Former Enfield officer indicted on 58 child pornography counts

The indictments showed multiple instances of drugs and evidence in the form of cash and coins — more than $12,000 — being taken from the Enfield Police Department's evidence room. September 14, 2022 A former Enfield police officer already facing charges associated with evidence tampering now faces 58 counts of third-degree sexual exploitation of mi...

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Former Harrison County Sheriff Deputy charged with felony of tampering with physical evidence

Lawson is accused of destroying the original evidence log with the purpose to impair or obstruct investigations related to public corruption, felony tampering, and/or felony distribution of a controlled substance. January 14, 2021 A former Harrison County Sheriff Deputy has been charged with two felony counts of tampering with physical evidence in ...

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Weber Sheriff: Policy, procedures put in place to prevent future evidence tampering

The auditors found 110 pieces of evidence that had been tampered with August 24, 2018 In January 2018, it was discovered that a civilian member of the Sheriff's Office had violated the trust that you, the public, have given and expect. This particular employee had been a member of this office for 16 years and was assigned to a critical position wit...

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Mayor’s son pleads guilty to stealing drugs from Fairfield PD By Daniel Tepfer

Fairfield Police Detective Stephen Rilling appears at his arraignment in Bridgeport Superior Court, in Bridgeport, Conn. June 2, 2017. Rilling, son of Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling, is charged with third-degree computer crime, second-degree larceny by defrauding a public community, possession of narcotics, second-degree forgery, tampering with eviden...

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Former correctional officer charged with flushing heroin gets fined

Rather than collecting it and filing a report, prosecutors say Werner flushed it down a toilet. August 29, 2017 SAGINAW, MI -- A former correctional officer at The Saginaw County Jail who was accused of tampering with evidence by flushing heroin down a toilet was sentenced to fines and court costs after pleading to a misdemeanor. Prosecutors say on...

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Editorial Calls for Comprehensive Review of Drug Convictions Involving Amherst Crime Lab

A similar scandal in another Massachusetts crime lab, in which chemist Annie Dookhan was convicted of evidence tampering, resulted in the dismissal of 20,000 drug cases. August 27, 2017 In an editorial on Wednesday, the Daily Hampshire Gazette urged Massachusetts lawmakers to allocate funds for a comprehensive review of drug convictions based on ev...

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Aberdeen police lieutenant suspended for allegedly tampering with drug evidence

Enter Headline here Enter Article DATE HERE An Aberdeen Police Department lieutenant has been suspended with pay after it was discovered he allegedly tampered with drug evidence, the department announced Thursday. The lieutenant, one of the three in the department, is an 18-year veteran of Aberdeen's police force. The officer's name was not re...

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3 detectives accused of tampering with evidence after police-involved shooting

Sheriff says officers removed beer cans from undercover car after shooting February 16, 2017 JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Three veteran Jacksonville Sheriff's Office detectives were arrested Thursday, stripped of their police authority and placed on unpaid leave pending dismissal in connection with a fatal police-involved shooting last week. Sheriff Mike W...

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Police Under Investigation After Cop Overdoses On Drugs Inside Station

At a City Council meeting Wednesday, resident John DeBartola asked Mayor Frank Janakovic what he planned to do about the apparent corruption within the police department. October 14, 2016 A Pennsylvania police department has come under review after one of its officers overdosed while on duty and now the local district attorney's office is calling t...

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