Provo changes city code to help police deal with 400 confiscated guns being held

According to Doris Grant, supervisor of the evidence room, there are about 400 guns being held. Altered or damaged guns like those with rust must be destroyed. November 18, 2019 Provo's Police Department is held to strict regulations when it comes to caring for and getting rid of confiscated guns. On Tuesday, the Provo Municipal Council realigned t...

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ATF Caught w/ Pants Down, Scrambling to Find Thousands of Firearms Stolen from Facility

A contract security guard at the facility has been stealing federal property since 2016, including automatic rifles, semi-automatic handgun June 17, 2019 The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) found itself in hot water last week when an investigation by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel revealed that thousands of firearms and firearm parts...

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ATF Heist Exposes Vulnerabilities in System for Firearm Disposal

A federal contractor stole an untold number of guns from a West Virginia facility. At least one of the weapons had been marked as destroyed. March 19, 2019 he Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is reeling from revelations that a security contractor assigned to a gun-disposal facility in West Virginia stole a "substantial" number of...

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Hampton, Newport News invest in technology to help solve gun crimes

The agencies recently bought a high-tech camera system — at a joint cost of $210,762 — designed to match spent cartridge cases to guns that police have previously seized and to shell casings collected from prior shootings. March 19, 22018 Police in Hampton and Newport News are hoping that their recent purchase of a powerful new machine to photograp...

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2 Gardena Police Officers Charged With Illegally Selling Guns Through Instagram

Arao is accused of obtaining the guns by transferring "off-roster" inventory from Ronin Tactical Group to himself, while Fernandez allegedly sold dozens of "off-roster" firearms through private-party transfers. "Off-roster" guns are those that can be legally bought by law enforcement officers but are not available to the general public. March 26, 2...

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SPD chief asks FBI to look into gun thefts

No other excuse other than they went 17 years without auditing the vault, and we're trying to fix that." Enter Article DATE HERE Selma Police Chief Spencer Collier is asking the FBI to take over an investigation into an alleged gun mill involving a former evidence technician. Collier said he made the request because of a conflict of interest w...

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