OSBI: Missing drugs lead to arrest of Weatherford detective

The OSBI was requested Sept. 9, 2021, when a substantial quantity of drugs, namely Fentanyl, was discovered missing from the evidence room of the Weatherford Police Department. April 20, 2022 WEATHERFORD, Okla. (KFOR) – The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation says a Weatherford Police Department detective is facing charges following an investiga...

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Burglar busted thanks to Cheeto dust on her teeth: cops

Evidence Fun March 5, 2022 She was caught orange-handed! A woman was busted for a home invasion in Oklahoma — thanks in part to "Cheeto dust" found in her teeth, authorities allege. Sharon Carr was arrested on a first-degree burglary charge after allegedly committed the dangerously cheesy act Friday at a home in Tulsa, police said. Cops say they ar...

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Former Cyril police chief facing charges Alvin Pickens III

Investigators said Pickens confessed to taking it from the evidence room and then bought the speaker back from the store. August 5, 2021 CYRIL, Okla. (KSWO) -The former chief of police in Cyril is facing charges, accused of taking confiscated items. Alvin Pickens III is charged with knowingly concealing stolen property and two counts of petit larce...

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Locust Grove police chief admits to stealing drugs, weapons from evidence room

Williams later admitted to stealing and ingesting methamphetamine from the evidence room of the Locust Grove Police Department JUNE 22, 2021 LOCUST GROVE, Okla. — The Locust Grove police chief is now facing charges after being arrested, accused of stealing various items from the police department. Police Chief Charles Williams, 47, was arrested Fri...

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Audit reveals $27K missing from OKCPD property room

Chief Wade Gourley added more oversight, tamper-proof bags, and a video-monitored location. May 18, 2020 OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – According to city auditor, the Oklahoma City Police Department is missing at least $27,000 from its evidence room. According to the audit, $10,775 is missing from case envelopes. Another $16,296 was checked out to the Dist...

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Missing funds prompt investigation of Canton Police Department

State audit revealed cash seized from two drug suspects was missing from the police department's evidence room March 9,2020 CANTON — The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has opened a criminal investigation into the Canton Police Department after a state audit revealed cash seized from two drug suspects was missing from the police department's...

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Boswell police officer arrested for pawning department firearms

Karr pawned four department weapons. January 17, 2020 BOSWELL, Okla. (KXII) - A Boswell, Oklahoma, police officer was arrested Monday accused of pawning department firearms. The Oklahoma State Bureau Of Investigation tells us an investigation last month revealed Shawn Karr pawned four department weapons. The 33-year-old was arrested Monday at Boswe...

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Former Achille mayor pleads guilty to federal charge after evidence room theft

Enter Headline here November 15, 2019 ACHILLE, Okla. (KXII) - Former Achille Mayor David Northcutt pleaded guilty to a federal charge after selling stolen firearms across state lines. An indictment says in March the 42-year-old knowingly possessed, concealed, bartered and disposed of stolen weapons across state lines. An affidavit says after the po...

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DNA Evidence, Persistence Lead To 2 Arrests In 1983 Tulsa Cold Case Murder (DNA)

Police say on September 18, 1983, Baltes was found dead in a motel room, where he'd been tied up and beaten. Septemeber 22, 2019 TULSA, Oklahoma - Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter announced Friday that his office has charged two people with first-degree murder in a 1983 Tulsa cold case. Both are now in custody: 61-year-old Willie Moore. Moore ...

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Low river levels reveal 25-year-old evidence

The river dropping to allow recovery efforts continue for the crashed barges at the Webbers Falls dam is giving law enforcement a unique opportunity to dig up old evidence. September 7, 2019 BRAGGS, OK (KJRH) — A 25-year-old case had one piece of evidence that never turned up - a cash register said to have been thrown off Highway 10 into the Arkans...

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DOJ: Former narcotics supervisor sentenced for stealing drug evidence for personal use

In 2017, Mull began removing OSBI evidence envelopes containing the illicit drug before the evidence was booked. August 2, 2019 TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) — According to U.S. Attorney Trent Shores, a former narcotics supervisor from the Mayes County Sheriff's Office was sentenced Friday for stealing methamphetamine that had been seized as evidence during ...

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Former Achille mayor speaks out before arrest in evidence room break-in

Investigators say the charges stem from an incident in March when several items were reported missing from the Achille Police Department's evidence room. Enter Article DATE HERE ACHILLE, Okla. – An embattled former Oklahoma mayor says it is time for him to be held accountable for his actions. Around 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Durant police arres...

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Oklahoma to tackle rape kit backlog with new law

Gov. Kevin Stitt last week signed a bill to create a statewide tracking system for collecting sexual assault evidence, May 2, 2019 Oklahoma is poised to tackle a backlog of more than 7,200 untested rape kits. Gov. Kevin Stitt last week signed a bill to create a statewide tracking system for collecting sexual assault evidence, which is the first of ...

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DNA identifies Arkansas homicide victim 30 years after death

Last seen over 30 years ago, William C. Reed's remains were identified in Oklahoma thanks to DNA technology. April 13, 2019h OKLAHOMA CITY — (AP) - An Arkansas man whose remains were found in Oklahoma has been identified more than 30 years after his death thanks to advances in DNA technology. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said Thursday...

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Oklahoma County purging evidence room, selling guns to federal license holders

Avery said the shotguns, rifles and handguns were either stolen, seized or never claimed by the owner. March 10, 2019 OKLAHOMA COUNTY - Old, antique guns are up for auction. The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department is purging their evidence room. And, you can get your hands on the guns, but only if you have a federal license. Over 500 guns gatherin...

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Tulsa County Sheriff's property room overflowing

The property room currently houses about 56,000 pieces of property and evidence held by the sheriff's office. JANUARY 23, 2019 Stored personal property at the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office is becoming a big strain on law enforcement. The property room storing items of jail inmates belongings is running out of space to store pertinent items, like ev...

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Mayes Co. Sheriff employee accused of taking drugs from evidence

Sheriff Reed says Mull is suspected of taking drugs that were supposed to be placed into the evidence vault. July 12, 2018 PRYOR, Okla. (KTUL) — PRYOR, Okla., (KTUL) -- A Mayes county deputy is out of a job and could end up in jail himself. Brett Mull is accused of taking illegal drugs from evidence. It's an alleged crime sheriff Mike Reed never th...

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Oklahoma Task Force Suggests Allowing Victims To Track Rape-Kit Progress

Imagine every rape victim in Oklahoma being able to track their rape kit, from the time, the evidence is collected June 15, 2018 TULSA, Oklahoma - Imagine every rape victim in Oklahoma being able to track their rape kit, from the time, the evidence is collected at the hospital to when it's handed over to police, when it shows up in the property roo...

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Glenpool city leaders refer questions about discarded evidence to PR firm

The question is how does all of that - pictures of deceased, bloodied bodies - people's loved ones, drug paraphernalia, full folders of full-page confidential police records - go from being safe inside the police station to being tossed out back in the dumpster? June 13, 2018 GLENPOOL, Okla. -- Shocking new developments in a story 2 Works for You b...

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Hundreds of guns up for auction from Wagoner County Sheriff's Office Saturday

"They've come out of property, whether it's been evidence in a crime, or it's been found property," June 9, 2018 COWETA, Okla. (KTUL) -- There are a number of guns for sale in Wagoner County getting auctioned by the sheriff's office. It's the second time the department has gotten rid of their seized property with an auction. If you ever wondered wh...

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Auction, destroy or return—RCSO clears out packed evidence room

Sheriff's deputies are working to clear out a packed evidence room where hundreds of guns and other weapons have been kept, some for the past few decades. May, 28, 2019 ROGERS COUNTY— Sheriff's deputies are working to clear out a packed evidence room where hundreds of guns and other weapons have been kept, some for the past few decades. Undersherif...

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Broken Arrow detective submits resignation amid allegations of mishandling evidence in Bever case

Wood told the World last week that Adcock collected a series of items from a local auction house, primarily electronics, that had been in the Bever home and deposited them in a locker with the intent to take them to the department's property room later but forgot to do so Enter Article DATE HERE Gayla Adcock had been scheduled for a hearing th...

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Sheriff exit audit reveals more concerns

"I am keenly aware of the International Association of Property and Evidence standards and guidelines" Enter Article DATE HERE NORMAN — An audit report issued on Jan. 2 raises further concerns over the state of the Cleveland County sheriff's department under the previous administration. Former sheriff Joe Lester resigned suddenly on Oct. 2 aft...

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Tulsa Forensic Lab Sets International Example

The Tulsa Police Department Forensic Lab was recently accredited through new international standards. November 2, 2017 The Crime Lab at the Tulsa Police Department is setting the bar high for other crime labs around the world. When the Tulsa Police Department collects evidence from a scene, they are careful to preserve it before it's transported to...

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Jury finds man guilty in Tulsa cold-case murder solved through DNA

DNA evidence, testing leads to conviction in 23-year-old case September 21, 2017 A jury recommended Thursday that a man spend the rest of his life in prison for the beating death of a woman inside her north Tulsa residence more than 23 years ago, which he was linked to in 2014 through upgraded DNA testing. The jury deliberated about 4½ hours before...

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Wagoner County sheriff's office to auction off hundreds of guns, other items Saturday

Approximately 300 weapons will be available. August 17, 2017 WAGONER — Property rooms used by the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office are overflowing with items, but not for long. On Saturday, a sheriff's auction is planned at the Wagoner Civic Center to dispose of things that have been stored for upward of three decades. The auction will be conducted ...

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Search warrant served at Purcell Police Department over possible missing evidencehttp://kfor.com/2017/07/20/search-warrant-served-at-purcell-police-department-over-possible-missing-evidence/

"McClain County Sheriff's Office requested OSBI's help about the possibility of some discrepancies with the Purcell Police Department's evidence room, Julty 20, 2017 PURCELL, Okla. - An Oklahoma police department is in hot water over possible missing evidence. Officer Richard Kyle Glasgow is the man at the center of the investigation. Items that we...

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Former OUPD officer sentenced for embezzlement

Two audits conducted in 2016 found that several envelopes were missing and tampered with. The envelopes contained $1,873.40, the affidavit read. Enter Article DATE HERE Cleveland County Judge Thad Balkman has sentenced a former University of Oklahoma police officer to three years probation for taking nearly $1,900 from the department's evidenc...

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Detective grilled over wrongful release of evidence at former officer's murder trial

Homicide detective cross-examined over wrongful release of evidence to defendant's daughter February 16, 2017 By Samantha Vicent Tulsa World | 0 comments Witnesses for former Tulsa Police Officer Shannon Kepler's defense will testify Thursday after prosecutors rested their case Wednesday.  The lead homicide detective in the case testified and ...

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OU officer accused of embezzling money from police department

A probable cause affidavit says that officer Ronald Scott Gibbons, 47, is accused of taking almost $2,000 from envelopes in the department's evidence safe. Jul 29, 2016 NORMAN, Okla. —A University of Oklahoma police officer has been accused of embezzling money from the university's police department. A probable cause affidavit says that officer Ron...

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Former MWC Police Officer Accused Of Stealing, Pawning Evidence

News 9, news9.comBYLINE: Adrianna Iwasinski, News 9Two VideosMidwest City, OKA former MWC Police officer is accused of pawning stolen items including equipment belonging to the Midwest City Police Department.MIDWEST CITY, Okl...

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Flashlight found after former Custer County sheriffs trial

NewsOK, newsok.comBYLINE: RON JACKSON, Oklahoman Link to ArticleCuster County, OKKey piece of evidence surfaces after former Custer County sheriffs trial involving the rape of female inmates.ARAPAHO — A flashlight allegedly u...

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Corruption will be dealt with, TPD interim chief says

Tulsa World, tulsaworld.comBYLINE: OMER GILLHAM, World Staff WriterLink to ArticleTulsa, OKGrand jury investigates police corruption: Read all of the stories, view a timeline and read key documents.Interim Tulsa Police Chief ...

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Staffer accused of stealing items from evidence

The Oklahoman, City Edition, NEWS METRO/STATE NORTH; Pg. 21ABYLINE: ANN KELLEY, Staff WriterMcLoud, OKMcLOUD - A police dispatcher is accused of stealing drugs from a police evidence locker.Tracy Loveland, of McLoud, was char...

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Evidence Lost In Sallisaw Police Station Fire

The Times Record, swtimes.comBYLINE: Mary L. Crider, TIMES RECORD • , OKSallisaw Police Department operations continue undeterred by the fire that gutted the department's old evidence room Tuesday, ...

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Fire-damaged evidence removed

The Sequoyah County Times, sequoyahcountytimes.comBYLINE: Courtney CobleSallisaw, OKOn Wednesday police piled up bags of debris and chemicals that were destroyed by a Tuesday night fire at the Sallisaw Police Department. Capt...

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The Oklahoman (Oklahoma City, OK), City Edition, NEWS; Pg. 1ABYLINE: KEN RAYMOND, Staff WriterOklahoma City, OKOFFICIALS SAY HE'S WRONG; Former investigator assails OSBIAn Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation insider has ac...

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Woodward ex-police officer investigated in meth evidence theft

NewsOK, Powered by The Oklahoman, newsok.comBY RANDY ELLIS Oklahoman Link to ArticleWoodward, OKA former Woodward police officer is under investigation by the OSBI for his admitted theft of methamphetamine from a police depar...

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Creek County Property Officer arrested for embezzlement

Neighbor News, mannfordeagle.comBYLINE: McCracken, Managing EditorCreek County, OKCCSOA Creek County Sheriff’s deputy is now on the other side of the law.Former Creek County Sheriff’s Office Captain Leslie Ruhman surrendered ...

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Former Stillwater Police officer enters drug rehab facility

Stillwater NewsPress, stwnewspress.comBYLINE: Megan Sando Stillwater NewsPressStillwater, OKSTILLWATER, Okla. — A former Stillwater Police sergeant is in rehab at a Colorado drug treatment facility after being accused of stea...

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PD audit reveals money shortage

Sequoyah County Times, sequoyahcountytimes.comBYLINE: Sally Maxwell Senior Staff WriterSallisaw, OKAn audit of the Sallisaw Police Department was given to City Manager Bill Baker on March 4.The audit was prompted by accusatio...

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Ex-Caddo police chief sentenced to one year in jail

Durant Daily Democrat, durantdemocrat.comLink to ArticleCaddo, OKA former Caddo Police Chief convicted of embezzlement has been sentenced to one year in jail.During a trial last month, a jury found Troy O’Neal Glover, 39, gui...

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Ex-Oklahoma police chief convicted of embezzlement

The Oklahoman, NewsOK, newsok.comBYLINE: THE ASSOCIATED PRESSLink to ArticleBryan County, OKDURANT — An Oct. 26 formal sentencing date has been set for a former Bryan County police chief who was convicted of embezzlement for ...

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Missing evidence results in plea deal in Tulsa double murder

World Publishing Co., Tulsa World, tulsaworld.comBYLINE: Staff ReportsLink to ArticleTulsa, OKPhillip Anthony Summers A Tulsa man who previously was sentenced to die in a double-murder case pleaded guilty Wednesday to a reduc...

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Preliminary hearing set for former Caddo police chief

Durant Daily Democrat, durantdemocrat.com is in Durant, OKBYLINE: Link to ArticleCaddo, OKA preliminary hearing has been set for the former Caddo police chief accused of stealing a firearm from the department’s evidence locke...

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Woodward former police detective charged with evidence theft

2012-02-03_Woodward former police detective charged_02

The Oklahoman, NewsOK.com, newsok.comBYLINE: RANDY ELLIS to ArticleWoodward, OKMichael Albert Morton, Christine England-Morton - Photos providedWOODWARD — A former police detective was accused Thursday o...

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Destroyed Gun Could Keep Suspect Off Death Row

WorldNow and KTUL, ktul.comBYLINE: Mike Massey Link to ArticleTulsa, OKA key piece of evidence in a high-profile murder is accidentally destroyed by Tulsa Police.The missing evidence could allow Phillip Summers to avoid the d...

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Trial set for former Edmond police officer accused of theft

The Oklahoman, NewsOK.com newsok.comBYLINE: TIM WILLERT Link to ArticleEdmond, OKOklahoma authorities have accused the former police officer of taking $8,000 that had been placed in evidence during a drug ...

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Former CN Security reserve deputy charged

Cherokee Phoenix, cherokeephoenix.orgBYLINE: CHRISTINA GOOD VOICE, Senior ReporterLink to ArticleTahlequah, OKTAHLEQUAH, Okla. – A former reserve deputy with Cherokee Nation security was charged March 22 with possession of st...

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EPD property room exceeds capacity

2011-04-28_INT_EPD property room exceeds capacity_02

The Edmond Sun, edmondsun.comBYLINE: Mark Schlachtenhaufen The Edmond SunLink to ArticleEdmond,OKEDMOND — Edmond officers are busier, leading to 1,272 more property items being submitted in 2010 over 2009, police said.Edmond ...

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