'Dating Game Killer' Rodney Alcala Charged with 30-Year-Old Wyoming Cold Case Murder

A smooth talker with a near-genius IQ, Alcala preyed on young attractive women, luring some of them by telling them he was a professional photographer who wanted to enter their pictures in a photography contest. After killing them, Alcala placed their bodies in grotesque poses, sometimes photographing them. September 21, 2016 Convicted California s...

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Drunk driving arrest leads State Police to cold case murder suspect

On April 18, 40-year-old Nathaniel Ballard was arrested for operating while intoxicated. A DNA sample from his arrest matched the DNA sample from the crime scene September 4th 2016 ALCONA COUNTY, Mi (WPBN/WGTU)-- State Police say a drunk driving arrest led them to the suspect in a cold case murder that happened more than 16 years ago. In March of 2...

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Offenders getting snared by DNA databank hits

The man escaped, but he left behind some critical evidence during the struggle that has now come back to haunt him. June 20, 2016 APPLETON – When a 26-year-old woman was attacked by a stranger on the College Avenue bridge in November 2010, she fought valiantly, scratching him and gouging at his eyes. The man escaped, but he left behind some critica...

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