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Please keep records when you sell guns.

Oxford County commissioners to ask Gov. Mills to remove sheriff from office

February 2nd, 2024

SOUTH PARIS (WGME) -- The Oxford County sheriff is in danger of losing his job.

County commissioners say they plan to ask the governor to remove Sheriff Christopher Wainwright from office.

As an elected official, he will remain on duty during this process.

By law, only the governor can remove an elected sheriff. County commissioners say they plan to file a formal complaint with Governor Janet Mills' Office detailing the nature and basis for the removal of Wainwright.

Oxford County commissioners say, "Sheriff Wainwright's actions have left the commissioners with no other option than to pursue his removal at this time. No one is above the law, including its top elected law enforcement officer."

Wainwright was reprimanded in May after asking a deputy to go easy on an acquaintance for a traffic citation and for screaming at the deputy and his supervisor over the matter.

He apologized, but it then came to light that Wainwright had appointed two retired state troopers as school resource officers, even though their police certifications had expired.

The sheriff also sold firearms from the evidence room without telling county officials or keeping a record of those sales.

"If he actually sold some guns that he didn't have the right to, on that alone I think he should be gone," South Paris resident Jim Palmer said. "You're either 100 percent trustworthy or you're not."

"It doesn't say much for people's morals now," Greenwood resident Eva Mills said. "And that's the big thing. You know, when you take an elected job like that, you're expected to be a pillar of the community."

Wainwright says no firearms were taken from law-abiding citizens, illegal firearms were destroyed and that proceeds from the sale went to purchasing equipment for the county, saving the taxpayers money, but commissioners say he's offered no proof.

In a letter, sheriff's deputies who support Wainwright point blame at county commissioners.

"No longer can we sit in silence and watch how elected officials in county administration destroy and discredit our beloved agency. We stand behind our sheriff and have confidence in his ability to lead our agency."

They're asking commissioners to rescind their letter to the governor as to the removal of Wainwright.

Last year, commissioners gave Wainwright time to turn things around. Now, county commissioners say they have additional information to share, just not right now.


Oxford County commissioners to ask Gov. Mills to remove sheriff from office | WGME

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