Poor Record Keeping Can Hurt Your Reputation

Philadelphia Sheriff's Office can't account for nearly 200 guns, city controller says September 21st, 2023 PHILADELPHIA — The Philadelphia Sheriff's Office can't account for nearly 200 guns, despite statements the sheriff made suggesting that her office had not misplaced any weapons, according to a new report released by the City Controller. The 18...

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Alabama auditors cite chaotic evidence room, missing guns in Brookside

"Nineteen firearms listed on the Police Department's evidence log were not found during the inventory," April 15,2022 Alabama auditors today issued a scathing report on the town of Brookside, detailing haphazard treatment of evidence, missing guns, unexplained extra guns, an unmarked trash bag filled with prescription medicines, undocumented s...

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Case of missing evidence unsolved in Newport; final report lists money, drugs, weapons unaccounted for

A Washington County Sheriff's Office investigation conducted last fall concluded that items missing from evidence were $2,231, narcotics from 12 cases, four handguns and a bow. In addition, a report says, drug evidence used to be flushed down a toilet to be disposed. February 14, 2017 A final investigative report on the now-disbanded Newport Police...

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Time to get serious about protecting evidence

The evidence room at the Braintree Police Departmentseems to have been about as well organized as a household junk drawer —an emblem of shoddy leadership by department command staff and, even more, of the sorry state of the officer left in charge. September 28, 2016 The evidence room at the Braintree Police Department seems to have been about as we...

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Braintree police audit shows $407,998 and 60 guns missing from evidence room

  Included in a stack of slide shows and other handouts from a two-day class held in 2013 by the International Association for Property and Evidence was a survey with 21 questions about department practices on evidence and property. Whoever filled out the survey – it doesn't say – wrote down "X" marks indicating "no" next to 11 of the practice...

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