It is not just in the United States - Stolen Evidence

FLAK OF EVIDENCE Cops under fire after crime scene items including cash and drugs mysteriously vanish CRIME scene items seized by cops, including cash and drugs, have mysteriously vanished. Jewelry, forensic samples, phones, CCTV clips and clothing are also among the missing potential evidence. They are meant to be safe in case they are r...

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Put that back, it's not yours!

Alberta RCMP officer previously charged with assault now accused of stealing TV, wallet from evidence room August 16th, 2023 A Red Deer RCMP officer is accused of stealing a television and wallet which had been seized as exhibits by police at the Blackfalds detachment, court documents reveal. Earlier this week, RCMP announced Cpl. Brandon Will...

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Charges dropped after Toronto cop steals two bags of cocaine, overdoses in parking lot

"It's highly unusual that in the face of (Censoni's) admitted theft, and abuse of the property locker and drug exhibits, April 26, 2023 A case involving multiple drug trafficking offenses was dropped on Tuesday after a cop testified that he stole drug evidence and nearly died of an overdose in the police station's parking lot. Article content Two p...

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Hungry rats to blame for 1,000lbs of missing marijuana, India police say – court not convinced

A court that had mandated the drugs be produced as evidence in a smuggling trial, was seemingly unconvinced and demanded proof that the rats had eaten the drugs November 25, 2022 A half-ton of confiscated marijuana disappeared from a storage room in India – and police are now pointing fingers at tiny, four-legged trespassers. Police in Mathura, a c...

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Durham Police property evidence warehouse destroyed by blaze

Sources told the Sun that along with those vehicle a tactical bomb unit bomb truck, uniforms, a marine boat and potential evidence in lock up were consumed in the fire. July 18, 2022 Durham Regional Police continued to investigate on Monday after a massive fire destroyed their property bureau warehouse. Just after 6 p.m. Sunday, massive black smoke...

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Sussex Police officer stole drugs and had sex in Brighton stations

The police constable stole diazepam, commonly known as benzos, from the evidence room of the Sussex Police station September 21, 2022 A POLICE officer stole drugs from an evidence room while on duty and had sex in a staff locker room, a tribunal heard. The man, who can only be named as Officer X, would have been dismissed from the force if he had n...

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Sudbury OPP sergeant accused of stealing from evidence locker

OPP Sgt. Straun Frederiksen was charged with theft and breach of trust May 1, 2022 A 27-year veteran of the Ontario Provincial Police has been suspended with pay in Sudbury after being accused of stealing from the evidence vault. "An investigation by the Professional Standards Unit, part of the OPP's Office of Professionalism, Respect, Inclusion an...

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Alberta medical examiner's office in disarray, former ME testifies in lawsuit

Dr. Anny Sauvageau alleges theft of drugs and weapon from homicide scenes and workplace fraud April 20, 2022 Alberta's former chief medical examiner has told a judge that her office uncovered problems with firearms seized at homicide scenes going missing, staff members allegedly taking drugs from evidence lockers, fabricated overtime claims and bod...

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Stolen trust. Lost cases: How a Toronto cop stole from his force, fed an addiction and wasn’t charged

Growing number of officers have been caught stealing drugs police have taken off the streets, transforming their forces' evidence lockers into crime scenes. December 6, 2021 On his final day as a Toronto police officer, Det. Paul Worden sat down to an interview unlike any other in his 31-year career. Inside an Etobicoke conference room on a Friday ...

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Toronto homicide detective stole drugs from evidence lockers as many as 20 times

The incident is part of a small but growing number of cases involving officers stealing drugs from their police service's evidence lockers, in some circumstances after suffering injuries that left them with chronic pain. October 20, 2021 A former Toronto police homicide detective who resigned earlier this year after stealing opioids from the force'...

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P21 million worth of illegal drugs ‘cremated’

Include least 3,163 grams of shabu and 180 grams of marijuana seized in different operations conducted by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency and the Philippine National Police. June 1, 2021 CEBU, Philippines — At least P21 million worth of illegal drugs were destroyed through thermal destruction at the Cosmopolitan Funeral Homes in Cebu City ea...

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Disgraced Huddersfield police worker stole dead woman's money in £120,000 store room raid

Andrew Roberts would empty sealed West Yorkshire Police exhibit bags then falsely forced that items had been destroyed March 4, 2021,  A disgraced Huddersfield police worker has been warned he faces a 'significant' jail term after he stole over £120,000, including money from a dead woman. Andrew Roberts, 51, stole the cash from a West Yorkshir...

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Toronto cop who stole opioids from force lockers for personal use won't be charged

"The decision to not charge the officer is similar to when we don't charge individuals when we respond to drug overdoses." February 26, 2020 A Toronto detective stole opioids from evidence lockers to feed an addiction to prescription painkillers, the police force said Wednesday, noting the situation could affect some criminal prosecutions. The admi...

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Drugs seized as evidence in police investigations going missing almost once a fortnight

A Freedom of Information request by the Telegraph reveals that between the start of 2013 and May 2020, there have been more than 158 instances of drugs going missing from custody of the Metropolitan Police February 21, 2021 Drugs seized as evidence in police investigations are going missing from storage almost once a fortnight, new data suggests. A...

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Toronto homicide detective resigns after admitting to stealing opioids from evidence locker. OPP investigating impact on cases

"I wish he could have gotten treatment. I wish the stigma wasn't such that he couldn't have come forward and sought help, February 18, 2021 A Toronto police homicide detective has resigned after admitting he stole opioids from his force's drug evidence lockers, the Star has learned — spurring an external review by the Ontario Provincial Police and ...

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Police seize $60 million of bitcoin! Now, where's the password?

German prosecutors have confiscated more than 50 million euros ($60 million) worth of bitcoin from a fraudster February 5, 2021 FRANKFURT (Reuters) - German prosecutors have confiscated more than 50 million euros ($60 million) worth of bitcoin from a fraudster. There's only one problem: they can't unlock the money because he won't give them the pas...

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‘I have no expectations of forgiveness’: A Halton cop stole opioids from an evidence vault. He’s urging officers to seek help for addictio

He was charged in May 2017 with offenses including theft and obstruction of justice amid an opioid addiction that started with painkillers prescribed after a series of knee surgeries. February 3, 2021 Brad Murray's letter is addressed to the entire Halton police service — more than 1,000 of his former colleagues and subordinates, among them cops he...

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Courts worker Katherine Vaughan stole drugs and cash from evidence room

When police raided her home they found 1.7 kilos of heroin and 2.4 kilos of cocaine October 3, 2020 A Crown Office employee who stole hundreds of thousands of pounds of cash and drugs being stored as evidence in court cases has been refused bail. Katherine Vaughan, 34, took £91,932 and drugs worth a further £147,720 from the procurator fiscal's off...

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Ex-Gloucestershire police officer sentenced after stealing money from lost wallet

CCTV footage revealed Rollason removed the notes, which had been marked, before bringing the purse to the event's lost property area August 5, 2020 A police officer was caught in a sting operation at Cheltenham Festival by colleagues after stealing money from a lost wallet that was handed in to him, a court has heard. Matthew Rollason, 38, who serv...

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Smart sergeant nabs crooked constable for bike theft at police station

Enter Headline here July 25, 2020 A policeman has been arrested and charged for stealing a motorcycle from a police station compound and converting the unit to his personal use. Reports reaching Loop News are that the police constable was arrested after he was caught driving the motorcycle to work. The motorcycle had been seized during a police ope...

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PNP to destroy billions of seized shabu--Gamboa

1 Gen. Gamboa called on the higher court to order the destruction of the drugsat the evidence room of the PNP Crime Laboratory won't be able to accommodate their forthcoming major drug hauls. July 18, 2020 PHILIPPINE National Police chief, General Archie Francisco F. Gamboa, has assured the public that billions of pesos worth of shabu currently und...

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Windsor police have a new way of handling evidence

In the past, evidence was stored using physical methods. March 10, 2020 WINDSOR -- The Amherstburg Detachment of the Windsor Police Service is piloting a new digital evidence management software. Windsor police say over time they've seen a constant increase of evidence submitted in digital form. This can included cell phone pictures to home securit...

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Former police officer admits evidence bid crime in Shetland

Tried to encourage someone to destroy a mobile phone with message evidence February 18, 2020 Robert Veighey, 57, tried to encourage someone to destroy a mobile phone with message evidence belonging to a woman accused of assault in an attempt to assist her avoiding prosecution. India Lockyer, 26, admitted the assault. Sentence on both at Aberdeen Sh...

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Disgraced Lindsay police officer Jeff Burke charged with impaired driving

Burke is currently on house arrest after receiving a 12-month conditional sentence in connection with stealing drug evidence, which was removed from the police station's evidence locker January 29, 2020 Kawartha Lakes Police Service officer Jeff Burke is in trouble with the law again. Lindsay police chief Mark Mitchell confirmed that Kawatha Lakes ...

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South African prosecutor dies after gun accidentally discharges in courtroom, report says

"It is alleged the weapon was brought to court to be entered as evidence in a house robbery case when it accidentally discharged in court." November 20, 2019 A South African prosecutor reportedly has died this week after a gun brought inside a courtroom as part of the evidence in a home robbery case accidentally discharged – striking her in the hip...

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Crown seeking house arrest for Lindsay officer who stole drug evidence

Burke pleaded guilty in May to stealing drugs from police evidence locker after becoming addicted to opioids. AUGUST 9, 2019 Sentencing submissions wrapped up Friday in the case of a City of Kawartha Lakes police officer, who admitted he stole drugs from the police evidence locker in 2017, but it will still be at least several weeks before a senten...

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Police officer admits using grieving family's cable TV account to buy porn

A London when he used the homeowner's cable TV account to purchase access to pornographic channels July 19, 2019 (CNN)A police officer has admitted buying pornography at the home of a grieving family following the death of their child as he waited for the undertaker to arrive. PC Avi Maharaj, 44, a police officer serving with London's Metropolitan ...

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Ex-Mountie sentenced for cocaine theft, trafficking

The cocaine was part of a 200-kilogram shipment police had seized from a ship that had arrived at the city's historic port. Enter Article DATE HERE HALIFAX — A judge sentenced a former high-ranking RCMP officer to 10 years in prison for stealing and selling $300,000 worth of cocaine Thursday, saying the egregious breach of trust compromised th...

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The charges related to allegations that drug evidence had been removed from the evidence locker at the police station. June 15, 2019 A Kawartha Lakes Police officer has pleaded guilty to one count of breach of trust and admitted he stole drugs from the police force's evidence room in 2018, which compromised eight ongoing investigations. Detective C...

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‘He manipulated the system:’ Disgraced ex-mountie convicted of stealing cocaine from evidence locker

Rowlings and Kanasevich testified that Burnett had supplied 10 kilograms of cocaine that had been stolen from an RCMP storage locker between 2010 and 2011 April 12, 2019 HALIFAX—A former Halifax-area RCMP officer convicted of seven charges in relation to stealing cocaine from a police evidence locker put his head into his hands after being found gu...

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Cop gets 21 months for stealing thousands of dollars from evidence locker ($110,00)

The court heard that the motivation for the theft was Lau's gambling debts, accrued though betting on soccer matches, and owed up to $2 million (US$255,000) to a debt collector. March 1, 2019 A police officer was sentenced to 21 months in jail for stealing up to US$110,000 from an evidence locker to repay his gambling debts. Lau Wing-fai, 42, ...

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Police officer arrested at Hong Kong International Airport on suspicion of stealing wallet containing HK$50,000 from lost property

Airline employee found wallet at the arrivals hall baggage collection area and handed it in to police, source says February 14, 2019 The wallet and cash were recovered and returned to the owner, according to a law enforcement source. The officer involved is a constable and attached to the police report centre at the airport terminal on Lantau Islan...

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Mountie drug trial: colleagues didn’t notice any missing cocaine, witness says

Former RCMP officer Craig Burnett accused of stealing cocaine from office, but colleagues saw the drugs destroyed in P.E.I. here January 25, 2019 Colleagues of former Mountie Craig Robert Burnett accompanied him to destroy a seized exhibit of cocaine, a witness said under cross-examination in a trial Friday. RCMP Cpl. Mark Johnson was one of the of...

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Pot-eating ex-Toronto cop sentenced to house arrest

The former Toronto police officer who was called an "idiot" by a judge for stealing and eating marijuana-infused chocolate bars while on duty will spend several months under house arrest. November 26, 2018  The former Toronto police officer who was called an "idiot" by a judge for stealing and eating marijuana-infused chocolate bars while on d...

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'Idiot' Toronto police officer gets six months house arrest for eating evidence: a pot-laced chocolate bar

Dominelli, who served as a police officer for 13 years before resigning from the force this month, was part of a team that raided the pot shop on Jan. 27. He pocketed several cannabis-oil-infused chocolate bars on his way out of the store. November 26, 2018 NEWMARKET, Ont. — A Toronto police officer who stole and ate a pot-laced chocolate bar seize...

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Halifax police probe allegations that evidence was mishandled; staffers on leave

Earlier this year, Halifax police completed an audit about thousands of items that had gone missing over several decades. Enter Article DATE HERE Halifax police are investigating four of their own staff over allegations that property was mishandled. They say the items in the force's property and exhibit section had been designated for destruct...

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Evidence spared in fire that destroyed Cambridge OPP detachment

Hundreds of pieces of evidence, stored in the evidence vaults of an OPP detachment that was destroyed by fire in September, were spared from damage. October 3, 2018 Hundreds of pieces of evidence, stored in the evidence vaults of an OPP detachment that was destroyed by fire in September, were spared from damage. Open cases and investigations will p...

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Cambridge OPP assessing damage to evidence in vaults after $1M fire (Canada)

Officers are beginning to piece together how much evidence might have been damaged or destroyed in a fire that gutted the Cambridge OPP detachment September 5, 2018 Now that the flames are out, officers are beginning to piece together how much evidence might have been damaged or destroyed in a fire that gutted the Cambridge OPP detachment on Tuesda...

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Cops held for keeping seized goods

Items were supposed to be kept at the police station's evidence room. July 2, 2018 Three East London police officers have been arrested for theft and corruption after they were found in possession of valuables seized during a police raid on Friday night. Eastern Cape provincial police spokeswoman Colonel Michelle Matroos said the disgraced officers...

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Hong Kong police inspector arrested over disappearance of 670,000 yuan cash evidence ($104000)

During their investigation into his suicide attempt, officers discovered that a bag containing 670,000 yuan which was evidence in a case had been cut open and the cash replaced with fake money. Enter Article DATE HERE The officer, 41, is an assistant subdivisional commander at Ta Kwu Ling police station. The Post understands he had racked up l...

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Halton Police Officer Sentenced in Drug Case

Pleaded guilty to breach of trust after stealing opiods -OxyContin pills- for his own drug addiction due to chronic pain. June 7, 2018 Staff Sgt. Brad Murray, who's been with Halton for 16 years, appeared in Milton court on June 7. He won't be seeing any jail time. Murray pleaded guilty to breach of trust after stealing opiods -OxyContin pills- for...

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2 Toronto cops accused of eating marijuana edibles charged with destroying evidence

The charges come from an incident at the end of January, when the pair were on duty conducting surveillance in and area when they allegedly ingested the edibles and started to hallucinate, according to CTV News. May 25, 2018 Two police officers in Canada's largest city who allegedly ate marijuana edibles while on-duty then called for backup after h...

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City of Kawartha Lakes Police officer facing more fraud charges in theft of seized narcotics

City of Kawartha Lakes Police officer facing more fraud charges in theft of seized narcotics May 4, 2018 A City of Kawartha Lakes Police officer was arrested last month after a criminal investigation into thefts of seized narcotics is now facing additional charges. Det. Const. Jeff Burke has now been charged with two more counts of fraud under $5,0...

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Halton police veteran pleads guilty to stealing OxyContin pills from evidence locker

Police veteran who became addicted to pain killers following a series of surgeries has pleaded guilty to stealing OxyContin pills from a police evidence locker. April 23, 2018 A 17-year Halton Regional police veteran who became addicted to pain killers following a series of surgeries has pleaded guilty to stealing OxyContin pills from a police evid...

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Kawartha Lakes police officer charged following theft of drug evidence

Officer with the Kawartha Lakes Police Service has been charged  into the theft of police evidence. Enter Article DATE HERE An officer with the Kawartha Lakes Police Service has been charged following an investigation by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) into the theft of police evidence. In December 2017, Kawartha Lakes Police Chief Ha...

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Argentine police officers who claimed rats ate missing pot are fired

Eight police officers in Argentina who claimed that rats ate more than half a ton of marijuana missing from police custody were fired April 11, 2018 Eight police officers in Argentina who claimed that rats ate more than half a ton of marijuana missing from police custody were fired Tuesday, according to local media reports. Argentine news outlets P...

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Evidence missing in historic Windsor sexual assault case

It was during their testimony that it came to light that an evidence control sheet, detailing everything seized from the home, is now missing. March 26, 2018 An important exhibit in a sexual assault trial in Windsor has gone missing. 56-year-old John Thomas Wuschenny is charged with sexual assault, break and enter, forcible confinement, wearing a d...

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Police: Hawaii - Officer suspected of stealing evidence

According to the statement, the discrepancy was discovered when the evidence was being weighed in preparation to use a small quantity of the cocaine for training purposes. March 15, 2018 Police say criminal and administrative investigations were initiated in October 2017 after it was discovered that cocaine recovered as evidence in 2014 was found t...

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Police Officer Faces Tribunal Over Staff Room Biscuit Theft

It's not about the biscuits, they say; it's the principle of it all February 20, 2018 A police officer is facing an internal disciplinary hearing over a classic case of inter-office political wrangling, after he was accused of taking another officer's biscuits from a cupboard. Yes, everyone waded in over that. It's not about the biscuits, they say;...

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HRP missing evidence audit finds significant gaps

An original audit was conducted between June and November 2015 and an officer was eventually charged with stealing from an evidence vault. Ensuing evidence audits found thousands of items had gone missing over several decades. January 15, 2018 Halifax Regional Police chalks up missing drugs and other evidence to poor management practices. Supt. Jim...

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