Stolen Neb. Police Evidence Leads to Dismissal of over 65 Cases

Seized narcotics worth over $1.2 million were stolen from Nebraska State Patrol's evidence room in Lincoln in September, and continued reviews could result in even more dismissals, officials say. November 1, 2021 A month after news broke about the theft of more than $1.2 million worth of seized drugs from the Nebraska State Patrol's evidence room, ...

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Evidence stolen from State Patrol facility results in 66 cases dismissed and potential for more

And more are likely coming. Oct 31, 2021 A month after news broke about the theft of more than $1.2 million worth of seized drugs from the Nebraska State Patrol's evidence room, it's led to dozens of cases being dismissed in Lincoln. And more are likely coming. Deputy Lancaster County Attorney Bruce Prenda said officials haven't yet finished t...

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Report: Supervisor didn't act on 'warning signs' surrounding Weber evidence employee

"The warning signs were present but ignored," jeopardizing criminal prosecutions and harming the reputation of the office, states the review released Friday in response to public records requests. May 5, 2018 OGDEN — Despite complaints from colleagues, prosecutors and others, a former Weber County Sheriff's Office supervisor failed to report concer...

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Judge dismisses more than 7,000 Amherst drug lab cases

The order vacates an estimated 11,000 convictions in 7,700 criminal cases, the majority of them from Hampden County. April 5, 2018 On Thursday, the state's top court issued yet another sweeping dismissal order stemming from misconduct by a former chemist at the Amherst drug lab and two former state prosecutors. The order vacates an estimated 11,000...

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Putnam: County officials want missing evidence story to go away but should it?

At a March news conference, the sheriff called it a "colossal failure of leadership" on the part of his predecessor. August 12, 2017 LANSING – Few of us would want the assignment facing the new Ingham County sheriff last spring. A review of the sheriff office's evidence room showed widespread problems affecting 1,700 pieces of evidence. Sheriff Sco...

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Prosecutors Overturn More Than 21,000 Drug Convictions In Wake Of Massive Drug Lab Misconduct

Dookhan's prolific fakery resulted in a list of 40,000 cases possibly tainted by her work. Enter Article DATE HERE Back in 2012, it was discovered that a Massachusetts state drug lab technician had falsified thousands of tests submitted as evidence in criminal cases. Technician Annie Dookhan was able to "produce" three times as many test resul...

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Ingham evidence room investigation turned over to prosecutor

An audit by Ingham County found 1,758 cases were improperly tracked over the years. April 26, 2017 The Michigan State Police have completed their investigation into the mishandling of evidence by the Ingham County Sheriff's Office and they've turned the report over the prosecutor. The previous prosecutor, Gretchen Whitmer, asked the troopers to inv...

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Massachusetts Supreme Court dismisses 21,000 drug convictions following chemist misconduct

Beyond the over 21,000 cases likely to be dismissed, another 500 to 700 convictions would most likely not be vacated April 21, 2017 JURIST] The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court  on Thursday formally approved the dismissal [press release] of over 21,000 drug convictions that were deemed [order, PDF] to be "tainted" by a former state chemist...

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