Evidence Room

The State Bureau of Investigations is investigating the case.​ November 20, 2019 Former Wetumpka police officer, Sean Blackburn, faces felony charges. Blackburn has been charged with with 2 counts of second degree theft. Elmore County District Attorney, Randall Houston, couldn't go into specifics about what was stolen, but it was items from the evi...

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Taking Firearms From Domestic Violence Suspects Is Challenging, Officials Say

Sheriff Matthew Wade said the boxes held just some of the 921 guns stored by deputies in the Sheriff's Office's three evidence lockers. November 11, 2019 ANNISTON, Ala. — Dozens of white boxes sat stacked atop shelves and propped against walls on a recent Wednesday in a small room in the back of the Calhoun County Sheriff's Office. Some of the smal...

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Dothan police explain rape kit testing after 29-year-old Mobile cold case solved

Thanks to a $1.9 million grant from the Department of Justice, investigators in Mobile have found a hit on the DNA database in a rape case that's been cold for almost three decades. December 14, 2018 DOTHAN, Ala.-- Often times, victims of rape may never be able to find justice against their attacker. A rape kit performed on a three-year-old in 1989...

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Investigation underway into evidence handling within Lawrence Co. Sheriff's Office

The controversy between members of the top brass is connected to the handling of things in their evidence room. Enter Article DATE HERE LAWRENCE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - There's tension within the ranks of the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office. The chief of staff and operations, Cpt. Tim McWhorter, has been suspended with pay and he is fighting to c...

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Murder charges dropped after gun goes missing before Brighton murder trial

The disarray in Brighton's evidence collection could be why charges were dropped this week in a 2015 murder case September 12, 2018 BRIGHTON, AL (WBRC) - A murder case has been dropped in Brighton after a gun and shell casings come up missing. Court documents say Brighton Police lost the critical evidence. Brighton's chief is reorganizing because o...

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Former MPD officer indicted for allegedly stealing opioid pills confiscated as evidence

Former Mobile Police Officer, after he was arrested last summer on three criminal charges: tampering with physical evidence, theft of property, and possession of a controlled substance. July 19, 2018 MOBILE, AL (WALA) - A Mobile County Grand Jury has indicted Damian Colvin, a former Mobile Police Officer, after he was arrested last summer on three ...

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Pascagoula police gave an AK-47 back to a former mental patient. Now he's going to trial.

Montana, 26, managed to get back an AK-47 assault rifle and a Glock pistol from the Pascagoula police evidence locker, even though he had been committed months early to a state mental hospital May 2, 2018 Gulfport The Pascagoula Police Department and Municipal Court are changing their procedures to avoid another case of turning over guns to someone...

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Dothan police officer arrested for allegedly stealing illegal drugs

A Dothan police officer is on administrative leave and faces termination after allegedly possessing stolen drugs. April 17, 2018 DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) — A Dothan police officer is on administrative leave and faces termination after allegedly possessing stolen drugs. Police Chief Steve Parrish said Sergeant Johnathan Whaley was acting erratically Tues...

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Mobile man arrested 20 years after rape, kidnapping (DNA)

DNA evidence from the victim's sexual assault kit (SAK), also known as a rape kit, matched to Williams. April 17, 2018 MOBILE, AL (WALA) - On April 5, 2018, 54-year-old Roderick Williams was transferred from the Baldwin County Jail to the Mobile County Metro Jail after indictments were handed down earlier this year for rape first degree and kidnapp...

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WBRC Exclusive: New details on arrest of Birmingham police officer

A shopper at the Summit store found the rings and gave them to store employees, who held onto them for a couple of weeks, hoping the rightful owner would return to the store to get them. But when they didn't, the store called Birmingham police to come get the rings and that's where our source says Birmingham Police Officer Tony Williams got involve...

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Officer's theft arrest stems from lost rings valued at $17,950 turned into Birmingham police

The theft charge, records state, is because Williams "with intent to deprive the owner permanently of said property...did fail to take reasonable measures to discover and notify" the female who owned the rings.   Enter Article DATE HERE More information has been made public following last week's arrest of a Birmingham police officer on fe...

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Canterbury pleads guilty in gun mill case - possible 10 years

According to court documents, Canterbury was in possession of more than 280 guns, including pistols, revolvers, shotguns and rifles. February 28, 2018 A federal judge has accepted a guilty plea from a Valley Grande man arrested last May for his involvement in a gun mill responsible for stealing and selling guns from the Selma Police Department's ev...

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Man at center of alleged Selma gun mill pleads guilty

Adrianne Canterbury, who goes by Michelle, was accused of taking guns and jewelry out of the Selma Police Department evidence vault, the secure area where she worked. Richard Canterbury would then fix the guns so they could then be sold online. February 18, 2018 SELMA, AL (WSFA) - Richard Canterbury, one of three people accused of taking part in an...

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Rape Kit Tracking App Created To End Back Logging Of Rape Kits

A group of engineers are aiming to use their technology skills to tackle social problems. Feb 08, 2018 MONTGOMERY, AL -- (WTVY) A group of engineers are aiming to use their technology skills to tackle social problems. They hope to help end the back log of rape kits in the criminal justice system, by using an app. The idea is that victims of sexual ...

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Suspect in gun mill plans to plead guilty to charges

January 20 21018 A Dallas County man has agreed to plead guilty to his alleged involvement in a gun mill responsible for stealing and selling guns from the Selma Police Department's evidence vault. Richard Allen Canterbury has agreed to plead guilty to three federal gun charges, according to court documents from the United States District Court for...

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Fentanyl is so potent doctors don’t know how to fight it

Fentanyl and its derivatives have become the primary driver of overdose deaths in the U.S. These fentanyls caused synthetic opioids to account for one-third of all drug-related deaths in 2016, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. That's a 700 percent increase from five years ago for manufactured opioids. December 11, 2017 In 2002...

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Former Mobile County deputy arrested on drug, theft charges

"Basically he was making arrests, seizing evidence as part of his responsibilities as a deputy but then not turning that evidence into the property room and using it for his own personal use November 29, 2017 Former Mobile County Sheriff's Office Deputy Seth Stevens was arrested Tuesday, according to the Mobile County District Attorney's Office. Ch...

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Former MPD Officer To Be Arraigned Monday

Allegations that he stole evidence Enter Article DATE HERE MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG/ AP) – A 44-year-old former Mobile Police officer is scheduled to enter a plea in court Monday morning following his arrest last month on a drug charge and allegations that he stole evidence. Corporal Damian Colvin was arrested after an internal investigation that be...

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Alabama AG asks public for help in locating guns stolen from evidence vault

The announcement comes as three suspects in the evidence vault thefts face charges. August 9, 2017 The attorney general in Alabama is asking residents there to look out for stolen guns after more than 200 firearms were taken from the evidence vault at the Selma Police Department earlier this year. Attorney General Steve Marshall said in a press rel...

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Heather Keaton Could Face Capital Murder Trial Again - Missing Evidence

Testimony of the clerk of court that the questionnaires were placed in a box to be mailed to the court of criminal appeals in Montgomery. However, the label came off the box and the box has gone missing with all that sensitive information. August 1, 2017 MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Heather Keaton, the woman sentenced to death for murdering the two childr...

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Jefferson County inventories sexual assault kits, builds new database

The primary focus is to inventory everything that's out there right now – all 27 of our [police] jurisdictions, July 9, 2017 JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - The Jefferson County District Attorney's Office is on a mission to identify all unprocessed sexual assault kits countywide. Through a 3-year, $1.5 million federal grant, from the Department of Ju...

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Attorney plans to file wrongful lawsuit over gun mill-related death

A Selma attorney plans to file a lawsuit against the city of Selma after a 19-year-old was shot and killed in April with a gun that wa  allegedly stolen by a former evidence technician. June 23, 2017 A Selma attorney plans to file a lawsuit against the city of Selma after a 19-year-old was shot and killed in April with a gun that was allegedly...

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Gun thefts from Selma police evidence vault spark major probe

Enter Headline here Enter Article DATE HERE State and federal law enforcement agencies are conducting a joint investigation into current and past employees of the Selma Police Department after a large number of guns were taken from the department's evidence vault, including one later connected to a homicide. Selma police Chief Spencer Collier ...

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Police department gets cat to protect evidence room

A rash of break-ins in a police department's evidence room had the department calling in a special investigator to rid it of the problem. Enter Article DATE HERE MOODY, Ala. - A rash of break-ins in a police department's evidence room had the department calling in a special investigator to rid it of the problem. Watson looks like an average ho...

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SPD chief asks FBI to look into gun thefts

No other excuse other than they went 17 years without auditing the vault, and we're trying to fix that." Enter Article DATE HERE Selma Police Chief Spencer Collier is asking the FBI to take over an investigation into an alleged gun mill involving a former evidence technician. Collier said he made the request because of a conflict of interest w...

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Investigation continues into alleged gun mill

Investigators uncovered more than 200 guns with the bulk coming from the department's evidence vault. May 25 , 2017 The Selma Police Department is cooperating with the U.S. Attorney's Office and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in an investigation into an alleged gun mill involving a former evidence technician. Selma Po...

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Police department gets cat to protect evidence room

Watson looks like an average house cat, but the newest member of the Moody Police Department has a special job. March 25, 2017 MOODY, Ala. - A rash of break-ins in a police department's evidence room had the department calling in a special investigator to rid it of the problem. Watson looks like an average house cat, but the newest member of the Mo...

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UPDATE: Investigation uncovers alleged gun ring involving former SPD evidence technician

Collier said the 200 plus missing guns were not noticed because the paper work was also allegedly stolen and destroyed. May 12, 2017 An investigation into a former evidence technician with the Selma Police Department has uncovered a criminal operation allegedly responsible for stealing and selling hundreds of stolen guns from evidence. Adrianne Mic...

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Selma PD evidence tech fired, arrested over stolen guns and jewelry

The third gun, the 9mm, made its way back out onto the streets of the community and was used in a deadly shooting in Dallas County, the chief said. Enter Article DATE HERE SELMA, AL (WSFA) - Selma police officers took one of their coworkers into custody Tuesday as officials revealed that several items had been taken from the department's evide...

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Ex-evidence custodian indicted on 118 counts of stealing pills from Florence police

"I am both embarrassed and disgusted by this case" March 29, 2017 A former evidence custodian for the Florence Police Department has been indicted on more than 100 charges associated with stealing narcotics from the evidence vault. Lauren Ezell, 34, of Rogersville, resigned amid an investigation into allegations she mishandled and stole evidence fr...

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Former Fairfield police janitor sentenced to prison for selling guns from evidence room

Agents arrested Hunter the next day and recovered 31 firearms, ammunition, narcotics and a decorative sword that were all presumed to be stolen from the Fairfield Police Department Enter Article DATE HERE Cute and Paste Content Here Recent blog posts - International Associate For Property & Evidence Inc. - IAPE News Blog IAPE is a non...

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Dothan police solve 10-year-old cold case homicide - DNA

"Our cold case unit revisited the case, sent DNA to the lab and received a hit," Parrish said. December 9, 2016 Charges in a 10-year-old unsolved Dothan homicide can go a long way to ward providing family some much needed closure.  Dothan Police Maj. Steve Parrish said Monday at a press briefing that the department hopes a recent murder indict...

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Former police janitor, 70, charged federally for smuggling guns from evidence, authorities say

Hunter was first arrested more than one year ago – in July 2015 – suspected of smuggling numerous guns out the department's evidence room and selling them. He was out on bond from state charges that stemmed from that arrest. August 05, 2016 ATF and ALEA agents arrested Roy Ellis Hunter after a 2015 raid into gun trafficking. He was arrested ag...

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Former Tallassee assistant police chief enters guilty pleas

Montgomery Advertiser, montgomeryadvertiser.comBYLINE: Marty Roney, Montgomery AdvertiserTallassee, AL(Photo: Contributed)WETUMPKA Tallassee’s former assistant police chief has pleaded guilty to two theft related charges rela...

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Former Alabama assistant police chief gets 41 months for beating suspect, selling confiscated marijuana

Alabama Media Group, al.comBYLINE: Jonathan Grass | , ALA federal court has sentenced former Tallassee Assistant Police Chief Chris Miles to 41 months in prison.Miles, 41, pleaded guilty on Nov. 17, 2015...

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Alabama police officer accused of stealing drugs from evidence

Times-Daily, Alabama Media Group, BYLINE: Crystal Bonvillian | Cherokee, AL Nikki Inman(Colbert County jail) A part-time Cherokee police officer was arrested Sunday, accused of taking...

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Ex-Tallassee police officer indicted; Kelsey Stein | , ALalready accused of stealing gun, coercing confessionA former Tallassee assistant police chief – already facing charges of breaking into a business, stealing a gun fro...

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Burglars break into Prichard evidence lock-up;

Press-RegisterBYLINE: David FerraraLink to ArticlePrichard, ALThis photo taken Friday, April 9, 2010, shows a storage building at Prichard City Hall in Prichard, Ala. A room at the facility that was recently broken in to was ...

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Court employee arrested in missing evidence case

Huntsville Times (Alabama), LOCAL NEWS; Pg. 1ABYLINE: Victoria Cumbow & Brian Lawson, Times Staff WritersMadison County, ALA veteran court reporter in Madison County Circuit Court has been arrested on charges stemming from mi...

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Veteran court reporter arrested in Madison County

Birmingham News (Alabama)BYLINE: VICTORIA CUMBOW and BRIAN LAWSON The Huntsville TimesMadison County, ALA veteran court reporter in Madison County Circuit Court has been arrested on charges stemming from missing evidence at t...

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Ex-Cop Cops Plea on Theft Charges

Gray Television, Inc., WTVY-TV, wtvy.comBYLINE: News ReleaseLink to ArticleDothan, ALFormer Airport Police Chief Tony Walker pleaded no contest Monday to grand theft, two counts of dealing in stolen property and tampering wit...

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Trusted police employee arrested in Gulf Shores

2012-01-31_Trusted police employee arrested in Gulf Shores_02

Alabama Live LLC., Kathy Jumper, Press-Register Link to ArticleGulf Shores, ALGulf Shores police civilian employee Barry Martin was arrested for allegedly stealing from the Police Department's evidence room...

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Update: Former Tarrant police officer, charged with stealing guns, surrenders

The Birmingham News, Jeremy Gray -- The Birmingham NewsLink to ArticleTarrant, ALTARRANT, Alabama -- A former Tarrant police officer who resigned in January after a probe into guns stolen from the departmen...

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BRIEF: Evidence room burglarized at Newton Police Department

Dothan Eagle, Technology Marketing Corp., tmcnet.comLink to ArticleNewton, ALNEWTON, Oct 14, 2011 (Dothan Eagle - McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) -- Multiple pieces of evidence, including drugs, were taken ...

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Special prosecutor appointed amid claims of missing evidence at Blount County sheriff's office

Alabama Media Group, Jon Reed | County, ALBLOUNT COUNTY, Alabama -- A special prosecutor has been appointed to look into claims of missing drugs and money at the Blount County Sheriff's O...

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BLB Police: Trustee breaks into evidence room

FOX10 News - Mobile, fox10tv.comBYLINE: Renee DialsBayou La Batre, ALBAYOU LA BATRE, Ala. (WALA) – A Jail trustee in Bayou La Batre may soon be taking up residence in Metro jail after police say he broke into the evidence roo...

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