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Former MWC Police Officer Accused Of Stealing, Pawning Evidence

News 9,
BYLINE: Adrianna Iwasinski, News 9
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Midwest City, OK

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A former MWC Police officer is accused of pawning stolen items including equipment belonging to the Midwest City Police Department.

MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma - A former Midwest City police officer is facing some serious allegations. The 20-year veteran resigned last month, after being informed he was under criminal investigation. He's accused of pawning stolen items including equipment belonging to the Midwest City Police Department.

The investigation into the officer began after an electric guitar was reported missing from the Eastland Hills Baptist Church in Choctaw. That guitar was found at D and P Pawn located in northwest Oklahoma City. Court documents state the store's records show it had been pawned by an undercover police officer who worked at the Midwest City Police Department who used his undercover ID to make the transaction.

Oklahoma City police then went to the law enforcement website and discovered the officer, whose real name is Lacky Harkins, had conducted more than 60 transactions at pawnshops all over town, including Extra Cash Pawn on South Western and Best Buy Pawn and EZ Pawn on SE 29th.

Items pawned included his police issued glock and shotgun as well as a gun and camera reported as missing from the MWC Police Department.

“You know this is something that we see more and more, people that will use pawn shops to try to get rid of stolen goods. To get quick and easy money but, now with we are able to track that information,” said OKC Police Captain Paco Balderrama.

Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes said Oklahoma City police alerted him in November. Clabes said they saw surveillance video and other evidence of Harkins making the transaction at D and B Pawn, and taking the guitar into the business.

“They emailed me a picture of the driver’s license, and I immediately identified that individual as Lacky Harkins,” said Clabes. “And of course my heart sank at that point.”

Clabes stated they met with Harkins, who admitted to pawning city equipment, and then immediately resigned November 10.

“When we find wrong doing, and we realize it involves a law enforcement member we are going to do the right thing and treat them like we would anyone else,” said Clabes. “Unfortunately, our trust was broken and we'll just have to deal with that.”

Midwest City police said Harkins also admitted to embezzling more $1,500 from the department' special investigations unit.

“Lacky did great job for us for 20 years,” said Clabes. “And it’s just sad that poor decisions on his part would ruin his professional life and obviously affect him personally.”

The chief said Harkins did return some of the pawned items and cash back to the police department, but not all of it.

Harkins faces a total of 27 felony counts – 22 counts for making a false declaration of ownership to a pawn broker and four counts of concealing stolen property and one count of embezzlement.

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